Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello Friday Friend

If you is new to visiting my blog, you may not know that on Fridays, I introduce you to My Friday Friend. Thems are always other cat bloggers, that you may never have met. I know we have some new readers this week - hello new friends.

This weeks My Friday Friend is:

  • A lovely twosome that are good at snuggling
  • They lives in Brooklyn in the US
  • They is mother and son!!

Do you know who it is?

This is the lovely Yaffa and her big mancat son Sebastian.

Look at them snuggling together in their cat bed!!

This is Yaffa, she is the beautiful grey and white mom cat.

Their super blog is called Furry Paws and you will find it at:
Please go and have a look. They would love some visitors and if you look back over their archives you will find lots of super posts of these two cuties.

This is Sebastian and he is a very handsome mancat, tabby and white who loves to lie and sit on slightly unusual places areound the house. That chair looks comfy Sebastian, and you look so cute holding onto the bar.
Thanks for coming to meet some of my friends.
Have a great weekend everycat and bean.
Poppy Q


  1. We went to introduce ourselves! They are very cute and we're so glad you told us about them Poppy Q.

    We hope your Mom sleeps better tonight!

  2. I have never met Yaffa or Sebastian before. They seem nice!

  3. Hi Poppy Q,

    It's very nice of you to have friday friends!!! They snuggle!!! Wow! I'm sitting on my moms lap right now! How's New Zealand?

    Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf

  4. Oh thank you Poppy Q, I have never met Yaffa and Sebastian - it is always nice to meet new friends. I shall go over and say "hi" right now.

  5. OMGoodness. THANK YOU so much for blogging about us. That is wonderful! Thank you Poppy Q. How is New Zealand? We have a snowstorm today in NYC.

    Yaffa & Sebastian

  6. Love those pics. I'll stop by their blog and say hello.