Monday, June 30, 2014

Midnight Snacking

There was a bit of midnight snacking going on here tonight as mum got home late again.  I have a clock that sits behind me when I am on the couch = so I know if you gets home late mum, I'm watching the hands go round.  Luckily I don't mind having my dinner so late.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Snoozer

Today has been a great day for snoozing.  Mum got called into work and had a busy time, so she got home about 9am this morning.  A late breakfast for her and then she climbed into her bed for a nap for a couple of hours, before getting up and staying on the couch and watching a couple of shows.  She has done something she normally never does and stayed in her dressing gown all day!!!  Luckily she can have a sleep in tomorrow morning as well.

Me - well I am comfy cosy on the couch.  Mum gave me the cover her new pillow came in, and I have been sleeping on it non stop.  It is truly covered in my furs now, and my go to spot.  Perfect for a bit of Sunday Snoozing.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunny Caturday

After my midnight feed last night, I had a big long sleep in til about 5am, when mum had to get up and go to work.  She was pleased to at least get a couple of hours sleep.  By the time she left work this morning, the sun was out.  She stopped off at the supermarket to get some foods, and then came home.

After a shower and some breakfast, mum pottered around and did a few chores before going for a walk into town.  The day was glorious, almost hot which is unusual for our city in winter time.  She could of done with a nap, but mum has a birthday dinner tonight, so hopefully she will get some sleeps tonight.

Hope you have all had a lovely Caturday day too.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Home Alone

The mumster was on a late shift tonight, so dinner was served just  before midnight.  I get biscuits to keep me happy while she is out, but i eagerly wait by the door when I hear her key, as I know my feast is coming.

Hope you all had a fun Friday - so pleased it is the weekend!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Psychic Hair Dryer

So you know that the mumster went off to the shops on Sunday to purchase a new small heater for the cool days ahead?  Well while she was there, she felt the need to stand in front of the hairdryers, and something was telling her to buy a new hair dryer, in fact she thought a gold hair dryer would be the business.  Luckily they were half price too, although she did wonder as her hair dryer was ok, and had been working steadily for 8 years or so.

Until this morning that is.  As she was drying her hair it made a funny noise, then smoke came out and it died.  Just like that, after 8 years.  Luckily mums angels had convinced her to buy her one at the weekend.  Spooky!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Laughs

Mum found this photo from a few months ago, she likes the sleepy look on my little face.  Tonight she had a good laugh.  First her nephew told her about  the haemorrhoid he had on his hip - funny place for one isn't it?  He meant hernia, and had a laugh when mum told him what a haemorrhoid was.

 Then mum spoke to big uncle, he whispered something to her on the phone about going to library today, he was so quiet mum thought he was telling her he had robbed a bank, rather than going to a place of learning.  It is funny that mum, Gdad, Miss Belle and sister in law are all bookworms, and big uncle who has never been a big reader is able to make a bit of money selling books online.

So a quiet night for us, leftover veg mash and sausages for mums dinner and a fancy feast for me.  Last night I was so sleepy, I forgot to ask for dinner!!!  Usually mum feeds me a feast when she gets home, but last night I wasn't interested, so she left me alone.  Wuhhhhh - I think you should have given me double feast tonight!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Clear Skies

There were clear skies in the capital city today, but we are in for a bit of a frosty night, so mum has all the heaters blasting away.  She was on call last night, and getting up at 4am, pulling her pyjamas off and putting clothes on was not a nice prospect.  Once the scarf, gloves and jacket are on, it is not so bad venturing out, and luckily the hospital is well heated.

So mums eyes are getting itchy tonight and she is off to bed soon.

Sweet dreams everybuddy.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Mum had been reading consumer magazine this week, and this the Goldair Ceramic Tower heater was voted the best out of all the heaters for safety and price.  Best of all mum spied it in a local shop for 40% off.  Where we are has a heat pump heater, but when the temperature drops right down, it struggles to warm up the living area quickly.  Mum read the manual, and they recommend that you use a heater to heat the room up and then the heat pump to maintain the heat.  Mum liked this heater, as with the sale on it made it a reasonable price, and it is small and compact and takes up little space.

When she entered the shop she noticed that there were three left, so she had a little look around as her hairdryer of ten years is falling apart.  Hairdryer picked (they were 50% off), she went back to get her heater.  Only one left, and she could see a man trying to choose between this one and another one.  It looked like he was off to either wander around himself or ask his missus what she thought.  So mum swooped in, and took her bounty to the counter very quickly.   She did feel bad, but glad that she got what she came for.

She tried it out this afternoon and it worked well in our little living area and so we are ready now winter.  Bring it on!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Winter Solstice Caturday

It sure is something to sing about - it's Winter Solstice Caturday!!!  The shortest day of the year!!!  Mum and I celebrated by sleeping in late til a very civilised 9am and she got to finish her library  book that she had been a bit stuck reading.  Some chores and lazing about were done.  Mum got ready and went into town for a wander.  She met some friends, saw a movie and ate healthy Thai chicken noodle soup for dinner.  She arrived at the bus stop and must have just missed a bus, so had an hour wait for the next one, so entertained herself with a couple of episodes of podcasts of stuff you missed in history class.

A nice day out she said.  Still she was glad to get home to me, in time to give me a late fancy feast, to fluff the pillows and make the bed.  An episode of Antiques Roadshow and a little nibble of something naughty, then us ladies are off to get us some beauty sleep.

So as the solstice is today, every day from now we should gain a few more seconds of sunlight and spring doesn't feel so far away.  Of course, as often is the way the worst of the winter weather is still to come.  We are prepared though.

Oh - and in case you are wondering.  Mum loved sleeping on her new pillow last night, it was like sleeping on a cloud.  She did feel guilty though, for as her friend Miss Pia pointed out, many of those ducks and geese are not treated well in order to get mum a new feather and down pillow.  That makes mum sad.  She was hoping the feathers were ones that just drifted off some happy and contented plump birds. Oh dear.

Hope you all enjoy your Caturday - have fun, get some treats.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Pile of Pillows

Here I am snuggled into the mum spot on the bed, where she perches herself to read each night and in the morning, as her hair dries.  Mum thought that it was time to search out a new pillow.  She usually sleeps with just two pillows under her, and with her favourite feather pillow next to her head.  It is however getting close to 10 years old she thinks and getting rather flat.  The other pillows are much newer, but of course she favours the old one.

So today, the sun was warm and bright so mum took off for a walk.  She walked to the local surf beach and watched the surfers for a while and then went to some of the shops having sales.  She bought a chefs knife which was good as the small veg knife she was using was struggling to cut up winter potatoes and cabbage.  She also checked out the feather pillows $80!!!!  Luckily there was a 60% off sale on, still mum couldn't get over the price.  I guess if she keeps it for 10 years, the cost evens out and we guess you can't put a price on a good nights rest.  She did look at the winter weight duvets, but they were charging $600 for them - just crazy!!!

Anyways, mum then went and mets some besties for a nice Friday night drink, lots of girlie chat and some tasty tapas.  Then home to feed me my feast and chat with me on the couch.

Have a great Friday everybuddy!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Actually I haven't slept on the mumster bed for a couple of weeks.  My bed of choice has been the couch for the past month, but as we approach the winter solstice here, the temperatures are beginning to drop overnight.   So mum thinks it will only be a couple of weeks before I ventures back into the bedroom - she figures I will back within the fortnight.

She did get the first of the winter power bills, and was surprised that it was a reasonable $130 for the month, which is good.  Mum refuses to scrimp on putting the heat pump or heater on, she would rather we were warm, and kept the house round 18 degrees C, which the world health recommends for healthy living.  Last year, in the house we lived in we got a winter power bill for $420, rather steep for one lady and cat on a budget.

Anyways kitties, we are keeping warm and toasty tonight, and jealous of your hots, if you are sweating it out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Midwinter Christmas Outfit Idea (You Wouldn't Dare To Would You Mum?)

From this ETSY seller -

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Grrr and a Yum

Grrrr blogger.  Every couple of days it will let us load our photo, but then not write any text on it.  We have to publish a picture we can't see, then go into our post to edit it to add text.  Anyone else having an issue with it?

Other than that our day was good.  Our city which normally has terrible weather, seems to be having a mild winter.  Doors were open this evening, and washing is drying.  Dinner was tasty tonight, me I feasted on the feast, and the mum made herself some roasted honey chicken legs, and a bit old pile of mash of carrots, parsnips and swede.  Good peasant food.

Hope you are all having a fab Tuesday.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Mum wants to say it is her that is pooped - as in tired tonight.  You see last night she worked to 11:30pm, then got home but couldn't sleep til almost 3am, and had to get up at 06:30am, so doing the maths she didn't get too much in the way of zzzzs.

I barely left my spot on the couch - I have claimed it as mine, and mum has to sit on the other side.  She gave in and washed the teatowel I was sleeping on, and replaced it with a spare one on top of a nice soft blankie.  Mum wonders if I will ever vacate this prime position?

Hope you are all chilling out this Monday.  Hope you are glad to get the work week started and under way, although for mum it is day four of seven in a row.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dog on a Log

The story that made us smile this week was the one that made the news about the dog on a log.  You see the NZ navy were doing some jobs up off the coast of Auckland after a heavy storm, when a sailor spotted a large log floating by with a do just standing there.  So they sent a rubber boat out and a couple of sailors rescued him, and they took him back to the island close to where he was found to get him to a vet.  Someone on sure knew who he belonged to, so they sent him home safe and sound.

This made the news at home and around the world, cos we all love a good rescue story.  Turns out Tiny was out on a boat with his owner, who spotted the log and was inspecting it, not realising that Tiny had climbed out of the boat and was missing.  So he carried on and went to the shops, and was going to head back out to see where the dog was (typical bloke).

Good on you Tiny - hope you got a big feed when you got home!!

Have a great Sunday - hope you have some fun!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Caturday Revenge

Mum didn't like me laughing at her as she left the house yesterday for her evening shift at work - so she suggested that I might like to pick up around the place and get the vacuum cleaning working!!!  Hahaha the laugh is on her - I'm a cat!!!  I am just going to lick myself and go to sleep!!!  Take that mum!!!

So instead she spent her Caturday tidying up, doing some washing.  Then as the sun was warm and bright, she went for a walk and went to the market.  She bought coriander, swede, parsnips, green beans, and  sweet potatoes.  She popped into the library and stocked up on even more books before heading home.

Then it was another afternoon shift which started off super busy, but slowed down by the end.  So as mum finished at a civilised 10pm, she headed to the supermarket and got a couple of supplies.  Her plan is to head to bed soon, and tomorrow to be able to stay at home before her last late shift of the weekend.  I think that is a great plan too, as I'm hanging around home too.

Ohh - do you like my teatowel I have taken to sleeping on on the couch?  Actually mum washed it today and replaced it with another clean one.  My favourite spot at the moment.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday and did something fun too.

Friday, June 13, 2014


You have to go to work?  In the afternoon?  Instead of staying on the couch with me?  Hahahaha

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tattle Tale Thursday

You know your mum is tired when she gets out of the shower, rubs the moisturiser on her hands and then proceeds to put it on her hair instead of her face.  The good thing was that she didn't have many plans yesterday, so it didn't matter if her hair was a bit goopy.  Good on you mum.  She can't decide whether she is more tired this time of year because it is winter, or is it just getting old?

Today she went and did a couple of chores and had a walk.  It was a grey cloudy day, and it feels like the winter is settling in for  a few weeks.  Mum had to go and buy an extension cord so that she could plug the heater in in her bedroom, she hasn't had to use it yet but turned it on for an hour or two to test it out this evening.  She is thinking though that once we have had a few more weeks of winter, mum is going to try and get out and take a few more walks, get some more exercise and fresh air.

Dinner was nice and easy for her and nice and tasty for me.  Mum has been trying to catch up on her rest these past two days, as she has a big long stretch of seven days of work, and she knows she will be tired.  So the pantry is stocked and she has already frozen a couple of meals for shifts over the weekend.  She will make a big bacon pasta dish tomorrow, has some butter chicken and rice and veg in the freezer and lots of lovely soup.  All good winter fare.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Again

It feels like groundhog day by being Monday again.  Still mum says it was nice to get the work week started, although she wasn't so thrilled when the alarm clock went off at 06:30am.

Still we had a nice evening relaxing.  Mum had leftovers, and chilled out watching tele.  She has been searching round the house, as she has misplaced her work swipe card which is such a pain.  She remembers tossing it in her bag on Thursday evening, but hasn't seen it since.  She has managed to find two name badges, 2 pairs of scissors, a couple of extra knives (and no she does not have a big stash of sharp stuff hidden), lots of coins and a couple of pens.

So she is off to switch the on-call phone on.  Have a nice evening everybuddy.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Snoozer

We ll mum did have plans to have a little sleep in and stay at home day today, for that is what Sundays are perfect for.  Instead she got a morning text from a bestie who was wondering if she would like to meet up.  So mum went and met her friend for lunch.  They had a good afternoon wandering around and window shopping, she loves to catch up with her friends and was glad to have seen good friends this weekend.

A visit to the supermarket was in order on the way home.  Mum was disappointed as they no longer had the chickens they had advertised on special, mum had been looking forward to roast chicken and vegetables for dinner tonight.  So she treated herself to the smallest cheapest steak, and filled up with some potatoes and green beans, a good balanced dinner.  Best of all there are left overs for tomorrow nights dinner, so no need to cook when she gets home.

Me - I did my best to relax and catch up on my snoozes.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Caturday Sunbeamery

This Caturday morning we were treated to a bit of a sunbeamery which was most welcome.  Mum got some washing done, although the clouds were gathering, she piled up the drying rack inside rather than braving the line outside.  She managed to make it out of the house to go and visit a friend for lunch.  A quick visit to the library, and a pop into some shops - she likes to buy some candles from the market.  Nothing like a nice vanilla candle to scent the house.

Then mum walked home in the fresh air and did a few chores at home before making some nice garlic bread and chicken gumbo soup for her dinner, and a nice fresh feast for me.  We then watched a few programmes, and mum chewed her nails off watching the All Blacks play England at rugby, so nerve wracking!!!  So now we are off to bed early for us on a Caturday.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday too!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Caturday Eve

Yipppeee it is Caturday Eve and mum is relieved that the working week is over.  It was a 7am start this morning, which means a 5am alarm clock.  As mum only went to sleep at around 2am, she is a bit tired this evening.  An easy dinner and a few phone calls took up the evening.  Some washing was done, but a quiet night was had with a touch of television and mum is going to head off soon to finish her book.

We are looking forward to our two days this weekend, such a luxury to spend time relaxing.  Do you have some plans to have fun in the weekend?

Thursday, June 5, 2014


So there is a lot of controversy in our city from a big chappie Gareth Morgan, who reckons that pussy cats should all be locked up at night and kept on their properties, as they eat all the birdlife.  A lot of the statistics that they quote come from overseas studies, so the local boffins from the university put cameras on 10 local cats and studied what they did.  Surprise surprise most of the local kiwi cats spent their day sleeping or staring at stuff - hahahahaha!!!  We could have told them that.  They found that only one bird was eaten but 4 little lizards were chewed up.  Mum thinks that in 8 years of me being an inside outside cat I have caught two birds (although she is suspicious that they may have been dead when I found them), and about 10 mice.

Later they are going to study a much larger group of cats- we think they will find lots more sitting and thinking shots.

Tonight on the telly they were mocking our city again.  It is 16 degrees today - very warm for this time of year and it gave mum a fright after work, she thought she was having a hot flush as she felt so warm, but felt better when she got home and got her jacket off tonight.  No need for the heater to be on.

Enjoy your Thursday.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tongue Tuesday

Sounds rude doesn't it - calling it Tongue Tuesday.  Mum does love a picture of me with my pink tongue out, they always make her laugh.

Today was busy at work, so she was glad to get home.  There was a quick visit to the supermarket, as she has to walk past it to get home.  Having to carry your groceries home means mum can only grab a bag or two at a time.  There were lovely leftovers for dinner, which pleased mum and now she has some things in the fridge ready for dinner tomorrow night.  A bit of chicken so maybe a chicken stirfry or a Thai green chicken curry.  Mum does make the same things over and over and is trying to branch out, but there is something easier about doing that in the summer when the evenings are sunny and long.  In the winter she just wants to cook quick meals and hibernate.

A whole pile of dishes were done, and the microwave oven got a scrubbing.  Now we are thinking about bed, as it is not too late, and mum is trying to get to bed before 11pm, not midnight or 1am which she has been doing lately.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Dear Queenie

Dear Queenie,

thank you for letting us have a day off work on your birthday (even though your birthday is really on another day).  This mean the mumster was able to get an 8 hour sleep, something she rarely gets on an average night, as she usually has to be up early for work.  She was glad that nobody came visiting today as she wore the day off outfit of comfy but ugly pants, a woolly jumper and slippers.  Hair was dried and just scraped back and the moisturiser was layered on, with not a touch of lipstick.  Do you ever do that Queenie?  Go casual on your day off?

The mums two main missions were to get her book read - tick, and mashed potatoes done for dinner to eat with last nights leftovers - tick!!  Such big ambitions!!

So I have had my fancy feast and am curled up on the bed to get my 12 hour evening snooze in.  We hope you got to have cake with corgis, cos  if you are going to have two birthdays you should get two cakes.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello June - Welcome Winter

Hello June - Welcome Winter!!!!   We have been blessed with lovely sunny weekend days, most unusual for us.  Not a cloud in the sky, which means as soon as the sun sets around 5.30pm it turns cool and frosty.  So mum went out for a walk today, and enjoyed the sunshine while she could.  She returned in time to take some photos of me rolling around outside, and get the washing in from outside.  Even though the towels had sun on them, they didn't dry completely.  Dinner was made, a one pot wonder for her and a fancy feast was dished up for me.  The family were rung and talked to, pottering round was done and now we head to bed with a book for another night of snoozing.

Best of all - no work tomorrow!!  It is the Queenies birthday so a day off for the mumster - hooray!!