Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just hanging out

Today we are going to soak up the sun and forget about sharks.

Drink niptinis - great idea Parker!!

Maybe after lunch we will explore the jungle.
Or go for a surf (1/2 and hour after eating).
Swimming costumes optional, Eric and Flynn would like to be nudie rudies on the beach - you go boys!!
Enjoy your rest.
Poppy q


  1. Haha We wuz just reading yer post when we got an email saying yoo commented on ours. The zact same fing happened the uvver day, but we can't remember who wiv. Do yoo fink we are sykik?
    We fink yoo haf got a furry good day planned out. Sunbathing and Niptinis sound grate. We haf to say we prefer to go "au naturel" will that be a problum.
    Do yoo fink there are mousies in the jungle?

  2. I think I am going to relax on the beach with you today - the perfect way to spend a Tuesday!

  3. Hanging out on the beach sounds like a great idea! I'm almost always nude, so I hope that's okay. :)

  4. Surf's up! I can't wait to go surfing. I better find a cute swimming costume, because I am too shy to be a nudie-rudie!

  5. Fanks furr making swimwear opshunull, we wudn't want to embarass anycat.

  6. Poppy Q you have the perfect day planned out - especially the nip-tinis.