Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Santy Paws

dEaR sAnty PaWs,
I HaS bEEn wAiTIng FoR yOur rEIndEEr to BrinG mE my sECreT PaWs PreSent. I thInk You mighT nEEd tO iMproVe youR sERvicE.
If mY pREsenT gOt loSTed, I hOPe SomE kiTTyCaT is enJOYinG It.
iF yOu SenT mE a seCret pAws pREsEnt aNd tHinkS I is BeinG rudE - I iS sORrY.
PlEAsE LeT mE kNow whO you Is.
pOPpy Q


  1. Poppy Q,

    I am sure your present must have got lost or something. Santy Paws is a very reliable man that loves kids and pets. I hope you hear something soon.

    I love this picture of you. Your fur looks really soft.

  2. Oh Dear, poor Poppy Q, that is so sad, I am sniffing just thinking about it, please don't be upset. Your furrend FAZ

  3. Oh Noooooos!
    This is terrible!
    Poppy, I am sure it was losted!
    You are a very good girl and Santa would never forget you!

  4. A lost present? Oh my, Poopy Q! Don't worry, Santa is very clever!

  5. Oh NO!!! That is awful that you didn't get your present!!! Something had to have happened to it! Bless your little heart...

    Luf, Us

  6. That is so awful! I'm so sad for you...


  7. Poppy Q - we didn't know your secret paws didn't arrive until today. We check with your paw and research.


  8. Poppy Q, that is terrible news. I'm sure it got lost in the mail. :(

  9. Uh oh! I wonder what happened? Santa Claws would never forget you! I am glad DKM is looking into it.

  10. Hmmm. Perhaps your Secret Paws didn't specify WHICH Christmas the package was to be delivered? We sure hope your package is found soon.

    jans funny farm

  11. Oh how sad. :( Maybe is got lost? One of my packages did but lucky we found it. ~Queen Snickers

  12. Hi Poppy Q - We spoke with your paw. They did send something before Christmas, but we think your customs might have kept it.

    They are sending you a new Secret Paw.


  13. Poor Poor Poppy Q,
    We is so so sorry you didn't git your prezint. If we had your address, we would send you a very special gift all the way from Virginia. We is gonna pray real hard the you git your special prezint soon.

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  14. Oh noos, did your Santa Paws pressie get lost? That is not good. You should have said something a long time ago.

    I see by DKM's comment that your local officials might have kept it. Hmmm, took it home for their own kitties I bet!

  15. No kitty would every think you rude, Poppy Q! You is the friendliest kitty ever! Santy Paws will find your Secret Paws..he just didn't know he misplaced it!

  16. Oh dear Poppy, we are so sorry that "customs" kept your Secret Paws! Willow and I are hoping that the evil "customs" will soon let your Secret Paws be delivered to you!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  17. Dear Poppy,

    Like China Cat said, I certainly hope that you get your present very soon. We didn't have any problems with our Secret Paws but we didn't have to go through "customs" - we're not even sure how that works...

    Purrrrrrs, Willow

  18. ahh, customs is ewvils! They probably got a "possitive hit" on it when the customs kitteh was sniffing it for stuff...and so then they opened it, and then ah ha...there it was, kitteh treats and toys galors! bad customs kitteh! poor poppy q!!