Friday, July 31, 2009

My Friday Friends

My Friday Friend is our way of introducing our new blogging friends to our older blogging friends. Now these ones have been blogging for a while, but they have some new and special members of their family.

It is our wonderful friends at Team Tabby with Moe and Mindy , or as it should now be known, The Mindy, Moe, Bono, Mike and Cookie Show!!

You may have met the beautiful Mindy before. This gorgeous girl lived a peaceful life with her handsome ginger tabby brother Moe (picture below). They are brother and sister, and started life as feral kitties, until they got their furrever home in 2001.
In sep/oct 2008, their lovely family welcomed the senior gent - the also very handsome Bono. They think he might be about 13 years old, and he lived with a lady who got sick and died. Bono got lucky finding his next furrever home.

The the beans, whose hears must be huge decided to foster Mike and Cookie, who were from the same home as Bono. So they need a new home too. Mike did find a new home, but he got returned cause he didn't fit with the family.

Mike is a character, he likes to keep hollering for food and is known to knock the rubbish bin over to look through the trash.

Cookie, well he is an older gentleman with a few health issues. So he is staying with everybuddy now.

We just wanted to say that we think your family is wonderful, and we admire you opening your home to these three special guys in the past year and giving them a great furrever place to spend their retirement years.
Thanks for visiting with us for this My Friday Friend. Have a great weekend everybuddy, soak up the sunbeams and make your beans do something fun.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birdies - I have a treat for you!!!

Mum bought a treat for the birdies.

I checked it out to make sure it is ok for our birdies.

Good to go mum!!

Mum has tried to hang it where the birds can eat safely.

We will let you know if they find it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bird Watching

I have been doing a bit of bird watching from the jungle today.

Yet again, the skies are grey here, just like me. However, when the sun does peek out, it seems to be getting warmer. Yippeee!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ohhh Another Award - Thanks

I got this fab award given to me from Huffle Mawson and also from the Kitty Krew . Thanks everybuddy.

It translates into Your Blog is Like Satin Award.
The rules for this one are:

List 5 details (things, people, features) that make your life "satin" (translates also as "shiny" or "good").
Pass on to 5 other bloggers that have not already won.

  1. Our friends. Each and everyone of you makes our day brighter. Especially knowing that you and your beans help each other out in the tough times.
  2. Fancy Feast - every day is better with a meal of fancy feast at the end. I am also grateful that mum has a job, and can pay for my meals.
  3. Sunshines. We haven't had too much of it lately except for a couple of days, when the rays have actually been warm. So we know it is heading back our way sometime soon.
  4. Catdoors. After meeting so many of you, who aren't allowed out I now know that I am lucky to be able to come and go as I please. Just so you know, I have never not come home at night, and am always around. So I might go out and play for an hour or two, but I always make it home.
  5. Having a home, knowing we have somewhere to rest our heads at night. We hope all the shelter kitties find furrever loving homes soon.

We will pass this award onto: Kodak, Winton & 3Perf ,Moe and Mindy (Cookie, Bono and Mike too), Pucat ,Fui and Suey and Bruce's Paws .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Could She Forget?

How could mum forget one of my nicknames. On Sundays especially I am often known as:

Snoozy Suzy!!

What else am I to do, while mum is out at the film festival!!


Friday, July 24, 2009

In My Cave Saturday but accidently posted on Friday

If you need me I will be in my cave - shhhhhhhhhh it's a secret place!
Mum has lots of film festival watching to do this weekend, so she will be busy. She wants to wish Big Uncle, sister in law, Alliebelle and Bud a smooth voyage on the love boat. They are cruising the South Pacific for 10 days. We hope they have a fabulous trip, and enjoying dining out with captain Stubing. Happy ocean voyages family.
Have a great weekend everybuddy. We hope you find something fun to do, and somewhere secret to hide.
Ooops we meant to set the timer to have this post for you on Saturday morning our time, Friday for you. Now it might still be Friday where we are, and you are and we have totally bamboozled you. Whatever day it is, relax and chill out - it's the weekend!!

My Friday Friend

Welcome to this weeks My Friday Friend. On Fridays we like to introduce new bloggers we have met to all of our other blogging friends.

This is the beautiful Haku and Byaku, both girl sisters who live with their mum and dad in Japan. You can find their mums blog here: Tsure Zure From Japan .

They have lived for two years with their beans.

Hy, their mum is very keen to practice her English, and would like to be a translator, so I am sure she would love to meet you all. They would love some more visitors!!
Have a great weekend everybuddy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


It appears that some of my furriends are confused. I am a GIRLCAT. I know I look big and strong, but you should see how big boy British Blue cats are. All sugar and spice here.

Misha is my special super duper friend. Cos, he is grey and he also lives in New Zealand. That makes us like almost blogging twins. He is NOT my boyfriend, but I love him lots and lots.

This photo shows a good example of my "go away with the camera" face. I use it often.

My Super Duper Friend Misha

Today you need to visit my handsome super duper friend Misha . On his blog, he explains the difference between Russian Blues (him), and British Blues (me).


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fifty Thousand

Sometime in the next day or so, our visitor numbers will reach 50,000. So here is a clap and a cheer for you all. Thanks for visiting us, and making each day brighter. We look forward to reading all of your comments after every post.

Big smoocheroonies to you all.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We forgot one of the nicknames. Mum calls me OW, cos that is the noise I make when I need to remind her about something. Something Fancy Feast. In case she forgets when dinner time is.

Sometimes I get called Poppy OW OW too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey Poppy Popstar

The other day, I was sitting on the doormat thinking about stuff. One of my thoughts came from my good Aussie friend Huffle Mawson, and it was about what nicknames do you have?

Mine are:
  • Poppy Princess
  • Pops
  • Poppy Popstar
  • Hey baby
  • Sweetpea
  • Poppy Popilopilous

You can call me any of them, and I still won't come in until I'm ready to.

Have a great week everybuddy.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your Blog is a Dream Award

My two gingerlicious boys Eric & Flynn gave me this Your blog is a dream award. And they called me beautiful - blushing now. The rules are you have to list seven beauty secrets, and then pass the award on. They did such a super job, I didn't know if I could add anything, but I am going to try.

1. Remember to keep yourself smelling nice. I am scared of my big uncle, but I LOVED his hat. It smelled of big uncles head, and if you have met him you know it is big, hairy and smelly!! (we love you big uncle - truly).

2. If you find a colour that suits you, wear it with pride.
3. Remember that 23.5 hours of sleep in a day, keeps a cat looking young.
4. Keep your furs clean and tidy and allow your beans to brush you, even if it is with the garden outdoors brush, it should still feel nice.

5. Relax and enjoy breakfast in bed once in a while.
6. Soak in the sunbeams as much as you can, winter is long and you will miss them when they are gone.
7. Remember, it is all about BALANCE. Be happy, do something fun every day, life is short and remember to stop and smell the flowers too.
We would like to give this award to my friends that feel like playing. I dare yoooou, tell us your beauty secrets.

In our paper today

Is this the Missing cats bureau?

Police reckon something fishy is going on at their Lower Hutt headquarters.

For the second time in six weeks, a lost cat has simply wandered off the street and into the station.

After eight-month-old Jack left his Lower Hutt home on Wednesday, his owner hoped he would soon return. But he spent two days on the run, eventually strolling up to the front counter at the Lower Hutt police station about 7am yesterday 3 kilometres from home.
"We just heard this really loud crying sound. He was quite distressed when he walked in," police area commander Inspector Richard Chambers said.

A staff member went to the supermarket to get some food and milk for the cat, then found him a place to grab some much-needed sleep.
"Once he relaxed and had some food, he was very friendly. There were about six of us who wanted to take him home."

But no adoption was needed. An SPCA microchip implanted in Jack's neck when he was a kitten helped police and the SPCA reunite him with his owner a few hours later.

Tracy Dear said her three children had been in Hawke's Bay for the school holidays and did not know Jack had done a runner.
"I am very pleased he returned, otherwise I would have had three very upset children.

"It's not the first time he has gone missing. If he is home alone he often gets bored and goes looking for company."

In June, a two-year-old cat set out from his Mt Cook home in Wellington and spent two weeks making his way 20km north to eventually stroll into Lower Hutt police station.

Mr Chambers had no idea why cats seemed to be attracted to the station, but he would stock up on cat food in case there were more visitors. "We also might have to check there is no fish hidden somewhere in the station."

From the Dominion Post, Saturday 18/07/09

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Friday Friend

(this is the lovely picture done by my new friend Jill at )

This week it is the very handsome Pucat who lives in New York, US. He is a gorgeous Abyssinian cat and you can find his blog here: He hasn't got too many visitors, and I am sure would appreciate meeting more of you.

Look, he is allowed up on kitchen benches.............

.............and he makes a good cup of tea!! I can tell his mum and dad love him lots.
Have a good weekend Pucat and everybuddy else.
Poppy Q

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Last night there was a BIG earthquake in New Zealand. It was the biggest we have had in 78 years and was 7.8 on the richter scale, which is HUGE. But, it was in a very isolated area a long ways from where we live. So this is what I was doing while it was happening. Mum was at work and didn't feel a thing, although some folks in our city said they felt it.

See it is down the bottom of the south Island in New Zealand, and we live at the bottom of the north Island (very imaginative names for our country: North and South Islands).

Our earthquake was as big as one in China that killed 68,000 people!! However there have been no reported injuries here, as that part of New Zealand is pretty uninhabited.
Our news tonight, said that we have 14,000 earthquakes a year in New Zealand, most of which we don't feel, so we are used to them.
Thanks though for thinking of us, and we are happy to report that we are safe and sound.

How many is too many cushions?

Yes the new duvet does almost match my furs. Because it was on sale, mum was able to get the nice silver cushion cheap too. She likes cushions, and I think may have a few too many. What things do your parents have too many of? We'd love to know.