Monday, February 29, 2016

Movie Watching

Today we had a quiet day.  Although mum was going to go and do jobs, she thought it would be a better idea to stay home and catch up on her DVR watching and read her book.  I was allowed to watch a movie on the Yoo Tube - one about bird feeding.

Mum has a quiet week planned - a few days of relaxing before she heads back to work.  Time for us to adjust.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pink Skies

 There were lovely pink summer skies over our place tonight and at 10:30pm it is still warm enough to have the living room doors open onto the deck.  The breeze is steady though, so soon mum will close them up.  Hopefully all that pink is a sign of a good day tomorrow, but you can never tell.
Mum and I had a sleep in this morning, and then she got ready and headed out to visit with some family friends.  She had lunch with her friends and their family, enjoying the company and good foods.  She headed home and stopped off via the supermarket, where she bought some mince and an onion with an idea to make some pasta.  However when she got home she realized that she should use up some pantry items, so the pasta turned into nachos using up some mexican tomatoes, tomato paste and chilli beans as well as some Dorritos.  She felt proud for using up 4x pantry items, as it is getting a bit full.  Mum is also trying to be a bit more thrifty at the supermarket, and try not to spend too many dollars there.  Now she has enough food for dinner for 2 more nights which she is pleased with.  Good work mum.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tough Week

We are back home at our place now.  It has been a tough week this week for mum.  This time last week her lovely dad Gdad died peacefully.  Mum was lucky that she was able to make it up to his place in time to spend his last day with him.  It sure was tough, but such a privileged to be by his side holding his hand and telling him how much he was loved as he passed.

This is mums mum and dad on their wedding day.  Dad was 19 and mum was only 17 - and they had to get a court order in order to get married, and they did not have their parents permission.  Their landlords were their witnesses with only a couple of mums sisters there.  Mum was pregnant with big uncle and their marriage lasted for 44 years until Mum died in 1995.  They sure look sweet in this photo - quite the lookers!!

Dad was lucky.  He found a lovely lady to love in the last year of his life.  So there is still hope in your 70's of finding true love.  She looked after him and made him very happy.  How lucky to have two lovely ladies in his life.

We love you Gdad.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Sorry again that we have been gone.  Mum has gone to spend time with her family.  She got to be with her dad last night as he passed away.  Mum and his partner were holding his hands and talking to him as he died.  Just the way he wanted it to go.

so mum will spend some more days with her family - I will stay at the cattery a few more days and then we will post again.

RIP Gdad - we love you.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

One to Go

Just when mum has one night shift to go her body has adjusted, and she can get more than 2 hours sleep during the day and not yawn all night.  That is the way night shift goes, which many of our readers understand.  Me - I LOVE it when mum gets home, but it is too hot to sleep on her bed with her.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Two

 Yeah two is the number - the number of hours sleep mum got today.  In part cos it was muggy, and partly because mum had things on her mind.  The hammering in the next door house didn't help either.  Never mind - mum doesn't feel too bad tonight, and it will help her sleep tomorrow.
Me - well I have been knackered out all day.  This had been my latest sleeping spot, on the couch arm.  Mum has put some old lady covers on the arms so I don't leave any marks on there.  Luckily she doesn't use doilies but uses some funky tea towels which look passable.  Do you remember grand parents houses that had covers on the couches?

So hope you all get more sleep than us.  It is getting a bit cloudier and cooler here, so should be good for sleeping tomorrow.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Super Hottage Nightshift

We have been lucky and have had more of a week of super hottage - well hot for us with it reaching round 25 deg C most days, which for our city is pretty solid summer hot weather.  I have spent a lot of time out on the deck, especially now that the neighbor has finished with his painting and it is quiet again.  Which mum is grateful for as tonight she starts a stretch of nightshift.  It is the worst trying to sleep during the day when it is hot outside - you feel like a six year old sent to bed far too early.  So hope you all get some sleep tonight and think of all those workers keeping things going in your cities and towns.

Oh - thank you for the concern about the earth quake that Christchurch experienced yesterday and was on the news around the world.  The good thing was that the earthquake was not in our city, a long way away from us.  We heard there were no injuries but people are obviously a bit nervous after it, as it has been a couple of years since they had one so big.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines to you my sweeties.  We hope you have got to say I Love You to somebuddy in your life today, people or furry friends.

Mumster and Poppy Q

Saturday, February 13, 2016


It is Caturday again, but not too much fun going on here.  Mum got home at midnight on Friday, and did not get to bed til 2am, and was up early at 8am.  She did a few chores and made a few phone calls.  Eggs and tomatoes on toast for her lunch, and then before you know it she had to put her uniform on and head off to work.

I helped her with making the bed.  She smoothed out her new quilt - can you see me helping?  I am cleverly hidden.  She is not sure about the quilt - all a bit modern geometric 20 year old uni student, but mum likes the pink and yellow highlights and enjoys a bit of colour in the heat of the summer.

Hope you all managed to do some fun things today.

Oh and mum found this cloud nine cat tree on ETSY tonight.  Very fancy looking.  At only $1045 NZ, she says if we win lotto I can have it!!  Postage from Canada is quite pricey we hear.

Friday, February 12, 2016


I was back to helper cat duties as soon as I got home.  I helped mum to make the bed and do some of the chores.  She does need to do a bit more tidying up - things are out of control.  So she bought some new rubbish bags today, ready to get rid of some junk and make some room in the drawers and shelves.  A spring clean - in mid summer.  

Nice and hot today, and we can hear the cricket being played down the road from us.  Australia vs NZ  - our favorite competitors.  So mum has time now to sit and read for a few minutes, then she is going to cook up some chicken and veg for her dinner before getting ready to go for an afternoon shift.  So plenty of time for a snooze for me.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I am back in the house.  Mum released me from cat prison this afternoon, and I have been zooming round the house and back garden all evening, checking out the smells and making sure nothing has moved.

Mum was glad the afternoon was good, she got most of her washing on and was able to air out the house, always good after  a few days locked up.

She was glad to be able to have a few days away with the family, and although it was hot and sticky, she got in a couple of walks and time with everybody.

So we have lots of catching up to do!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Mum and I will be away now for a few days.  I have gone to the cattery and howled the cry of my people on the way there.  Mum is off to visit with the family.  See you when we get back!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Quiet and Quilted

 We have been having a couple of lovely summer days and nights with it still being warm and toasty at 9pm at night.   Mum had dried this quilt in the sun, and folded it up and left it on my bench.  I curled up on it straight away and claimed my spot.  Mum did bring it inside at 10pm.  So I went outside her bedroom window and howled - at midnight, 1am and 3am.  I wanted it to stay outside with me.  Mum knew not to give in - giving in would mean she would have to leave the quilt outside for ever, and I would continue to howl.  I know I am lucky and get the chance to sleep outside in the fresh air and stay outside all night if I want.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

We thought you might like this peek of me sitting in the back yard taken this week.  As you can see our grass is drying out in the summer sun, but lots of other things are blooming.

We also wanted to share with you our friends a little bit of what is happening in our life at the moment.  You see we will have a little break this week and see you next week.  Since the new year, mum got told that her dad Gdad is sick.  He is at home, and pottering round as best he can, but mum needs to be able to go and spend time with him.  So this week she is taking some time off, and for the next wee while she will have to go away and spend time with the family every couple of weeks .  I will have to go to the cattery, while not my favorite place, mum knows I am safe there.

We hope you can bear with us at this time.  We promise not to drop off the blogosphere, just to slow down for a little bit.

Poppy Q and the Mumster

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I am enjoying lying out in the sun during the afternoon catching the rays.  Late summer is just the best, and mum has enjoyed having all the windows and the back door open.  Although tonight they said there has been a body found in a flat in our suburb about a 10 minute walk away from our house.  So mum might go out and check the back door is locked and closed.  We always feel pretty safe, NZ has a touch of the 1950s about it, not too much violence although the news may give you an impression of not being safe we always feel pretty secure.  Mum is glad to have a guard cat though.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week Start - Hello February

How are you doing my friends?  The month and the  week have started.  Mum had a long busy day at work and is on call tonight too.  She doesn't mind too much as it is only one night this week.  Mum was glad that her chicken and salad leftovers stretched to her dinner tonight, so 5 minutes and it was ready.  My feast only took two minutes to dish up too, so easy peasy tonight.