Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tattle Tale Thursday

You know your mum is tired when she gets out of the shower, rubs the moisturiser on her hands and then proceeds to put it on her hair instead of her face.  The good thing was that she didn't have many plans yesterday, so it didn't matter if her hair was a bit goopy.  Good on you mum.  She can't decide whether she is more tired this time of year because it is winter, or is it just getting old?

Today she went and did a couple of chores and had a walk.  It was a grey cloudy day, and it feels like the winter is settling in for  a few weeks.  Mum had to go and buy an extension cord so that she could plug the heater in in her bedroom, she hasn't had to use it yet but turned it on for an hour or two to test it out this evening.  She is thinking though that once we have had a few more weeks of winter, mum is going to try and get out and take a few more walks, get some more exercise and fresh air.

Dinner was nice and easy for her and nice and tasty for me.  Mum has been trying to catch up on her rest these past two days, as she has a big long stretch of seven days of work, and she knows she will be tired.  So the pantry is stocked and she has already frozen a couple of meals for shifts over the weekend.  She will make a big bacon pasta dish tomorrow, has some butter chicken and rice and veg in the freezer and lots of lovely soup.  All good winter fare.


  1. All that lovely food sounds good enough to eat Poppy!x :).
    What time can we all come round..!

    Bit of upsetting news yesterday..A couple weeks ago l mentioned that a puss~cat near me, called Poppy, in a town called Bournemouth...Had just become the oldest cat in the world..24yrs old..Guinness Book of Records..!
    The poor pussy~cat died yesterday.....! How sad is that..!

  2. Poppy, dear, please tell your mum it's a good idea to put the toothpaste tube in the glass with the toothbrush. Otherwise, a tired working woman may confuse it with sunblock -- which tastes terrible at 06.00.

  3. Poppy, you just made my human hungry! She has butter chicken in the fridge... but it is from Trader Joe's and she did not make it herself. Still pretty good for frozen, though!

  4. poppy Q...mum haz reezon ta bee nothin ta due with weatherz ore her age...her werkz... A LOT !!! hope ya get sum fancy feast time in two day...N tell yur mum if her wantz her hair ta shine ta wash it in trout oil ♥


  5. Seven days on! Wow, that's a lot of work. I hope your mum has almost as many days off afterward.

  6. Make sure to get some of dat bacon!

  7. Mum feels the same way, bizzy at work and getting too old!

  8. Your mum has a busy week ahead. It is a good job she is well organised.