Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jungle Cat

Today was a lovely winters day.  All the clouds blew away and we had a gorgeous day that was even warm if you were out in the sun.   Mum felt rested, as I have finally developed a new sleep position.  When mum goes to sleep I crawl under the quilt and snuggle next to mum, not between her legs so she can twist and turn in the bed without kicking me off.  She says she sleeps much better and she thinks I like it, cos I stay there all night.

Mum went out to a friends birthday lunch which was very nice.  Then she went for a walk in the sun, then came back and did some gardening with me.  I spent the time making sure no intruders interrupted mums work, then I watched the shed roof.  Mum had fed the birdies some apple pieces and bits of banana muffins.  I was watching the birdies in case one or two fell off - no such luck.

Enjoy your Sunday everybuddy.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hi Caturday lovers.  Did you get out in the sun?  Did you get in 20 hours of snoozing, pester your parents, visit your food bowl ten times,  spend the night glued to your mums side between the covers?  Oh wait - that would be me!!

I let my mum pop out during the day to buy some stuff.  Then she escaped again to go our for a couple of drinks, as mums favourite hairdresser is off to travel overseas.  Now she is home and I'm hoping the fresh sheets go on the bed before midnight.  Two late nights in a row - does she think she is 20 again?

Anyway my friends - enjoy your Caturday!!

Friday, June 28, 2013


What you mean you getting home at ateoclockish?  I not getting my feast till then either?  The heaters is not going up till then either?  I putting in a protest.  Oh wait - I need a sleep first.

The mumster went out with her friends.  They went to a bar and had huge burgers and then went to a playhouse to see 'The Witches of Eastwich' which one of their friends was playing in.  It was a good show, very entertaining and then mum and the friends stayed to have a drink with their talented friend.

So home before midnight, a quick feast of the feast, then we are off to snoozeville.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday

 We are thankful that it is Thursday.  When mum left work it was raining and cool again, but nowhere as bad as last week when the big storm hit.  Once the heaters are started up our little house warms up.
 Mum has put down a clean bathmat by the heater for me, and I usually snuggle on it, but tonight I am preferring my bubble wrap blankie on the bed for a while.
 Mum is whirring up the washing machine, and getting the clothes cleaned for the week.  She has a day off tomorrow and doesn't want to be doing chores.
Our new friend Karen wrote us a comment about our fire alarms last night.  We usually change ours on August 1st, but this years battery hasn't lasted a full year.  We have got a replacement and changed it already.  Unfortunately our landlords are overseas and not available to replace the batteries, mum has to take care of that.  We wonder what you think about wired in alarms like our friend Eileen has?  We have heard of fires that burn through the wires, turning the alarms off and put people at risk.  Most people in NZ have alarms with batteries and these seem to work just fine.

We are thankful that we have never had a fire - fires scare mum.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Mum says that if she was any good at inventing stuff, she would invent a fire alarm that didn't start beeping at 5am. Especially on a freezing winters morning, and especially when the ladder is in the shed outside.  So she didn't actually get out of bed till the alarm went off at 5.45am.  I was not happy - she was keeping me warm.

Can you see how high up the landlords put the alarm too?  Mum is shorty, so she is just about standing on top of the ladder with the tongs in her hand to reach it!!

Don't worry - we haven't replaced the battery yet, but have another alarm in the kitchen as well.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Only Tuesday?

Is it truly only Tuesday?  It was sunny out today, so I went and soaked up some sunbeams.  Our old house holds onto the cold and it can be warmer in the garden.  Mum got to have a sleep in with me as she went into work at early o'clock and so didn't have to start her day till 1pm.

Mum then went to the supermarket again tonight.  Three times in four days - does that make her obsessed?  Actually she had forgotten to get toilet paper, and knew she wouldn't have time til the weekend to get any more.  She wasn't sure that two rolls would last her till then.

So a nice sunny day means a cool and frosty night.  Mum and I are getting used to the all night snuggle together.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Week

Aww it is Monday already and the beginning of another week.  Mum almost was tempted to sleep in with me when the alarm went off for her at 6:45am.  She said that she felt tired all day, and as it was a bit quiet it was a long day.  Off to the supermarket after work for some essentials.  She has lamb with kumara (sweet potatoes) roasting in the oven for dinner.  Leftover mash and some peas will make it a good dinner that will last a couple of nights.

Now that the real winter has arrived I have been snuggling close to mum all night, lying right by her side.  Hope you all have sumbuddy to snuggle up with.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sunday is almost over at Chez Q.  The curtains are drawn, the dishes are done and the mumster and I are relaxing.  She has even had the energy to make some banana muffins, so that she has something to take to work tomorrow.  She decided that she had to stop buying her lunch a couple of days a week, as it was getting too pricey.  So since Jan 1st she has made her lunch each day.  Tonights 10 muffins only cost about $3 to make, the price that the shops charge for each muffin.  A muffin, some fruit and a small pottle of yoghurt will do mum for each lunch and teabreak.

The rain has finally stopped and we have a touch of sunshine today which was nice.  Last night, in the rain and under the cover of darkness, well mum snuck out of the house and dragged her two dead branches and dumped them in a skip further down the street.  Our street lights are out, so mum wasn't seen by the neighbours.  Their skip was fullish, and they hadn't put anything further in it all week.  So mum doesn't feel too naughty.

So we are just about to warm the bed up, and mum will plough into her book.  Winter is so good for an evening read.  Enjoy your Sunday everybuddy.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


This is a photo from last Caturday when we had some sunshines.  Our Caturday today is very rainy and quite cold.  Our town is clearing up after the big storm.  Around 30,000 homes lost power, but our house was ok, and the good thing is that nobody got killed.  The other good news is that yesterday was our winter solstice and the shortest day.  So three months of winter to get through and the days will get longer in the climb towards spring.

The mumster and I slept in.  Mum thought that she should brave the rain and rugged up, she headed into the local shops to go to the library to get a pile of books and some more groceries.  She bought a lotto ticket and a subway sandwich for lunch - nice little Caturday treats!!!

So back home with the heater on and a few chores to do round the house.  Mum has a new book to start and I have some snoozing to do.

Friday, June 21, 2013


 Wow was it stormy last night.  They said there were 200km winds blowing through our city. The biggest storm our city has seen since mum was a bubba in her mums tummy, and that was a long long long time ago. Lots and lots of leaves were blown away and all over our back yard.
 The tree on the far right of the pictures had all of its branches blown off, and luckily they didn't land on  the neighbours shed.
Mum has checked in with all of her friends and family and they were all ok which was good.  Lots of her work colleagues lost their power, but nobody was hurt and in fact one girl got engaged to her partner last night, so everything worked out ok.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Super Stormy

Tis super stormy here in the windy city.  The wind is whipping the trees round, the rain is pouring and it is cold.  Probably not the best night to go to the supermarket and walk home after work mum.  Still there is lots of foods in the house now and mum can snuggle up.  She has got the torch out in case the power goes out and might head off to bed soon to snuggle with me.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snuggle In

We have to snuggle in - the weather people say there is a big storm heading north from the South Pole.  Mum has piled the blankies on the bed.  Me - I'm still in love with my bubble blankie.  It keeps me happy to snuggle up on it.  Hope all the kiwis are warm and snuggly wherever in the country they are.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The mumster got in at late o'clock again tonight, so I had to gobble down my feast at 10:45pm.  Hope I don't get gas - cos I'm sharing your bed!!!  Hahahaha

Hope you all got your dinner on time and are relaxing now.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Today it was a sunny morning, and mum and I got out into the garden to pull out some weeds.  Mum says it was most satisfying to get some jobs done.  Then the winds whipped in, it got cold and the rain poured down for the rest of the day.  Good job mum got started early.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

No Outsiding Today

No outsiding adventures today, the rain has been dribbling down all day, so the mumster and I have being doing indoor jobs.  There was a big pile of dishes that have been done and mum made herself a vege stirfry with noodles for dinner.  The heater and television are on, and we are taking it easy.

Last night mum and her bestie went out for dinner.  They went to a Mexican they hadn't been to before.  Mum had the chicken enchiladas which she had been craving for months, they were tasty but a bit dry - they needed some sour cream.  Mum and her friend also got to sit at a strange table, even though there were lots of empty seats.  They forgot to bring mums rice, and didn't come by to ask if they wanted more drinks.  Strange - the girls won't be back in a hurry.

They had thought about going to see the Great Gatsby, but the cinemas  weren't showing it til after 8.30pm, and as it is 2 hours twenty, that is a bit late for mum.  They instead went to a bar where they got a couch to watch the rugby (NZ vs France).  Then mum came home for some reality tv and reading, all good.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, ready for the week ahead.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Sorry about the blurry photo, but it captures what is happening here on Caturday.  It is a bit chilly so we stayed for a while in our cosy bed, and then mum went marketing.  Today it was corriander, tomatoes, carrots, mandarins, lemons and broccoli.  A bit of gardening and a couple of loads of washing.  Then mum is off to meet a bestie and might go and see the Great Gatsby.

Hope you all have a nice Caturday planned.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Mum says that she is really feeling TGIF today.  It has been a busy week and she hasn't had much sleep.  She is ready for the weekend and lots of  relaxing to begin.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Action Shot

Mum laughed when she saw this picture of me jumping.  She says it is good for my ab muscles, and I should more of  it!!  We got to pick up leaves in our garden today, then mum fed me the feast.  Mum made herself a pork chop with some swede/parsnip/carrot mash - good winter foods.

Have a good evening everybuddy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birdie Buffet

If mum has any stale bread, she puts it out for the birdies.  She used to put it on the shed but rats from the neighbours garden used to sneak down and eat it.  So now we leave it out in the front garden.  The birdies seem to like it as it might only take them ten minutes to eat it all.  Big  birds, little birds, black birds and brown birds.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Winter Sleeps

On chilly winter days, sometimes I come and join mum in the living room.  Mum is drying the washing in there too.  Today I packed her off to work, which she said was ok.  She went and got some groceries after work, there was a special on fancy feast tins so bought twenty.  She's going to go back for more later on in the week.

Hope you all had a good Monday too.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Sniffing

I've only been able to go outside and sniff my grass for a short amount of time today, as we have had drizzly rain.  It's not cold though, so that's good.  After my little adventuring, it was time to come back inside and join mum.  She had a heated bagel with sliced up steak on it and lots of fresh salsa for her lunch, and now she has plans to kick back and tackle her book while the washing is being done.

Hope you are all taking it easy!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chilly Caturday

Hi everybudyy, it was a little bit chilly here at chez Q on Caturday.  The mumster and I slept in which was nice.

 Mum went marketing and got corriander, onions, swede, parsnip, feijoas, capsicums and courgettes.  Then mum headed out to browse a couple of shops and then to the supermarket.  All up, she spent about $80 NZ for a weeks food and supplies.  That is about 40 pounds or about 60 US dollars.  She will still have to go back during the week for some more meat and fresh bread.  Groceries are pretty pricey here, with meat and fish hugely expensive which is crazy as we grow our own meat on NZ grass, and are surrounded by oceans.

Mum is pretty proud of herself though, as she decided that this year she would take  her lunch to work every day and not waste money buying it, as it was easy to spend a huge amount of money doing this.  She has made it through to June, and ingrained in herself a good habit that will help with the budgetising.

So a chilly day, and after mum browsed the shops, she came home and put the heaters on.  She read a few pages of her book, and then we both had a wee nap together, spooned on the big bed.  Steak with potato and salsa for dinner for her - and a feast for me.

Hope you are all enjoying your Caturday.

Friday, June 7, 2013

What's On My Whiskers Friday?

Why yes friends that would be a feather.  I caughted my second bird of my life (although mum thinks it may be one that died a natural death from the cold).  Yes that is a feather caught in my whiskers and a bit of bird fluff near my eye.  Four would be the number of times that I bought the bird into the house in my mouth, through the cat door.  Three times mum put it back in the back yard, and the fourth time, it went in the rubbish bin outside.  Farewell little sparrow bird - you lived a good life.

Mum then did some chores, washing, folding , hoovering, and scrubbing getting ready for the weekend.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Snoozability is on the up at the Chez Q.  Mum had to be up early birdish at 5.30am to get to work early again today.  Tomorrow though, we get a lie in which is lovely.  Shift times change, which sometimes makes it hard for mum to get into a good sleep pattern.  Winter helps though, as a snuggly warm bed makes it easy for mum to sleep.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr tis a bit chilly in the city tonight.  We had the big old rains last night, and now we have the chills.  So not much outdoors time for me today, I spent most of the day on our bed, and tonight I am snuggling in in front of the heater with mum.

Hope you are having a cosy warm night if you live in the southern hemisphere with us, or enjoying summer breezes if you are one of our northern friends.

P.S - I may look crabulated in this photo, that is cos the mumster is chasing me around with the camera.  I do not like my photo being taken, I only tolerate it sometimes.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Follow Me's raining cats and dogs outside, so you should follow me and lie down with your book.  You know you want to.................  We can snuggle together for a while!!