Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dear Professor Poppy - Please tell me, What is a Cicada?

Dear Professor Poppy,
Please tell me, what is a cicada?

I see you have eaten a few this week, and I am interested in purchasing some.


Dear anononymousie,
I have researched extensively to answer your question.
Mr and Mrs Cicada are bugs that live outside your house. They live in tropical areas around the world, and we have lots in New Zealand and Australia. The males are very noisy, and spend all their days and nights making a lot of noise, trying to find a girlfriend. That is because they are not smart enough to use the internet, and have a single cicada cafe to find love.
They only come out in the summer, and in the winter months they live underground eating the roots of plants. They do not bite or sting beans or pussycats, but if you swallow one whole they rattle and make noise in your tummy. They make great presents for your bean, especially at 2am.
Please go here to learn more :
Have a great weekend everycat, bean and cicada.
Poppy Q


  1. You must have a very noisy tummy since you've been eating so many cicadas lately. They sure must taste good.

    jans funny farm

  2. Try not to swallow them whole Poppy Q, it may give away your stealth advantage, like Mom making us wear our collars on the Weekend Hunt. We keep telling her that the bells give the Birdies an unfair advantage.

  3. MMMMmmm! We have those too and they do make great snacks, when I can catch one on out deck!

  4. Dear Prof. Poppy:

    What is the recommended serving size for cicadas? Dipping sauce or 'au natural'? Red or white wine?

  5. I want one. Please send me one in the post. I promise to look after it and not eat it (well not straight away anyhoo). Your furrend stuck in England (without cicadas). FAZ

  6. We had cicadas here last summer. Only they were in the suburbs and not in the city. I think I missed out.

  7. I'll bet your tummy buzzes, doesn't it, PQ? We get those around here sometimes, but my mom won't let me outside to catch any..fooey!

  8. Poppy Q, Thanks so much for all the helpful information about cicadas! Now we have a hankering for some nice fresh crunchy cicadas!

    Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat

  9. Oh my goodness! On the link you provided it said beans eat them :-0 I'm guessing your Mum doesn't eat them since you've eaten the ones you've so kindly given her for presents.

  10. Dearest Poppy,
    Do you ever talk to Mr. & Mrs. Cicada before you eats them to grant them one last wish?

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  11. Oh how cute you are with those glasses!