Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Only Tuesday?

Is it truly only Tuesday?  It was sunny out today, so I went and soaked up some sunbeams.  Our old house holds onto the cold and it can be warmer in the garden.  Mum got to have a sleep in with me as she went into work at early o'clock and so didn't have to start her day till 1pm.

Mum then went to the supermarket again tonight.  Three times in four days - does that make her obsessed?  Actually she had forgotten to get toilet paper, and knew she wouldn't have time til the weekend to get any more.  She wasn't sure that two rolls would last her till then.

So a nice sunny day means a cool and frosty night.  Mum and I are getting used to the all night snuggle together.


  1. ooooO! Must'nt forget toilet rolls...
    Goodness that will never dooooo!
    I cut up squares of newspaper, and pin them up...HeHe! Then l've got summat to read....! :).

    Lovely photo Poppy...Penny for your thoughts.....!x

  2. Humans always seem to be forgetting something!

  3. Your mom seems to have lots of energy. Toilet paper is a must. You are looking well P.

  4. The sunbeams must have put you in an obliging mood, Miss Pops! Quite a lovely portrait which you allowed today!

    Enjoy your snuggle time, ladies!

  5. That's such a lovely shot of you, Poppy.

    Our human stocks up on tp like she's OCD or something. ;-p

  6. THat was a good decision. TP is one thing a human does not want to run out of!

  7. We just love to hear what your mommy has been doing! You are looking very lovely, Poppy :)

  8. Oh what a fluffy wuffy you are!
    It is not obsessive going to the food store so frequently as ling as your mum come shone with kitty food. My mum likes to buy her veggies just as frequently.
    Meow, Jessica

  9. poppy Q...hey ya gorgeous...lookin good ...chez Q two !!!

    and toy let paper...yur mum goez ta de store 5 times N still for getz de feest !!

    we dont think her iz obsessed we think her iz two tired frum werkin crazed hours N now her iz for gettin ta feed de kitteh

    ( pree tend like ya dinna get any dinner )

  10. Beautiful photo of Poppy Q enjoying the sunshine.

    Was a crisp clear night in the capital last night - I was frozen by time we got home.
    Love Leanne

  11. You look gorgeous as always, Poppy=our Mommy would love to cuddle you, sweetie!..Happy Tuesday and week ahead, dear friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat.

  12. Only two rolls of toilet paper. Mum buys it by the big packages of 12 and has two of them stack up waiting to be used!

    We know you usually have smaller cold boxes than we do here, so mum tries to only food shop once a week. Mostly for fresh fruits and vegiies. Then a bigger shopping day when she has to stock up on cans of stuff.

  13. Lovely photo Poppy! You look furry happy in the garden.

    Mom says two rolls wouldn't be enough here either.

    Enjoy your snuggle with mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. If your house is chilly, and your mum finds it cold while sleeping, may I recommend a heated mattress pad? I bought one and couldn't do without it. Mine has six settings but have never needed it on more than number two to feel warm and toasty even on the coldest nights. And I'm sure the cats can feel it through the blankets, so you'd love it, too, Poppy Q.