Monday, June 3, 2013

Mumster Monday - Winter Edition

 It's a mumster Monday here at chez Q as it is our Queens Birthday holiday.  Mum says yippee!!  I was kind and didn't wake her up for biscuits til 7am, so that let her go back to bed and read her book.  The day was cool and grey and mum felt it should be a budgetising day, not spending any dollars.  She had leftovers for her lunch, and made a leek and potato soup for lunches during the week.  Mum has lots of tv programmes that she has recorded to watch, and a big pile of books to read - perfect for winter.
 Me - I've claimed my spot on mums bed.   That's ok as mum has been cleaning the kitchen, soup making, loading the dryer and the dishwasher and done a spot of gardening.
I like to sleep on her spot on the bed.  Can you see my bubble wrap blankie?  I still likes to sleep on that too.  Mum leaves it on the bed during the day so I can find it.


  1. You do love your bubble wrap, don't you Poppy...Bestest! x

    Still, when you've had a snooze, you can go check the kitchen, see if it's nice and clean!
    Looks o.k. from here!x

  2. Your human must be very capable, Poppy, because it seems like you don't have to supervise her much! I am envious - the moment I leave mine alone, something stupid always happens!

  3. It good to relax while others are busy. That way you won't get in the way and get into trouble. Your a clever kitty

  4. It's always budgetising day here. Dang it. Sounds like a lovely day all the way around. Foods. Books. TV programs. Bubble wrap!!! haha!

    Have a purrfect day, lovely ladies!

  5. poppy q...we hope while yur mum iz in de kitshun her doez knot forget ta fry up sum flounder N mackerull medlee for ewe for lunch for de week; put a snak tray next ta de bed sew ya never hafta leeve de comfort oh be bubble wrap ta get de medlee and leeves de tee vee turned on for ewe sew ewe can watch sum garfield !!

  6. Pawsome, a day with Mum! Sounds like a great way to spend time to us.

    We must talk to our mom about a bubble wrap blanket! MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Nice to have a day off and not do a whole lot of stuff.