Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hi Caturday lovers.  Did you get out in the sun?  Did you get in 20 hours of snoozing, pester your parents, visit your food bowl ten times,  spend the night glued to your mums side between the covers?  Oh wait - that would be me!!

I let my mum pop out during the day to buy some stuff.  Then she escaped again to go our for a couple of drinks, as mums favourite hairdresser is off to travel overseas.  Now she is home and I'm hoping the fresh sheets go on the bed before midnight.  Two late nights in a row - does she think she is 20 again?

Anyway my friends - enjoy your Caturday!!


  1. Looks lovely and sunny over there Poppy....You should be wearing sunglasses really....HeHe!
    Hot over here to...Though rain on Wednesday...So the 'so called' experts say...!

    And, clean sheets toooo!
    Wow! You won't know yourself....!

    You and Mum have a great weekend...!x

  2. Happy Caturday, sweetie! You can be sure that the Gs did everything on your list, and then some!

    Have another lovely day, ladies! And hope mum gets some extry good naps in, too!!

  3. Tee..heh... I think your mom need many naps as you do : )
    So far I think I hear you and mom have a really good time.
    Happy Weekend, Miss Poppy

  4. Sounds like a good Caturday there, Poppy. Glad your Mum is feeling young and frisky!

  5. It's PAWTY City at your house, Miss Q!

  6. We have the hots here in Oklahoma. We try to remember it is winter where you live. It doesn't really give us much relief! MOL!

    Happy weekend, Poppy and Mom!

  7. Poppy, you need to tell your human to stop galavanting around and be a proper assistant to you!

  8. Sounds like a purrfect Caturday to us!

    No sun this morning, but it is coming out this afternoon. Mom says the guys in green are playing on tv today so we knows it will get loud in here.
    We is no dummies...we'll go hang out in the sunny room, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Happy Caturday, Poppy. It sounds like you had a pretty good day.

  10. We had lots of sleep, so did mum. Ducky warmed her back in the early AM. Lots of noms, sun naps and open windows. She did leave for a bit, but only to bring back her foods and some wine.

  11. We can't go put into the sun 'cause we've got too much sun! It's 117F/47C here with relentless, blistering sun.
    What we'd give for a cool day and moist air to breathe!
    Your day sounds like heaven!