Monday, July 13, 2009

New Duvet

Mums new duvet cover got my seal of approval.

She spent at least an hour in the shop on Saturday choosing. It is not often they are on sale and sometimes it is super hard to find one that she will like, and I will like to sleep on.

Yes Gandalf, Grayson and Whitey, we have two duvets on the bed, and a quilt and a big mink fleece blanket. Our house is old and wooden and cold in winter, so we need lots of things to snuggle under. Well mum snuggles under, I am a topcat as I sleep on top of the covers.


  1. You had us with big mink fleece, Poppy Q! Wow! We bet you must be the most pampurred kitty ever!

    Whitey says Hi, too!

  2. The new duvet cover complements your furrs nicely. We are glad your mum found one that you both like. Happy snuggling in your duvets and quilt and fleece. You both must be lovely and snuggly warm at night.

  3. I just wish we could send our hots to you!

  4. I think your mum should take you shopping next time Poppy!

    Huffle Mawson

  5. The new duvet is gorgeous and goes very well with your furs!

  6. Good morning Poppy...I found your blog while visiting Tracey and Huffle. I see you and I have things in common I love to test out new bedding and I especially like to help change the bed linens and hide under the sheets.
    Madi and Mom

  7. What a lovely new cover. We bet you will have some lovely dreams on it:)

  8. You've got it made Poppy Q! Have a great week!

  9. Poppy are you a Russian Blue?
    Your fur is such a pretty shade of gray and so plush. I'm gray and white but a darker gray. My peep says to tell Julie thinks for helping you check our blog...we are very new at it.

  10. That is a gorgeous duvet cover, Poppy Q! And it looks like it has some lovely soft grays in it to match your furs, so when you sleep on top it's very pleasing to the eye!
    You are such a lovefurly girlie.

  11. You mom has lovely taste, Poppy. She knows how to pick things that accentuate the beauty of your fur.
    Do you offer you mum advice on what to buy ?

  12. Ooooooo Poppy! You look quit cozy on YOUR new duvet! Our mom has been talking about getting a new bed set, but she has yet to do it! I tell you, these humans sometimes are all talk!

  13. Hey Poppy Q, you always have the best snuggle stuffs.

  14. That is very pretty covers. We are so sorry it is so cold there! We are having the other side if the temperature here!

  15. It's cooler here but muggy .. we don't have a top blanket like we do when it's really cold.

    Ashton sleeps at the end of the bed ... to keep the blanket on ... I would guess.

    Jasmine sleeps on my pillow ... to keep my head on it ... later she goes back and forth to the window.

    Al & Riley were no where ... they didn't help with sleeping .. at all.

    Maybe they are the day time nappers ..

    You look super cute though ...

  16. We bet you stay really snuggly with all those covers and your mum too! We'd send you some of our hots if we could.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  17. That is a lovely new cover. I hink you will snuggle a lot under there..

    Hugs GJ xx

  18. ...Oh are another sweet bloom in your Mum's duvet bouquet!!!


  19. This duvet is very beautiful! You did a good job testing it =)
    My mom is also trying to choose a blanket for hours ... is tiring!

    Jas & Gi

  20. Hi Poppy Q
    Thanks for the response...Mom and I weren't familiar with a British are very pretty and I bet very soft. Mom got me a new brush removes some of my under coat. We both like that because my hair is much longer than we ever expected...I'm a Heinz 57 kitty (aka SPCA kitty) so you just never know how we'll look. Madi and Mom

  21. And it's got a blue/grey pattern to match you! All the stylish cats are colour co-ordinating with their bedding this season!

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  23. It looks lovely, Poppy Q! So do you:)

  24. Thanks for visiting our blog. I do have a beautiful Gizzy quilt! Millie's mommy was busy making house blocks for another quilt. She thought I would like one too. It makes me feel special. I must also add that you are a very pretty kitty! Meow!
    Rusty and Deborah

  25. Looks like you broke it in well, Poppy!

  26. Yep, ya gotta stay warm in the winter. I am a topcat sleeper too.

  27. You are soo precious Miss P. You match the new duvet so beautifully! We are on the hunt for a puddy tat just like you for our new home! A-M xx

  28. You look beautiful on the new duvet, Miss Poppy! We're glad your mom found one that you liked (we have to approve of all the new blankets around here too.)

  29. Snuggling is a great thing to do in the winter. We are glad you like your mom's new duvet.


  30. Your mum made good choices. Those duvets look pretty and comfy. And I'm a top cat too!

  31. We can see why it got your approval, looks cozy. How nice to get new things to relax and snooze on.