Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorry, no Friday friend this week

Sorry, no friday friend this week. Mum has had some days off to spend with her dad, and now her throat is sore and she is achy. She says she is getting a cold and has to go to bed early.

On Sunday she is meant to get up real early and go to see Miss Belle (her niece) in a marching competition. Guess what the weather forecast says?

Rain, flooding and gale force winds. Not so good when you are sick.

Wish us luck.

Poppy Q


  1. Being sick stinks.I hope she feels better soon snuggle close to her and keep her warm...Hugs Ariel

  2. Dearest Poppy Q,
    We is so sorry that your mommy is sick. And here it is the weekend...she should be feelin' good! I bet once you snuggle up close to her, she'll be feelin' good real real REAL soon. We'll say a very important prayer for her.

    By the is still very extra-specially-cute!

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  3. Oh, I hope your mom feels better soon.

  4. Hey, Poppy, We're sorry your mum is sick. We hope she gets better soon. Sounds like she needs to bundle up for Sunday.

    jans funny farm

  5. Oh no...germs. Be sure to was your paws often, so you don't get the sickies. Sing Happy Birthday while washing hands.

    "HUGS"~Chancy, Ernie's Voice & Jake

  6. Sorry your Mum is not feeling well. With such bad weather forecasted, maybe they won't have the marching contest on Sunday.

    I hope your Mum is feeling all better soon.

  7. Good luck!!

    Hope your mom feels better!


  8. Oh, I'm sorry to hear your mom is coming down with something - and on the weekend!

    I hope she feels better soon!

  9. Poor mum, I hate, hate, hate having a sour throat, hope you get well soon!!

  10. Thanks for your best wishes for owr sickie Mom. Now we is giving you best wishes to your Mom to get better too. Across the world from each ofur and dose icky cold germs are at work in bouf places. Snuggle up nice wif her to makes her feel better.

  11. I hope your Mommy feels better soon - go be a good nurse Poppy!

  12. I'm sorry your mum is sick. Go purr on her, that will make her feel better.

  13. Purrs that your mum feels better soon. Look forward to your next Friday Friend.

  14. Poppy Q-I hope your Mum feels better soon. I bet she likes when you snuggle up by her; I know that makes me feel better when I am sick.

    By the way, that was a beautiful picture of you yesterday. You sure are a beautiful kitty. Be sure to thank your Mum for all the nice pics of you lately.