Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chilly Caturday

Hi everybudyy, it was a little bit chilly here at chez Q on Caturday.  The mumster and I slept in which was nice.

 Mum went marketing and got corriander, onions, swede, parsnip, feijoas, capsicums and courgettes.  Then mum headed out to browse a couple of shops and then to the supermarket.  All up, she spent about $80 NZ for a weeks food and supplies.  That is about 40 pounds or about 60 US dollars.  She will still have to go back during the week for some more meat and fresh bread.  Groceries are pretty pricey here, with meat and fish hugely expensive which is crazy as we grow our own meat on NZ grass, and are surrounded by oceans.

Mum is pretty proud of herself though, as she decided that this year she would take  her lunch to work every day and not waste money buying it, as it was easy to spend a huge amount of money doing this.  She has made it through to June, and ingrained in herself a good habit that will help with the budgetising.

So a chilly day, and after mum browsed the shops, she came home and put the heaters on.  She read a few pages of her book, and then we both had a wee nap together, spooned on the big bed.  Steak with potato and salsa for dinner for her - and a feast for me.

Hope you are all enjoying your Caturday.


  1. It's nearly 8:30 over here Poppy...
    The BIG old sun is up and very hot, So it's gonna be a nice day...!

    I do my shop tomorrow, at the local Super-dooper-market!
    Though, l'm off shortly, to pose around a few shops in the next town.!

    You both have a lovely weekend now...!!!x

  2. Your mum always does well with her shopping. It costs our human about the same here for a week's groceries, maybe a bit more if she's buying lots of fresh stuff.

    Food prices have increased enormously in the past couple of years especially. If you go into any of the grocery stores, you'll find the pre-packaged, bad-for-you food far cheaper than fresh produce, meat, cheese, etc. A few grocery stores price-match, though, so if you go in with a competitor's weekly flyer in hand, you can get the same price for an item. It helps!

  3. Nothing nicer than a catnap together, stay warm you two xxx

  4. Self-discipline is a wonderful thing! Well done, you!

    Stay warm, ladies!

  5. Caturday could be better here - I had to do a photo shoot. At least my human bribed me with treats to do it!

  6. Our mom keeps saying she needs to take her lunch to work to say money.

  7. Sounds like a good day for both mum and Poppy! Stay warm and snug both of you.

    Sasha, Sami, Saku & Mom Eileen

  8. I pack Brent's lunch everyday - so much cheaper and he says nicer.
    I'm not one to buy at cafes, can't enjoy my meal knowing what they have charged treated kids and I to a cuppa last time out $12.00. I'm just too scotch to spend that. Instead we buy really nice coffee to have at home...
    Was a nice autumn day up here spent day in garden - raining today which is good for new plants.

  9. Sound like you had a lovely Saturday, Poppy. Just you and mum, enjoy your snuggle time!

  10. LOL!

    I really love this photo!
    Super funny!