Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our friend Puss

Meet my tuesday friend. This is Puss. She was mums cat before me and she loved her lots. One sunny afternoon Puss crawled through mums open window and come and said hello. She was skinny and looked a bit rufty tufty. Mum would talk to her but didn't want to feed her in case she belonged to someone else. Every day for over a week, the moment mum woke up or got home from work this lovely tabby was sitting by the back door waiting for her. Whenever mum said "hello Puss" she would talk back to her and purr lots. That was it, no going back Puss moved in.
Puss was a good girl, she would sleep all night on mums bed and mum would have to wake her up in the morning and tell her breakfast was ready. She liked to sleep on the opposite corner of the bed, so she could watch mum and not get too hot, but when winter came between the mums knees was always the best place to sleep. She loved sleeping in the garden in the summer and would spend ages catching moths and bugs. But her favourite thing was Wednesday night. When she saw mum pick up the yellow rubbish bags, she would come running from wherever she was, with her tail staight up in the air, and she would be waiting at the front door like an anxious puppy. Down the steps and under the gate, Puss was ready. It was time for the cul-de-sac walk. Mum would wait until 10.30 pm when all the cars were at home and take Puss for a walk around the street. She liked to show mum the trees, the fences and most of all the gutters where she would roll around and purr and let mum tickle her tummy. Neighbours would stop and laugh when they saw the little ritual, but boy was that cat happy!!!
Puss also liked to wait for mum on the front porch after work. She would figure out when mum was coming home and every night would be waiting. She also spent about six months of one year living on th front porch. For some reason, she decided that was her sleeping spot. First mum left her a box out there but that got damp. So she gave in and bought a cat bed, with a pillow and an old sheet in it. Puss loved that bed, even in the rain, when mum would have to rush out in her jammies and turn it around so Puss didn't get wet.
She was a patient and trusting cat, she didn't mind the friends one year old patting her and pulling her tail. In all the years mum had Puss, she never ever bit or scratched her or anyone else. When visitors would arrive she would come running over and be ready for a pat.
More on Puss tomorrow......................
Poppy Q


  1. Oh Poppy, Puss sounded like a wonderful cat! My Mommy's first cat as a littl girl (pretend) was named Puss!
    ps - Mommy siad if we had won the lottery your doorbell would have rung already cause Mom has always wanted to visit New Zeland!!

  2. Puss sounds like he was an awesome kittycat!

  3. Gasp! She's beeeeuteeful. She efun had a wonderful white tuxedo. She must miss Puss somefin awful. Puss sounds like one of da bestest cats efur.
    She also reminds owr Mom of one of her cats from before. He liked to take walks around da neighborhood too. He efun used to use da sidewalk.

  4. Oh Puss is beyootiful, can't wate fur da rest of da story.

  5. Puss sounds like a wonderful kitty, I wish we could meet her!


    Oh if you are borrowing summer for a while, we don't mind! We are happy that it is going to a furriend's place to make it warm and sunny for a while!


  6. Puss is truly lovely! She sounds like such a sweet cat ...

  7. Thanks for introducing us to Puss. It's good for people to know about this friendly, trusting lady cat.

  8. Thanks for telling us all about Puss. She sounds like she was a really special kitty.

  9. Puss sounds like she was a great friend.