Friday, February 12, 2016


I was back to helper cat duties as soon as I got home.  I helped mum to make the bed and do some of the chores.  She does need to do a bit more tidying up - things are out of control.  So she bought some new rubbish bags today, ready to get rid of some junk and make some room in the drawers and shelves.  A spring clean - in mid summer.  

Nice and hot today, and we can hear the cricket being played down the road from us.  Australia vs NZ  - our favorite competitors.  So mum has time now to sit and read for a few minutes, then she is going to cook up some chicken and veg for her dinner before getting ready to go for an afternoon shift.  So plenty of time for a snooze for me.


  1. Ah! I should think you need a snooze Poppy!x
    After ALL that help and, making sure everything
    is neat and tidy!

    And, the cricket down the road, hope you don't get
    any balls in the garden, or through the windows! :).

  2. Any time is a good time to declutter! If our biped could teleport over she'd give your mum a hand. Mind you, our biped is ruthless! :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Your mum is lucky to have you help her tidy up. Enjoy your snooze.

  4. poppy Q....make sure mum pays ewe ....dee mand noe lezz than 98 canz oh feast !! heerz two a happee heartz day oh love ~~~~~ kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. Glad you and your mum are back. Have a lovely weekend.