Saturday, June 21, 2014

Winter Solstice Caturday

It sure is something to sing about - it's Winter Solstice Caturday!!!  The shortest day of the year!!!  Mum and I celebrated by sleeping in late til a very civilised 9am and she got to finish her library  book that she had been a bit stuck reading.  Some chores and lazing about were done.  Mum got ready and went into town for a wander.  She met some friends, saw a movie and ate healthy Thai chicken noodle soup for dinner.  She arrived at the bus stop and must have just missed a bus, so had an hour wait for the next one, so entertained herself with a couple of episodes of podcasts of stuff you missed in history class.

A nice day out she said.  Still she was glad to get home to me, in time to give me a late fancy feast, to fluff the pillows and make the bed.  An episode of Antiques Roadshow and a little nibble of something naughty, then us ladies are off to get us some beauty sleep.

So as the solstice is today, every day from now we should gain a few more seconds of sunlight and spring doesn't feel so far away.  Of course, as often is the way the worst of the winter weather is still to come.  We are prepared though.

Oh - and in case you are wondering.  Mum loved sleeping on her new pillow last night, it was like sleeping on a cloud.  She did feel guilty though, for as her friend Miss Pia pointed out, many of those ducks and geese are not treated well in order to get mum a new feather and down pillow.  That makes mum sad.  She was hoping the feathers were ones that just drifted off some happy and contented plump birds. Oh dear.

Hope you all enjoy your Caturday - have fun, get some treats.


  1. HeHe! Are you looking upwards for the sun to come up Poppy!x

    Just 30 miles north of me is a place called Stonehenge...This year, there will be some 35,000 people there to see the sunrise..For the summer solstice...Good luck to them l say..I can look out my bedroom window and see the same thing.
    Blow, standing in the middle of no~where, surrounded by stones, waiting for the sun to come up!
    The sun does'nt come up anyway..! :>).

  2. Poppy, dear, please tell your mum that she was especially brilliant to place an orange towel on a gray sofa, under a lovely gray cat! And with just a pop of color matching on the pillow piping! Clever mum!

  3. Oh! Poppy!x
    I thought it was a 'Wordless Caturday'...When l opened up your post, it was just you...No words!
    HeHe! They've come up now! Well! they do have to travel a long way, don't they! :).
    And, of course yours is the shortest day, but ours is the longest....I'll get used to this distance thing one of these days...! You both have a lovely weekend...HeHe!x

  4. Today is the longest day of the year here. And sunny and bright. Happy winter/ summer solstice. Maybe the feathers were winter feathers shed in the spring from a happy goose? Mum found a non- feather duvet that is as warm as a feather one. Meow, Jessica

  5. Your mum will be happier if she thinks the fevvers came from an old duck, then they did!

    Yeah, we had our longest daylight hours today. But we had a cloudy day, so not that great of a day. Mum just did chores at home.