Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween everycat and bean (It is Wednesday here).

We are sending halloween wishes to all our friends in the US.

This is the proof that my mum tried to put me in a costume. As you can see - I'm not very pleased. I didn't let it happen- no way. So I couldn't enter the Skeezix halloween costume contest. It wasn't going to happen. Oh well - mum has 364 days to figure out a costume I will wear for next year. Have fun and be safe everycat and bean.
Oh we don't celebrate halloween in New Zealand. The shops try and sell lots of costumes and encourage people to trick or treat. When mum was at school (in the 1880s), they talked about how it was an American tradition. She had a costume competition at school, mum went as a witch and won!! She had a black kitty cat then, called Andy cat, he loved that black witch costume. So I am afraid mum won't be answering her door tonight - nor will any of her friends or family.
Monty Q wants to know if I can join them on the road trip. Can I mum, please?
Poppy Q
PS me and my mum are really happy today!! Miss Peach has had something to eat today - what a good sweetie!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another great place to sleep

Plastic/rubber laundry baskets are good to sleep in to. Please go away with the flashy box now, you are ruining a good snooze.

Miss Peach - I will send you a thousand hugs on a warm wind to make you feel better. Also I will send you some roses, these are lovely spring pink ones that we got last week.

Poppy q

Monday, October 29, 2007

Miss Peach We Love You Meme

My friend Sweet Ariel sent me the meme about Miss Peach, that our friend Adan made.

It's called a cherish meme. It is to show Miss Peach how much we love her. You know what her and her mummy left a comment on my bloggie this morning, while I was sleeping. I thinks they know how much they are loved, how worried we are for them and how much love we are sending across the oceans.

1. Tell us the sweetest warmest thing you do to your mommy (and the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)

2.Hug your mummy, and your kitty tightly.

3.Tag your friend

4. Keep hugging each other.

The bestest thing my mum likes, is when I come through the door I meow once, and if I don't hear her, I meow again. If she answers me I come running with my tail up in the air to find her. The bestest thing I like, is my mum gives me biscuits and every night she lets me sleep all night between her knees. It means she can't roll over or move, but she is used to it now that I have trained her.

I want to tag my special friends:

  1. Millie
  2. Beau and Angie
  3. Monty Q

Miss Peach you are such a good friend to us, and thank you for taking time from you sickbed to tell us how you are doing. I am so glad you have your mom and lapdaddy there to comfort you, and to cuddle and snuggle with. Thank you for telling me that you would be ready if the angels came to get you. Don't be scared sweet friend, we will send our angel friend Puss out to greet you. You have been such a special girl and I send you a thousand more hugs and purrs across the ocean.

Your friends

Poppy Q and mum

Sunday, October 28, 2007

It is my PTU!!!!

You smart cookies, it is my PTU - Prison Transport Unit. I am not going anywhere though. It is sitting in my mummys bedroom. She was going to put it away, but I likes to rest in it. It is quiet and has a cushion and a toy in there. And I like to purr very loudly in there too!!

Have a nice week everycat and bean.

Poppy Q

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Can you guess where I am?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Miss Peach.

Miss Peach - we are sending you all our love from across the ocean.
Your friends,
Poppy Q and her mum

Hello Friday Friends

Hello Friday friends!!

This weeks clues

  • There is two of them and they are brother and sister.

  • Thems very old (but not as old as my mum).

  • They are very sweet cornish kitties, and they has a lovely blog

It's my friends Caesar and Princess.

They live in Northern Viginia, in the US with their beans. Their mommy bean used to be a nurse, which is very handy as these two has kidney troubles and their mom has to give them sub cut fluids to keep them happy. Good job mom bean. You can find their blog here:

This is Princess - she is lovely and white. She loves this blue blankie, sticking herself near water, is a tidy eater and loves her brother Caesar.

This is Caesar and his tent - check it out!! I learnt from his postings, that he likes to announce his toilet arrivals, can be very messy and likes to poke around.

They are wonderful cats, and you should always respect you elders. So be respectful and go and visit them this weekend!!

Thank you for being my friends.

Poppy Q

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Purthday Mum!!!

When I woked up this morning, I had to snuggle next to my mum and say happy purrthday mum!!! I would love to make you a big cake, like the one below, but as my thumbs don't work you are out of luck (it would have to be big to fit all the candles on that you need!!).

Mum was very lucky as she got some beautiful summer flowers from D& S. Her brother, sister in law and Belle &Bud gave her a cool book voucher. Mums going to buy a great cookbook that she has been looking at, in the shop forever.

Her awesome friends have all rung her and she is catching up with them at the weekend. Best of all she thinks is her wee friend T who is three years old. He rung her up at 8.30 am and sung Happy Birthday to her on the phone, all by himself. How clever is that!! We love you A&P and T& F.

This is what I got my mum for her purrthday. It came all wrapped up in a special paper that is made out of old wallpaper (aren't beans funny).

Inside was this pretty necklace. It is made out of old buttons and made by some local ladies. Mum has a few - but she loved my choice of summer ocean colours.

Mum put it straight on after I gived it to her. It is her new summer favourite. It is a lovely spring day here, so mum went for a walk beside the seaside. She bought me some ham, yuuuuuummmy (that is why I was drooling yesterday).

Happy Purrthday mum.

Poppy Q

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Tomorrow is a special day!! I am dribbling in excitement (actually it is because I prefer to drink my water out of a big container outside, than use my water bowl).
Poppy Q

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Herrow friends!!

What do you mean it's your bed?

Poppy Q

Monday, October 22, 2007

Great start/bad start to the Week

It's always a good start to the week when Mondays a holiday and your mum stays at home.

It's a bad start when blogger still won't load pictures. Bad, bad blogger.
Finally it is working - mum says this would be a nice picture of me if you could see my face. I think it's a great photo of me with my paws and my purple mousie.

Poppy Q

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Easy like a Sunday lunchtime

We can't put up any pictures on this post - the server isn't happy.

Mum got stuck at work most of last night. So we stayed in bed most of the morning.

Then I runned outside, caught a bird, chased 'How Rude' the intruder and then collapsed in the shade.

Hope your Sunday is just as much fun as mine.

Poppy Q

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Poppy Q's Saturday Emporium

Welcome to the new saturday feature where we let you share in some of our other favourite bloggers/internet websites.

Todays super site is one called Crazy Aunt Purl. We read her blog a lot, but we are just lurky turkeys. She lives in LA and describes her blog as " the true life diary of a thirty-something newly-divorced, displaced Southern obscessive-compulsive knitter who has four cats. (Nothing is sexier than a divorced woman with four cats)". You can find her site here :

It always makes me laugh as Laurie is so good at finding the fun in simple situations. At the moment the posts are about her book tour as she just wrote a book called 'Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair'. Have a look through her archives, I am sure you can find some things to make you smile.

Have a great weekend everycat and bean. It is a long weekend here, but my mum has to work so we will be taking things easy.
Poppy Q

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Friday Friends

Yes, dear friends it is Friday again. For the weekend, we always do My Friday Friend. We know that maybe three of our friends and family that read, are not cat bloggers and this is a way of introducing them to our new cat blogger friends.
This week we have a special trio.

They lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Two of them are named after 1970s super entertainers - 'Captain Purple' is the only one mum remembers from the show (she was young).
Come on down................................................................

Donny, Marie and Casey - all sitting here in a row waiting for their beans to come home.

This is Donny and Marie the lovely whitesters. Donny has his eyes closed and is pretending his sister is not there. You can find them on their lovely blog It is called Marie the Defender, as that is what she does for the family, being brave and looking after everybody, lets just say the Donny is more shy and likes to hide. They love to play and fight together and to eat lots of chicken, salmon and temptations.

They also like to harass their big sister, Casey the cut meezer. Casey has her own blog, and I am embarassed to say I only discovered it the other day. But, I has caught up and read it from the beginning - good work Casey. You can find it at It is very funny, I enjoy reading it Casey the sock queen.

Donny, Marie and Casey has a very special pair of beans. Their mommy needed a renal (kidney) transplant when the whitesters were very little, and their daddy was able to give her the great gift of having one of his. Wow that's a pretty special present!! So, you should all go and visit them, especially as their beans go away for lots of weekend adventures, so they would love some company. I promise you you will enjoy their lovely blogs.
Thanks for being my special friends.
Poppy q

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poppy the Would be Escape Artist

Last night, mum let me sniff around in the cupboard she keeps the candles in. It is a small skinny cupboard next to what used to be an old chimney. It is closed in now, and there is a gas fire where the fireplace used to be. I found a panel, that mum thought was secured, and while she turned her back I had half wriggled through. If I had got all the way in, mum thinks I might have either been trapped or fallen. Either way, mum can't imagine how bad it could have been. I am not allowed to sniff in that cupboard anymore and mum has made sure I can't get into it.
Boy, its tough to explore around this place!!!

Oh and I managed to lose my nice collar and tags, like you see me wearing in this picture from my purrfday. It is the second lot I has lost this month. Mum has had to order more tags, and more collars for me.

Poppy q

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanks - more blushing

My secretary apologizes for not posting yesterday, she had to work extra and was very tired.

Look at the super duper awesome cake that Miss Gretchen made me!! You can click on this to go to the post : You rock miss Gretchen!!
My secretary was very impressed having 49 visitors on my purrfday. She said she can only begin to feel how Miss Daisys mum must feel, having to read her all her fanmail every day.

Then I got this lovely award. Did you know that I got it three times - woweeeeee!!! My super friends Miss Millie, nurse Fazzie and sweet Ariel. Thanks girlfriends - you are all so super duper.
I'd like to send this award to Dream Mom for her fantastic blog about her and her dear son. Dream mom was my first Saturday friend and if you go back and read about the post, it tells a little bit about her. I think she has enjoyed meeting some of you super cats, who popped in and said hello to her. Mum says that she only hopes that if she were in your position, she would handle herself with such grace and eloquence. We are proud to be your friends.
Poppy Q and mum

Monday, October 15, 2007

Thank you everycat and bean

Thank you for making my day special.

Thank you everycat and bean, you were all so kind in coming to my blog and saying happy purrfday to me. I am very humbled by all of your kind words. This is my one year old birthday portrait. Sorry to say that was not me in my birthday post, I won't dress up like that kittycat, that was a purrfday stand-in kitty cat. In case you hasn't met me before this is me in this picture. I am grey with big amber eyes, and you can call me poppy Q!!

This is my new birthday bowl. First I got ham to eat, then mum made me a special pudding. She let me have cream with a number one made out of cat treats!!!

Then I got some presents. These were the main ones - three blind mice (they will be once I chew thems eyes off). I also got some more catnip mice and a cooooool tunnel that I will show you later.
Here I am waiting for the paparazzi to go away with the flashy box, so I can continue playing with my new mousie. I loves this purple/white one the best. Mum came home today to find it in my/her/our bed.
Your big girl friend,
Poppy q

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's my purrfday!!

It is my purrfday today - I am a big one years old girl cat now!!!!

Me and my mum had a wee sleep in, then she gave me stinky goodness in my new bowl while she watched the end of the rugby. France and England shoved each other around on the field, and then England won. Eric , Flynn and Fazzie will all be happy - yippeee!!!

Today the sun is shining and the breeze is strong, so the washing machine is earning it's keep and I am running in and out of the garden. I am not so happy with my mum, as she stood on me last night - how rude!!! She said it was an accident, but mum you is very heavy!!! So I didn't forgive her until bedtime.

Mum says I can have my presents tonight, when she can take some pictures for you all. And I can have another can of the good stinky stuff. I don't like the meat really, my favourite thing is to suck off all the jelly yummo!!!

So we will have a photo session later and post some pictures for you all. I hope your Sunday is sunny wherever you are, and you all get lots of nice stinky food too.
Poppy Q

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Saturday Friend

You know how on friday I bring you My Friday Friend. It is a way of introducing you to other cool cats that blog. Most of you in the cat community know each other, we are good at commenting and making new friends. Believe it or not I have other friends, who have not met you. So I thought it was a good way of introducing you all to each other.

So this week I thought I would introduce you to someone who isn't a cat blogger, but has a cool blog. Her name is DREAM MOM and her blog is at . Now my mum has been a lurkey turkey for a long time at dream mom, and finally she had to comment about the awesome job that she was doing. She is a single mom, with a 15 year old son with special needs. She does a fantastic job of loving and caring for that boy and has had a tough year, as he has a few scares and she has had to have back surgery.

My mum thought she better catch up on her blog reading, and when she caught up with dream mom - guess what? We got a special mention, boy that made mum blush. Dream mom we are so pleased you come and read our humble little bog, we hope we manage to make you smile, when some days smiles might be hard to come by.
Guess what again? Dream mom has a cat too!! This is him, he is six years old and his name is Wiggles. He is a munchkin boy and very handsome. Hi Wiggles nice to meet you!! Your mom should get you a blog - however I know she is very busy and doesn't have much time, but you can come and visit me anytime. I hope some of you cat bloggers can find some time to go and visit Dream Mom, her son and Wiggles - and show them some love.
So I hope you have enjoyed meeting my Saturday friend. What do you think - should I introduce you to other friends and cool stuff at the weekend? Please let me know.
Have a great weekend.
Poppy Q

Friday, October 12, 2007

My Friday Friend

My Friday Friend.

Its a boy cat (sorry mancat I should say).

He is orange.

He has a brother and a posh name.

This week my Friday Friend is: Henry Lee Helton.

Henry Helton lives with his brother Clyde Francis Helton and his lovely lady bean in Ohio, US. She is going to get married next year to her fellow, senor so the boys and their bean will be moving.

Henry has a birthday on the 15th of March, and he was born in 2005. His blog address is:
Henry loves sitting in windowsills, running water (to watch but NOT TOUCH), catnip mousies, tuna, his new fancy feast (he has to eat nice things with his eyes closed as in the above picture).
You are not allowed to touch his ears or back or he will give you the bitey. He also doesn't like stranger beans. He will run and hide from them (good idea Henry).
You should go and read his funny blog. Sometimes he is very nice and lets his new brother Clyde share it, and recently their mom posted a very nice story about how she got to rescue Clyde and bring him home to his furrever home.
Thanks for being my friend Henry.
Poppy Q

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here it is - the answer to the puzzle.

You all made such good guesses. It wasn't toys, bugs or catnip. Apparently if your mum lets you have her dressing gown, straight out of the washing machine, it makes you super happy rolling around in the sun.

Boy did I make my mum giggle when I did this, I was purring and purring and she was laughing and laughing.

Poppy Q

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I has a wee puzzle for you

What is more fun than rolling around on the wooden bench, by the back door in the sun?
You are going to have to come back tomorrow to find out!!!!
(By the way, definately not sunny today, we have had nonstop rain for 24 hours. These pictures were taken on Tuesday).
Poppy Q

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finally our Screensaver

This is our screensaver. Mum and I got tagged for the meme a while ago. Sorry we didn't do it sooner and we are not going to post all the rules. You know how to do it, I have seen just about everycats. Some very nice pictures you have too!!

Mum has a picture by a french girl called Annejulie who sells her prints and lovely bookmarks on Etsy. If you go here you can look at her lovely stuff Mum thinks they would be great presents for christmas. She has bought bookmarks from her for mum and her friends.

Hope you all has a great week.

Poppy Q

Monday, October 8, 2007

Bye miss Jasmine

Bye bye Jasmine. I like this pictue of you sitting on your mums work table. Checking out her making a gizzy quilt. Boy, I guess your home is gonna seem really empty now you are gone. Mum and Millie will miss you lots. And now the carpets gone, Millie will have to play thundering herds of elephants by herself. She will have no one to hiss at, but I know she will miss you. You were a lucky girl, having such a good home and lots of love.

But we know that you will be looking after Gizzy. He must of been lonely, waiting by himself and needed you to come and look after him.

Millie and mom, you take care of yourselves. We all know you are hurting, but you will be ok.

Your friends,

Poppy Q and mum

Sunday, October 7, 2007

We are sad today as well

Today we are sad as well. For a very different reason - not nearly as important as losing a family member, but the whole country is in mourning.

The All Blacks lost their semi-final, world cup rugby game to France 18-20. The country is in shock, men are in tears. Oh the disgrace. Australia lost to England too. How could this happen? What a dark, sad day for southern hemisphere rugby.
Poppy Q

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Today we are a bit sad. We are going to have an early night and dream of all of our friends.

We heard that Jasmine, Millies friend had to go to the bridge. She had been very sick, and her mom was very worried about her. Good bye Jasmine, Gizzy will look after you now.

Miss Jades grandbean - he died this week too. Sorry to hear that Jade, we are thinking of you and your family.

My friend Faz the cat, lost her woofie friend Buddy this week too. That Buddy was pretty cute for a woofie.

Poppy Q and mum

Friday, October 5, 2007

My Friday Friend

My Friday Friend - this week I will give you a couple of clues first:

1. She is a girl.

2. She loves a swedish fella (I wonder if he knows ABBA?).

3. This week she reminded us all of a good reason to go pink!!

Hello Gretchen - I choose you as this weeks My Friday Friend!

You can find the lovely Gretchen at her blog here:

Gretchen lives with her lovely beans in Willamete Valley, Oregan in the US. Her nice folks gave her a lovely home, and her papa named her Gretchen, but her mom calls her Gretchen Pearl. She loves some pink plastice golf balls, hiding in empty boxes, tummy rubs, bird watching and the fake furry mice.

Gretchen also loves Yoggie - our Swedish friend. What a nice couple they make.

Now Gretchens mom had breast cancer three years ago, and as a survivor she is hoping that you can go pink on your blog for the month of October. We was pink already, we is very happy for you Gretchens mom and all the beans out there who have cancer, and who have battled cancer well done!!! We wish you lots of happy healthy days ahead.

Thanks for being my friend Gretchen. I love to hear of your adventures.

Poppy q