Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorry, no Friday friend this week

Sorry, no friday friend this week. Mum has had some days off to spend with her dad, and now her throat is sore and she is achy. She says she is getting a cold and has to go to bed early.

On Sunday she is meant to get up real early and go to see Miss Belle (her niece) in a marching competition. Guess what the weather forecast says?

Rain, flooding and gale force winds. Not so good when you are sick.

Wish us luck.

Poppy Q

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quiet Thursday

Hmm mum, you should make the bed sometime.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear secret paws friend part II

Dear secret paws friend,
I is very sorry. I never meant to make you feel sad.
I think what happened was:
  • The reindeer got lost and couldn't find my house or
  • The evil customs men stole it or
  • My present is still on the slow boat (mum only ordered from Amazon once, and that took 3 months to get here) , so it could still be on its way, or
  • Rudolph liked the look of it and took it home for his kitty.

You don't have to send me another present. It is ok - I know you care. You could send me a card with a picture of you in it, that would be super special. My mum and I would rather you kept your dollars, or bought some toys for kitties at your local shelter. Or better yet, could you buy a ticket for the project Ham raffle? That would be a good way to use your monies.

Look at me, I have a comfy bed to sleep on, a big fluffy kitty to snuggle with and a bean who loves me. How lucky am I?

If you new kitties don't know secret paws is run by our super friends at Diva Kitty and the fluffies at (their blog address). At secret paws you register your name and before christmas another cat, or dog or bun or other nice pet is allocated to you and you send them a top secret present.

Last christmas I got to send a present to my super duper friend Pablo in Australia. G'day Mate!!

Thanks for all your concern and super comments.

Poppy Q

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Santy Paws

dEaR sAnty PaWs,
I HaS bEEn wAiTIng FoR yOur rEIndEEr to BrinG mE my sECreT PaWs PreSent. I thInk You mighT nEEd tO iMproVe youR sERvicE.
If mY pREsenT gOt loSTed, I hOPe SomE kiTTyCaT is enJOYinG It.
iF yOu SenT mE a seCret pAws pREsEnt aNd tHinkS I is BeinG rudE - I iS sORrY.
PlEAsE LeT mE kNow whO you Is.
pOPpy Q

Monday, February 25, 2008

She was pleased

4am - click click click in the bed. yES mum that is a present for you. Do you like how I tucked him in beside you? No need to thank me.

12 midday - little black and white butterfly, I ate him all up, on mums bed of course. Mum couldn't watch - it was like an episode of animal planet. Thats right mum, I am a real carnivore.

Monty Q, you do not need any sauce with these bugs. They are tasty just on their own. I like em au naturale.

Poppy Q

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dear Professor Poppy - Please tell me, What is a Cicada?

Dear Professor Poppy,
Please tell me, what is a cicada?

I see you have eaten a few this week, and I am interested in purchasing some.


Dear anononymousie,
I have researched extensively to answer your question.
Mr and Mrs Cicada are bugs that live outside your house. They live in tropical areas around the world, and we have lots in New Zealand and Australia. The males are very noisy, and spend all their days and nights making a lot of noise, trying to find a girlfriend. That is because they are not smart enough to use the internet, and have a single cicada cafe to find love.
They only come out in the summer, and in the winter months they live underground eating the roots of plants. They do not bite or sting beans or pussycats, but if you swallow one whole they rattle and make noise in your tummy. They make great presents for your bean, especially at 2am.
Please go here to learn more :
Have a great weekend everycat, bean and cicada.
Poppy Q

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Come here cicada

The cicadas are humming, I am on patrol. Come here little winged bug !!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello Friday Friend

If you is new to visiting my blog, you may not know that on Fridays, I introduce you to My Friday Friend. Thems are always other cat bloggers, that you may never have met. I know we have some new readers this week - hello new friends.

This weeks My Friday Friend is:

  • A lovely twosome that are good at snuggling
  • They lives in Brooklyn in the US
  • They is mother and son!!

Do you know who it is?

This is the lovely Yaffa and her big mancat son Sebastian.

Look at them snuggling together in their cat bed!!

This is Yaffa, she is the beautiful grey and white mom cat.

Their super blog is called Furry Paws and you will find it at:
Please go and have a look. They would love some visitors and if you look back over their archives you will find lots of super posts of these two cuties.

This is Sebastian and he is a very handsome mancat, tabby and white who loves to lie and sit on slightly unusual places areound the house. That chair looks comfy Sebastian, and you look so cute holding onto the bar.
Thanks for coming to meet some of my friends.
Have a great weekend everycat and bean.
Poppy Q

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nothing happening Thursday

Mum has had a rough nites sleep due to work - so nothing happening here today. Just the way I like it!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just like an episode of 24

Just like an episode of 24 - except blurrier, and without Jack Bauer.

Blurry action shot - new cicada 10:30pm present to mum, Monday 18 Feb.

10:31 Don't you run away bed time snack.

10:32 then I licked him, he sure looked tasty. So I ate him up, all of him.
Bye bye Mr Cicada, it was nice knowing you - sorry I ate Mrs cicada on Sunday night.
Poppy The Cicadaator Q

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am the Furminator

Must get fur on all the cushions, I am the Furminator!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dear wet and windy weather

Dear wet and windy weather - yesterday you made my mum put on tights and a scarf because you forgot it was summer. Please bring the sunshine back - it is still summer here. When we have finished with you, we will send the sunshine up north to our snowed in friends, but not just yet.
By the way mum, did you like the cicada on your bed at 2am?
Poppy Q

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lazing around

I'm just going to lie here. I might even touch your favourite velvet cushion. I might even leave some furs on it!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Friday Friend

Hello my little Friday friends. I bet you is all worn out from that valentines loving, but save a little sugar for my friday friends for this week.
  • Thems two mancats.

  • They are pirates

  • They live to sail their ship the Black Furrball on the high ocean (it is a pity they don't live near the sea), they actually live near Atlanta (GA) in the states.

Come on down Captain Jack and Dante . They live with their beans and two woofies, Samwise and Beaux.

Don't they look like they are living a life of adventure? What girl doesn't love a pirate?

This is my favourite picture of captain Jack guarding Samwise the woofie, as he had got a bitey on his head and was feeling sick.

Dante got called his name, cause when he adopted his beans he was looking so rough they thought he must of been to the underworld and back. I really likes the piture below of Dante looking all relaxed on the stool.

Both boys like to snuggle up to their mom at night, and sorry ladies they have girlfriends (Boo and Pearl).

This is Sir Jack snugling on his green blankie - it matches his nice green eyes.
Thanks for being my friends Sir Jack and Dante. I really likes you and your blog and look forward to visiting you some more.
Poppy Q

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines day to you all.

  • I love my mum

  • My gizzy quilt

  • My cat biscuits

  • All the cats and beans I have met blogging

  • I love sleeping

I do not love a bath. Mum chopped off the daggy bits of fur that were all matted. She wondered if I had had a wee bite and a bit of an abscess under the fluff. But it wasn't sore or red and I is eating and behaving fine so no vet for me. Also NO BATH. Kiwi cats don't like baths. Mum used a flannel and a wee bit of soap to pat the area. I only goes in the bath to drink from the tap. I ain't getting in no water - but thanks for the advice.

These are my sticky up fluffys near my butt, a bit hard to see but mum has chopped dem off now.

I hope you all get to have smooches and scritches from the ones you love.

love and kisses

Poppy Q

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Please help me come unstuck

Mum took this photo of me last week. You can see that my furs is looking nice. This week - not so nice. Mum thinks I must of found a honey jar to smooch up to - now it looks like I has a bad mohawk down by my tail. She tried to chase me to take pictures of it, but I won't let her. It isn't like chewing gum, but just matted together furs that won't come apart.
Does anyone know how to get rid of sticky stuff? Or is mum going to have to chase me with the scissors and give me a nude baldy spot?
Please help friends.
Poppy the sticky Q

Monday, February 11, 2008

electrical storm

This morning at ohearlyo'clock, there was a big electrical storm outside, in the sky above our city. It woke my mum up, and it woke me up. I went outside to investigate - thunder- yes, lightening- yes, rain - yes lots of it. Once I was well and truly wet, I went and jumped on my mums bed to tell her. Her hand got wet. Who needs a weather man?

Poppy Q

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Goodbye Big Uncle

Goodbye now big uncle. See you next time, fanks for letting me back in the house.
Poppy Q

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hello Big Uncle

hello Big Uncle. Cause you has your shoes off your feet smells nice, but you is a bit big and scary for me. You take up the whole length of mums couch, so I will not come near you. Instead I am going to live outside in the garden til you go home. I is not trying to be rude - I is just shy. Fank you for visiting us.
Poppy Q

Friday, February 8, 2008

Hello handsome Friday Friend

Well hello Friday. Since it is valentines day coming up next week, I thought I would offer the ladies a special My Friday Friend Treat.

  • He's a very handsome manly cat
  • He loves a cuddle with his T bear
  • He likes his paws on the floor (like me)

This week I would like to tell you about Derby . He lives with his mom in Waukesha County in Wisconsin in the US. He has a birthday on the 20th of October is 4 years old. He adopted his mom on the day the Kentucky Derby was won May 7th 2005, so that is how he gotted his name.

This is Derby and his Mr T Bear, that looks like a great softie to snuggle up with, he will make sure no draughts ruin your sleep. It looks pretty cold where you live at the moment Derby, so you keep nice and warm and snuggle up. Spring will be on its way soon.

He likes to climb on tables and benches, explore in cupboards, eat flowers, eat treats and best of all Derby loves his mom and Grampie.

I see lots of pictures of Derby napping, but look at how cute (handsome) he is.
Thank you for being my friend Derby, I loves to visit your blog. Happy Valentines Day to you!!
Poppy Q

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Zoom Groom

The blue thing in yesterdays post is a ZOOM GROOM. It is a great kittycat brush as it is rubber and gives you a big massage as it is pulling out your stray hairs. However if you is Dragonheart, Merlin or Daisy type cats, it might not be right for you. I has a love/hate relationship with mine, it is the only time I has tried to give my mum the bitey, is when I is being brushed.
You should be able to get them from your vet or from Amazon. They is pretty cheap - if you can't find one and want me to help your beans get one, let me know.
Tripper - if you need the fur let me know.
Happy brushing.
Poppy Q (1/2 a kilo lighter now all that floofy hair has gone)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Tuesday Reminder

Today is Tuesday, and as a reminder that summer won't last forever we has had a nice blast of cold and wet weather. We aren't complaining too much though, we heard from Donny & Marie (marie the defender) that they were having -50 (C) temperatures, and we know that lots and lots of our friends in the northern hemisphere are swamped with snow.
So this is a wee picture that mum got given for christmas, isn't it cute? The central part of the pot is a piece of embroidered fabric, and it is made by a local artist.
The shelves, on yesterdays post - I don't climb them. I is not a climber, us British shorthair kitties like to have our paws on the floor.
Have a nice week everycat and bean.
Poppy Q

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hello Monday

These are some pictures of our kitchen. I thought you may like to look around.

These are mums teacup pictures, you cannot drink out of dem, they are made out of wood.

These are our shelves, they are higgeldy piggedly and full of blue bowls.
This award was from the sooper gang at
Jans Funny Farm . I would like to give it to my new friend SophieKitty who has done such a good job with her new blog. What a great way to start her year.
This beautiful award is from my friend Java at and he gaved it to me, before he became last weeks Friday friend. Thank you Java - you are very kind.
I would like to give it to Lilly and Laila at because I is enjoying reading their super blog.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sleepy Sunday in the Kiwi Summer Sun

This is where where mum sits to read her book in the afternoon. This afternoon I tested it out as a sleeping spot, ahhhhhhhh yes this will do.

I has been extra smoochy today, cause my mum abandoned me on Friday nite. I has never stayed the night at home by myself and it was a bit scary. Even scary enuf that I might have needed Monty Q to come and keep me company. She wasn't gone long - but I missed her.

I is pleased you is home now mum.

Poppy Q

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dear Neighbour

Dear Neighbours,

fank you for turning off the beegees last Saturday night. Why did yoo let the young people play there "too cool for school" jazz, fusion music too loud tonight? I know the weather is nice, the windows are open - but have a little respect.

We will stay inside and not blast you with the moosic from Antiques Roadshow (and no, that does not make the secretary a pensioner - she has a few decades left at work). Just joking, we is watching repeats of Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy, but yes we loves the roadshow.

Your littlest neighbour


Friday, February 1, 2008

My Friday Friend

My Friday Friend this week -
  • Is new to blogging - he only found his furrever home in October 2007

  • He is very handsome, and ladies is looking for love

  • He loves scritches and boob walking

Did you guess? It is my new friend Java from

Java and his mom live in Texas in the US. He is two years old and likes beef jerky, using the litter box when his mommy goes, he tolerates having a bath and likes butt scritches.

Now ladies, if you are looking for love the handsome Java has his profile at the Single Kitties Love Cafe - check him out. He is very quiet for a meezer but loves to live a life of adventure.

It has been nice to meet you Java.

Poppy Q