Thursday, June 13, 2013

Action Shot

Mum laughed when she saw this picture of me jumping.  She says it is good for my ab muscles, and I should more of  it!!  We got to pick up leaves in our garden today, then mum fed me the feast.  Mum made herself a pork chop with some swede/parsnip/carrot mash - good winter foods.

Have a good evening everybuddy.


  1. Oh! My! Poppy...
    You do look bright eyed and bushy tailed...Lovely action shot...!x
    Bet you had a little rest afterwards...!! :). HeHe!

  2. That's a cute photo, Poppy! We bet jumping up was quite the workout!

    Our human really ought to be doing some jumping, to work on HER ab muscles.....

  3. You certainly looked coiled and ready to spring, Poppy Q.

  4. So will you have 6-pack abs? Or maybe an 8-pack? or more, Miss Pops? Perhaps you can take a Zumba class?! haha!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  5. poppy q...GRATE action shot...matter oh fact this shot be THAT good we think yur mum kneads ta give EWE sum pork chop two...nothin like a nice thick chop with a side oh pork chop...seared in butter...with a donut for dee sert...:) yum ~~

    enjoy yur nite !!

    boomer N crew

  6. Great action shot, Poppy Q. You look like you are really concentrating on that jump!

  7. this is so fabulous!!!! super cute and squishy as always ms poppy xxxx