Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello June - It's Caturday

Hello Caturday lovers - can you believe it is June already?  We welcomed our first day of winter with mild temperatures and a sunny old day.   Mum got up early bird with me and went to the market and for a walk in the summer.  Today she bought lemons, potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes, feijoas, and bananas.

  She then had to hurry into town for her hairdressing appointment.  Her hairdresser is lovely and mum has been going to her for six years, but she is leaving to travel and have adventures.  Mum knows one of the other girls there though, and might get her to continue cutting and colouring her locks.  Choosing new hairdressers is hard.

A friend was shopping in town, so mum and her met for lunch of a tasty Reuben bagel and then a wee wander around in the sunshine.  They went to a little cinema to see a movie Barbara, which mum would only give a 2/5.  

The winter evening is creeping in, so the heater is on and mum has a roast lamb and potatoes in the oven, with carrots and peas for her dinner.  A few chores will be done and the bed made and maybe a movie will be watched.  Then mum and I will head to bed, and I will snuggle up with her.  She says that she must be getting old as the thought of a cosy bed with clean sheets, a new library book to read and a fat cat seems like the perfect Caturday night.


  1. 1st of June...It's the first day of summer over here Poppy...Suns out in ALL it's glory...Whey-Hey!
    So, l'm having a lazy..lazy day...!

    Goes without saying...You look lovely on the catwalk there Poppy...Or should l say deckwalk...HeHe!

    Have fun now....!!!!x

  2. Poppy, your human probably has it better than my human - she stills goes out in search of fun on Caturday nights, but usually she finds it wanting.

  3. Oooh we all LOVE roast lamb at our house. Dad especially!!!
    Our weather has been hot - about 90 F - the change was pretty sudden so it is hard to adjust. I try to expose my fluffy tum close to where the air conditioner blows.

  4. Sorry the movie was disappointing, but I did take your book recommendation and downloaded the Kindle book, The Light Between Oceans. I will have to break my Jack Reacher marathon to read it but it does sound wonderful so I shall.

    Enjoy your Caturday, ladies!

  5. Hi Poppy, it's looks like nice weathers to be outside in your part of the world, even if it is winter! ?You're looking good as always. Hope your Mum is happy with her new hairdresser when she makes her choice. Enjoy your snuggling and the movie,


    Tasha & Buddy

  6. It sounds like a purrfect Caturday night to me! Sometimes when I'm making my bed in the morning, I sigh and think "How many hours must I get thru before I meet up with you again, Dear One?" It's sad but true!

  7. Hello poppy. Roast lamb and potatoes. Yum! It sounds like a perfect weather to snuggle. Happy caturday! =)

  8. Curling up wif Mom on Saturday - that's the way it should be!!

    While your days get cooler, ours are finally getting warmer.

  9. Sounds like a good day for both Mum and Poppy. Enjoy the sunshine and the cuddles.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. Glad you had a nice first day of winter. Mum agrees with the curling up with a book and cats is a good thing.

  11. We have roast chicken - Miss Abbey is feeling well so cooking dinner - but YUCK that means she is cooking mashed potatoes too. Lucky Poppy Q has Fancy Feast.
    Lovely mild Sunday up here again. Hope in town it was mild too for you girls.
    Love Leanne

  12. I am glad you had good day to start your winter. We are having good weather at last and the Beans got the loungers out and took it easy in the garden. Dad took my blankie out for me too and I relaxed with them.