Friday, February 15, 2008

My Friday Friend

Hello my little Friday friends. I bet you is all worn out from that valentines loving, but save a little sugar for my friday friends for this week.
  • Thems two mancats.

  • They are pirates

  • They live to sail their ship the Black Furrball on the high ocean (it is a pity they don't live near the sea), they actually live near Atlanta (GA) in the states.

Come on down Captain Jack and Dante . They live with their beans and two woofies, Samwise and Beaux.

Don't they look like they are living a life of adventure? What girl doesn't love a pirate?

This is my favourite picture of captain Jack guarding Samwise the woofie, as he had got a bitey on his head and was feeling sick.

Dante got called his name, cause when he adopted his beans he was looking so rough they thought he must of been to the underworld and back. I really likes the piture below of Dante looking all relaxed on the stool.

Both boys like to snuggle up to their mom at night, and sorry ladies they have girlfriends (Boo and Pearl).

This is Sir Jack snugling on his green blankie - it matches his nice green eyes.
Thanks for being my friends Sir Jack and Dante. I really likes you and your blog and look forward to visiting you some more.
Poppy Q


  1. Happy Valentine's Day a little late!

    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  2. Captain Jack and Dante are wunderful furriends and great kitties :)

  3. Oh, my favorite pirate cats! Good choice.

  4. I really like Captain Jack & Dante! Great choice for Friday!

  5. They are very nice mancats. I always look forward to reading their blog and looking at their pictures :-)

  6. Oops. Poppy, we are so sorry. Being tired is no excuse. We know you are a girl and we're sorry we called you "he" when we posted your award.

    We're so worn out after that post, we haven't even gotten around to telling cats and woofies to come pick up their awards. We're grateful you stopped by and found our mistake before we told everyone to stop by.

    And we didn't know Capt.Jack and Dante live near Atlanta. We sort of do too.

    jans funny farm

  7. Oh wow oh wow! We did not see this until now!! Oh Poppy, you are such a great friend. Thank you for doing this for us!! WOW! We are so honoured!!