Sunday, June 16, 2013

No Outsiding Today

No outsiding adventures today, the rain has been dribbling down all day, so the mumster and I have being doing indoor jobs.  There was a big pile of dishes that have been done and mum made herself a vege stirfry with noodles for dinner.  The heater and television are on, and we are taking it easy.

Last night mum and her bestie went out for dinner.  They went to a Mexican they hadn't been to before.  Mum had the chicken enchiladas which she had been craving for months, they were tasty but a bit dry - they needed some sour cream.  Mum and her friend also got to sit at a strange table, even though there were lots of empty seats.  They forgot to bring mums rice, and didn't come by to ask if they wanted more drinks.  Strange - the girls won't be back in a hurry.

They had thought about going to see the Great Gatsby, but the cinemas  weren't showing it til after 8.30pm, and as it is 2 hours twenty, that is a bit late for mum.  They instead went to a bar where they got a couch to watch the rugby (NZ vs France).  Then mum came home for some reality tv and reading, all good.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, ready for the week ahead.


  1. mmmmmmM! I'm a bit partial to Mexican food...Though l cook my own!

    Just peeping through my Paddington Bear curtains..Bit cloudy, but dry, suns out later, they say...!
    Nice quiet TV day for me! Hopefully!
    Rabbit for dinner! :).

    Have fun now...!!!x

  2. We have LOTS of great Mexican restaurants here, Poppy. Of course, we are only about 130 miles or so from Mexico, MOL!

  3. Sorry about the rain, I hope you needed it. I'm like your mum poppy my bed time is around nine, so it would of been to Kate for me too.
    Stay warm and dry

  4. We could do with some rain. Today it was hot and dusty. So we all stayed on except san who went to get her hair done.

  5. A bar with a couch sounds awesome!! How fun. I don't think we have anything like that here, not as I've seen at least.

    Have a lovely insiding day, ladies!

  6. I find eating out soo disappointing so it's not one of my things I like to do... and as my friends and family say it is usually my meal that gets mucked up...

    Poppy Q looks like she has got her winter coat

    have a good week!

  7. It is raining here too Poppy, so we is all getting our easy on. Mom is watching the whack a ball (golf) and we is having snoozes.

    Have a great evening with mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Mum was taken out for lunch last week to a place she has been wanting to try, Mexican too. The service was OK, food was OK but nothing that makes her want to go back.