Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just when we were ready for spring

Just when we thought spring was here, the weather gods sent us a reminder not to get too used to it. A nice Southerly storm has blown up from Antartica, where Faz was. That brings cold weather to New Zealand. So it is windy and cool, about 10 degrees celsius which is about 50 degree farenheit. With a wind chill, that halves the temperature again. I know it is not nearly as cold as many of you get. The problem in New Zealand, is that when the settlers came they insisted on building little wooden houses with no insulation. We don't have any central heating or air conditioning in most of our homes. So we feel the chills. So mum has the heater on, and my merino blanket out and ready for me, when I finish the evening patrol.
Keep warm friends.
Poppy q


  1. Want me to come over to help snuggle? MomBean says I can crank out some heat and I know Millie won't mind.

    (After I pull MomBean's snout off of the monitor. Sheesh, woman. You don't kiss my nose like that.)

  2. Oh Poppy, I am so sorry about that. I hope it doesn't blow any of those nasty luna mice your way. Sending loads of warm snuggles to you. FAZ

  3. That is cold even if you do have a fur coat. I hope you and your Mom stay warm.

  4. That sounds very chilly! I hope you stay warm and toasty. Right this minute where I live it is 86 degrees. That is far too warm! And since it is so humid, it feels even warmer.

  5. It will be winter here soon in Ohio. Boo Hoo.