Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello Friday Friends

Hello Friday Friends - it's friday evening here, but for some of you it is rise and shine Friday. Welcome to your almost weekend. My Friday friend is a way of introducing my friends and fambly to the funny and entertaining friends we has made blogging.

This week there are three of dem.

Two of dem are sooper cool cats.

The other one is a woofie - he is cool too.

It is my lovely thanksgiving friends The Furry Kids.

Earl Grey is a lovely big mancat who is of course a grey kitty cat. He doesn't love the mummy mushy stuff, but will curl up with her in bed at night. His dad is allowed to carry him around though.

Tazo is a lovely and beautiful speckly girl kitty who likes snuggling with her mommy, kisses and sleeping on top of the covers at night.

Titus is a big handsome woofie who puts up with the 'twins', but loves his mommy the most and follows her around.

They lives in Detroit with their mommy and daddy. Thanks for being my friends furry friends. I look forward to visiting your wonderful blog again.
Poppy Q

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meet a new fambly member

Meet a new member of our extended fambly. My nana Jill needed a new dog to repair a doggie hole in her heart. She went to the local pound and found this little lovie - and guess what her name is......................................
Dats right meet POPPY!!! Poppy the woofie. My mum got to meet her and she says she is a cute,loving and friendly dog, and we can't believe that anyone would lose this lovie and not look and look for her. But dats ok now Poppy, cause you has now got a sooper home with lots of love and an annoying older brudder terrier called Benji.
I is real glad you joined our fambly. Every fambly needs two Poppys.
Poppy Q
P.S sooperstar DAvid Beckham is coming to our city today. So our town might be on your noos tonight!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank you for letting me visit

Thanks friends for letting me come and visit you when my mum was away. You are awesome for opening your homes to me and keeping me amused. I send you all a bunch of summer flowers.

This is where my mum went to: Napier where her family is from. This is one of the councils parks right beside the beach. Mum went to eat her lunch here in the sun a couple of times. Since it might be winter where you are, we thought we would post a picture of what the sun is up to. It is in the southern hemisphere, keeping us warm.
Poppy q

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am home!!

Hiya friends,

I am home now!! My mum wanted to give me cuddles but I showed her that I can run and run. I helped her make her bed though and now it is nite time and I think I will go and curl up on her.

She had a nice break with her fambly, but she was sooper pleased to see me.

Have a nice night/day everycat and bean.

Poppy Q

Monday, November 26, 2007

One more sleep

One more sleep and I get to go home. Thanks to all my nice friends for letting me come and visit you.

Poppy Q

Sunday, November 25, 2007

More visiting

Today I am a popping over to Florida to see the awesomest cat in the world, my very beautiful friend Miss Daisy. I don't know if I am fashionable enough for her, but I will bring some temptations and feather mice, and for her beans gerbera daisys, fresh melons, kiwifruits and some nice fresh asparagus.
Den my great friends at Jans Funny Farm will entertain me. For you guys I will bring some big pink peonies, fresh salmon and strawberries.
See you all soon friends.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The invites keep flooding in

Tanks friends for the lovely invitations to come over and share turkey with yoo.

I has to pop over and see my friends who live with Daisy Mae Maus . I shall bring you some ham and for your beans, some nice New Zealand wines and fresh kiwifruits.

The Furry Kids look like they would enjoy some nice kiwi steak, and for them beans we will bring some seafood and strawberries.
Parker I tinks your fambly would like some tuna, and for your beans I would bring some fresh summer flowers, fresh asparagus and some rasberries.
Thanks for having me over friends while my mum is away - I need a break from the biscuits and the howling of the other visitors at the spa. I luv you all.
Poppy q

Friday, November 23, 2007

Living it up at the Kitty Spa

Damn rotten bean, dropping me here at the kitty spa. Sure smells funny here.

My good friends Beau and Angie has asked me over for turkey. I might just have to sneak out of here. Dat will be really nice.
Then more turkey over at the house of many black cats - thanks guys you rock!! Man my tummy is going to be full.
Mum says her fambly are good and summer has arrived at their place. She had to go and buy summer shoes and a cold drink to survive.
See yoo all soon.
Poppy Q

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back in the PTU

Oh man,

I hate having to go in the PTU. I love to sit in it and sleep - but only when the door is open and I can come and go as I please.

Don't panic - I will only be gone for a couple of days. My mum says she has to go and see the bean fambly for a visit. Dat means I has to go to the stinky cattery.
I will miss you cats and beans and will catch up when I get back.
Poppy Q

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

In case you didn't know what dem great toys were in the last post. Dems feather mousies. I love dem all and don't mind what colour you get the elves to make for me. Dis is what their front ends looks like. Their bottoms looks like feathers.

I only needs one for me to play wif. Could you send the rest to all my kitty friends and to all the kittycats in shelters waiting for homes. Could you send nice beans, to the shelters to give the homeless kitty cats good homes. Ones with lots of loves, and warm legs to lie on at night and cuddles in the morning and lots of stinky goodness.
luv you santa
Poppy Q
Monty Q -I is nice and warm at night. I sleep like dis, between my mums ankles/knees. The weather is getting really nice during the day, but still a bit cool at night. I am glad Monty Q, dat you have a bean to snuggle up next to and keep warm. I hope you has stopped stalking your mombean, and trying to catch her in the nudie rudie.
My mum is pinned to the bed and can't move all night cause I is there. She tinks she is getting arthritis in her hip from having to sleep in one position all night - poor bean!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another nice award from a friend

My friend Ariel gave me this great award. I always knew I was a princess. Thanks Ariel - you are a great friend.
I would like to give this award to a couple of special friends:
  • Jans Funny Farm for Jan looking after and loving her fluffy tribe, and for having time to help out at the local shelter.
  • Parker and her mum for educating us in diabetes month. Great work team.
  • Darling Millie for making every cat cozy with a Gizzy quilt.

All three are awesome and good friends of mine. You all deserve to be a bloggin princess - even if you is a boy.

Poppy Q

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Whats happened to mybloglog? Help - anybody!!

These lovely british shorthairs are from the Aragon Cattery in Australia They have some beautiful kitties on their website.

Now we are having a problem with mybloglog - it seems to not recognize me anymore. When I go to log in it tells me I have to sign up with yahoo. Have you been having troubles? So please don't think I haven't been reading your blogs - it just doesn't recognize me when I visit. I don't really want to sign up with yahoo - what a pain in the number 13.

That means my readership has also dropped - everyone thinks I am ignoring them.

Please help me.

Poppy Q

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Friday Friends

My Friday Friend, is a very special part of Poppy Q. It is where I get to introduce some very special friends to my friends and family - who may not have had an opportunity to meet some of the other great bloggers out there.

This week I has a very special fambly to introduce to you:

Meet the fur fambly from Jans Funny Farm at
They are my special friends as they always has little tales about what they are up to!! Recently we helped a friend by buying some very beautiful Gizzy quilts. Postage to New Zealand was very lots of moneys, so me and my mum chose a very special friend to send them to!!
You see about a month ago, I asked that if any lurkey turkeys wanted to come and say hello to me, they should leave a comment. Miss Jan came and said hello. It was sooper great to meet her and all her furry fambly. (A lurker is someone who reads your blog, but doesn't comment - we know you are out there. We all start out as lurkers, and then we stop being shy and come and say hello).
Thanks for being my new friends, you funny farm.
Poppy Q

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dis is Angel Puss

Dis is Puss, mums cat b4 me. Today we was thinking about her and how she was such a good girl. We know she is waiting and watching over me and mum, and whispering in my ear and telling me how to be a good kitty.

Thank you Puss, for training my mum and looking after her. Now, it's my turn.
Poppy Q

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sophiekitty part trois

My newest sooper dooper friend, Sophiekitty is going to get a blog!!! Yippee - her mom thought it would be a good idea for her to join the blogging community. Sophiekitty, miss Daisy and many other celebrity cats would love to hear about you.

Now she can't start for a while, as her mommie/secretary has a cast on her arm. Dat's ok - it gives you time for your beans to take lots of pictures of you. You need to keep your friends up to date with your activities, so you will find the paparrazzi stalking your every waking/sleeping move. Make sure you get paid in temptations for every photo!!!

Dis is another picture from Rachel Hale, Sophiekitty I bet you looked cute like this when you was a little kitty cat.
Poppy Q

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sophiekitty came and said Hello!!!

Sophiekitty came and said hello after last nights blog. I sure was pleased to meet you sophie kitty and glad to know that you didn't mind me making a special post about you, my new friend.

Just to encourage your secretary to start your blog I thought I would list some facts about blogging:
  • You meet lots of cool cats and beans.
  • You learn dat photo sessions are fun, and you might get paid like the celebrity Miss Daisy, in temptations.
  • It does require some commitement, you just have to find some time to write on your blog.
  • You can write every day, or once a week. You just have to be regular!!
  • It is a good idea when you start, to introduce yourself and say hello in the comments of other kitty bloggers. Dat is how other cats know you are out there.
  • If you have a cool cat friend, like me - I would introduce you to my friends and let the cat blogosphere know you has arrived.
  • A blog is a good way of letting friends and family know what is happening in your life.
  • It's pretty easy. If my bean can handle it, you can do it too!!

Your newest friend.

Poppy Q

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello Sophiekitty you sure is pretty

Hello Sophiekitty. I stole this teeny weeny picture from your profile. I knows you comes and visits me and my blog quite often. If you has a profile, why doesn't your bean help you write on your blog? It is easy peasy, and you meet so many new and special friends. If you would like me to help you - just leave a comment.
I has been trying to find out who you is - but no luck. You look like such a cute kitty and my bean sure does love a cute tabby cat. So wherever in the world you is Sophiekitty, tanks for dropping by and visiting with me. I hope we has made you smile!!
Your new friend.
Poppy Q

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello Sunday

Dis is another Rachel hale photo. Mum likes dis one cause it looks like me.

Has a nice sunday everycat and bean. Mum has to work and I will be busy guarding the house.

Poppy q

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Monty Q came back!!

Yahooooooooooooooo Monty Q is home. He just tried to escape, but all our purrs bought him home!!

Dis cute picture is from a kiwi photographer called Rachel Hale. You can find her website at Even though I am beautiful enough to be in this lovely picture, these are special model cats, and mum says she could not afford this kind of portrait of me.

Have a nice weekend everycat and bean.

Poppy q

Friday, November 9, 2007


MONTY Q IS MISSING- Please come home to your fambly Monty Q - they miss you!!

Dis is a photo of him - if you sees him at your house please send him home (to America). His beans are lookin everywhere for him. We is sending a thousand warm hugs and belly kisses across the ocean.
Our local lost and found pet advice is to : Make some fliers, drop dem in every letterbox around where you live. Ring da SPCA and local shelters, and if your pussy cat has runned away outside, make a big poster and put it on your front fence as a nice neighbour might abduct you and feed you, even though your fambly is looking for you. My mum also got me a microchip, so if I got lost they could scan me at the vet (like at the supermarket) and know who my mummy was. It didn't hurt I promise!!!
I is too upset to do My friday friend dis week because of my missing friend. YOu will has to wait til next week. Come home soon Monty Q!
Poppy q

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hey Lurkey Turkey

Ages and ages ago, back when the blog was new. I asked if any of my lurkers (lurkey turkeys) would like to come and say hello. A lurker is someone who reads your blog, but doesn't comment. We know that there are a few of you - I can see you on my map!!!

Only one sweet soul came forward. That was Jan, who apparetntly lives on a very funny farm. Dis week we made them a very happy farm, by sending them a present, that also made another friend happy. This is a great week - we has made lots of friends happy. If you go to Jans place you can see why thems is all happy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Are you stuck for christmas presents?

Thanks for the concern about me on fireworks nite. I finally came in and sat with my mum. This is inky the pukekho bird. He runned away from his home on Tuesday night, as he got scared by the fireworks. We is keeping an eye out for him, so we can ring his beans if we sees him.

Are you once again pondering what to get folks for christmas?

Well I will let my mum tell you that the best ever present she got, was a goat. Not for her, we don't have the room. But it was for a family in Africa that could use the goat for milking or for making goat babies or sell for money. It was through a charity site like this one (this is the new zealand oxfam site) it is only $45 NZ ($35 US) for a goat. Or you could get two chickens for $12 NZ ($9 US). You order what you want : toilets, buckets, training for farmers, wells bikes etc....... They have 52 different gift ideas. Then they send the person you are giving the gift to a card - or they send them to you so you can write in them. Don't panic mum says - they don't actually send you a goat!! Imagine the postage - trying to send it to Africa?

Poppy Q

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Have you met my friend Jan?

You should click this post to go and visit with my friend Jan.

She's telling a very special story this week. It's about our Sunday post - friends helping friends.

I'll let her funny farm tell the story.

Poppy q

Monday, November 5, 2007

Mums night out

Mum left me alone a couple of night this weekend. I was ok - I just snoozed.

Saturday night she went to see a movie called "Venus" with peter O'toole. It was about an old geezer who falls in lust with his friends niece. There were a couple of rude words, but mum said she was pleasantly surprised. Also she thinks she might of been the youngest in the movie theatre - that doesn't happen often.

Last night she went to see Deb Webber who is a medium. She is on a show called "sensing murder", which mum loves to watch, about real life murder cases in New Zealand. The mediums ask the dead people to help solve their murders. 1/2 her live show is going round the audience and doing readings. The other 1/2 she answers questions from the audience. Mum has never been to something like that before. Deb said nice things about pets, they hang around you , just like your family and are waiting for you when you die. That's good - mum will love being in heaven as a cat lady.

Tonight is Guy Fawkes night - which means fireworks. Which means mum wants me inside, which means I won't come in at all. Keep safe kiwi, aussie and pommie cats who might be celebrating guy fawkes too.

Poppy q

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I helped a friend in need by helping help another friend. Friendship is a circle - it goes round and round.

Poppy Q

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good news

Good news in the Poppy q house.

Mum has submitted her last assignment for the year. It is also the last assignment for her masters degree. Boy she hopes she passes. Now she is mine, all mine.

Silly mummy took on some extra work. So she has to do two more papers next year. But now she is on holiday for the summer. Yippppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Now mum needs some sleep. Good I get to go to bed too, move over mum that side of the bed is mine.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A Special My Friday Friend

Dear Miss Peach,

I am devoting this weeks My Friday Friend to you. I know you have featured before, but you deserve another special spot.

You have been such a special friend to so many of us. You have invited us to tea at your house and showed us around your beautiful garden. But now as the days grow colder, I am glad that you have got to snuggle inside with your mum Karla and your lapdaddy.

I know that this week has been the hardest of weeks for you all. Your tummy doesn't want nourishment anymore and I know you feel weak. But you still want to purr, and cuddle with your beans. A snuggle on your blue blanket gives you comfort and the smell of white roses has sent you to sleep. Still in your quiet time, you have found time to visit us and give us comfort, you have shared your pretty kitty art. Best of all you have shared the story of Cricket the puppy - who got rescued because his new mummy was inspired by you. See Miss Peach we never know who's lives we touch with our little blogs.

Today I know you and your beans are off to the vet. Be brave sweet friend and I hope you find some comfort soon. Your mommy will be there the whole time, so don't be scared.

My mummy and I will send you the summers warmth and a thousand hugs and sunflowers across the pacific ocean.

We love you Miss Peach.

Your friends

Poppy Q and mum Q

Update : Miss Peach has got some medicines from the nice vet, to make her more comfortable. She is now at home snuggling with her beans again. That is good news Miss peach.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Going on a road trip

I'm off on a wee road trip around the States with my mates Daisy, Millie and the gang. We're off to visit our friend Luxxie. I just need to pack my favourite green scarf, and a few other things.................................................

Is there room in the car? Are you sure?

Apparently there is a red double decker bus, and so many of my furriends on board already (22 cats so far).
Monty Q do you really has to sing like that?

Poppy Q