Friday, October 19, 2007

My Friday Friends

Yes, dear friends it is Friday again. For the weekend, we always do My Friday Friend. We know that maybe three of our friends and family that read, are not cat bloggers and this is a way of introducing them to our new cat blogger friends.
This week we have a special trio.

They lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Two of them are named after 1970s super entertainers - 'Captain Purple' is the only one mum remembers from the show (she was young).
Come on down................................................................

Donny, Marie and Casey - all sitting here in a row waiting for their beans to come home.

This is Donny and Marie the lovely whitesters. Donny has his eyes closed and is pretending his sister is not there. You can find them on their lovely blog It is called Marie the Defender, as that is what she does for the family, being brave and looking after everybody, lets just say the Donny is more shy and likes to hide. They love to play and fight together and to eat lots of chicken, salmon and temptations.

They also like to harass their big sister, Casey the cut meezer. Casey has her own blog, and I am embarassed to say I only discovered it the other day. But, I has caught up and read it from the beginning - good work Casey. You can find it at It is very funny, I enjoy reading it Casey the sock queen.

Donny, Marie and Casey has a very special pair of beans. Their mommy needed a renal (kidney) transplant when the whitesters were very little, and their daddy was able to give her the great gift of having one of his. Wow that's a pretty special present!! So, you should all go and visit them, especially as their beans go away for lots of weekend adventures, so they would love some company. I promise you you will enjoy their lovely blogs.
Thanks for being my special friends.
Poppy q


  1. They are all great choices for Friday Friends Poppy Q and good looking too. What are you and the humans planning for the weekend? We're visiting our new apartment near Hastings (we sign the deal today). Then we have to work out what furniture we've got stored in the garage and what we need to buy. I don't mind as long as there is a food bowl and a litter tray. FAZ

  2. Happpy belated purthday! In Italian they say "Buon compleanno"! We hope you had a wonderful day and wanted to tell you that you looked beautiful in you birthday outfit!

    Thanks for introducing us to your friends. They sure are a nice looking group of cats.

    And thanks also for checking out our blog. Looking forward to seeing you again!

    Opus and Roscoe

  3. Donn, Marie and Casey are a trio of very cool cats! They make a purrfect choice for your Friday friends!

  4. Dat sofa pose of dem looks like a reverse oreo cookie! Heeeheeeee! Sersly, dey am da greatest cat friends. Aren't dey just lovely?

  5. Great choices for your Friday Friends. :) Donny, Marie and Casey are all wonderful cats. :)

  6. Poppy Q that was a terrific choice for Friday Friends....


  7. Poppy Q-Thank you for introducing me to your Friday Friends. I especially love the trio picture of them waiting for their beans to come home. That would put a smile on my face if I saw them waiting for me.

    You have some lovely friends. I checked out their blogs too. Those were some beautiful quilts.

  8. They are great Friday Friends, Poppy. Oh, and I liked your story from yesterday!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  9. Thanks for telling us about this great bloggie

    We hope you have a super great week-end

  10. You do great introductions! Donny, Marie, and Casey are wonderful kitties.

  11. Poppy Q!!! We love you too!!! Thank you, this is quite an honour to be featured on your blog!!

    Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!

    ~Donny, Marie and Casey

  12. That's nice of you to intwoduce new fwiends Poppy!

  13. Happy belated Purrthday! How'd we miss dat? Must have been all da fumes from da cleaning stuff!

  14. My, we didn't know Casey had her own blog either!

    Your friend

  15. They're all so beautiful, and sitting so still they look like cat statues :-)

  16. Donny, Marie and Casey are very wonderful cats!

  17. Poppy, you are such a good friend to take time to tell us about our other good friends on your Friday Post. Those are really good pictures of Donny and Marie and Casey. I enjoyed learning more about them and no, I didn't realize either, until recently that Casey has his own blog.
    I just sent Donny his prize package on Wednesday. The post people said it would take a week or more to get to him because it has to go through customs.

    About the laundry. Yes, that was a huge pile of laundry. We don't have laundry machines in our apartment. They are around the corner in another building. My bean only washes once a week or so, and because there are two washers and two dryers, she can wash two loads at a time. That's why that pile looks like a lot of laundry. There is only my mom bean and my pa bean and me living here.

    Have a happy weekend...G

  18. They each gots their own window - how cool!

  19. Donny,Marie & Casey are great choices.I think everycat should go visit.
    I must confess,i have anly been here a time or two :(
    I must change that ;)