Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Laughs

Mum found this photo from a few months ago, she likes the sleepy look on my little face.  Tonight she had a good laugh.  First her nephew told her about  the haemorrhoid he had on his hip - funny place for one isn't it?  He meant hernia, and had a laugh when mum told him what a haemorrhoid was.

 Then mum spoke to big uncle, he whispered something to her on the phone about going to library today, he was so quiet mum thought he was telling her he had robbed a bank, rather than going to a place of learning.  It is funny that mum, Gdad, Miss Belle and sister in law are all bookworms, and big uncle who has never been a big reader is able to make a bit of money selling books online.

So a quiet night for us, leftover veg mash and sausages for mums dinner and a fancy feast for me.  Last night I was so sleepy, I forgot to ask for dinner!!!  Usually mum feeds me a feast when she gets home, but last night I wasn't interested, so she left me alone.  Wuhhhhh - I think you should have given me double feast tonight!!!


  1. I love funny little stories that involve family and friends Poppy!x
    People do and say such strange things..HeHe! Me included!:).

    I always say....
    "live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly".

    And...You look as lovely as ever Poppy!x. Bless!

  2. Poppy, dear, your mum loves you too much to let you overeat and get an upset tum -- or an extra pound. Too tired to nibble noms? What a busy day you had!

  3. Some funny stories, Poppy. I don't know which one should talk about less, the hernias or the haemorrhoids! And not asking for dinner! Well, you do want to lose a bit of weight, right?

  4. poppy Q...never bee two sleepy ta ask for dinner...if ewe want we will gives ewe a wake up call tho with ewe bee in over ther & uz bee in over heer we will be callin ewe at supper time when we iz eatin brek fast we think....!!!

    we had ta laff bout big unkle...N tell mum ta tell him ta chek out ABE BOOKS sum time

    he can buy or sell !!!...

    N mum can buy two...

  5. You do look very sweet and sleepy Poppy.
    That was funny about nephew.

  6. That's right, Poppy - humans should make up for missed meals when it comes to us kitties.

  7. A very sleepy girl. My mum is a book worm too. Happy reading. Meow, Jessica

  8. Such funny tales, Poppy, especially by Mum's nephew. :)

    That picture of you is so sweet!

  9. We thinks you should have gotten double dinner tonight Poppy!

    We don'ts know what a haemorrhoid or a hernia is either, but the mom bean is laffing. Appawently you need to be a bean to get the joke, MOL

    Sasha. Sami, & Saku