Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Have you met my friend Jan?

You should click this post to go and visit with my friend Jan. http://jansfunnyfarm.blogspot.com/2007/11/package.html

She's telling a very special story this week. It's about our Sunday post - friends helping friends.

I'll let her funny farm tell the story.

Poppy q


  1. Will go over and say howdy!

    ...after MomBean stops squealing at your picture. Yes, yes, Poppy is adorable...

  2. Hi, Poppy,

    We just posted a hint as to what was in the package. To find out, folks will have to follow the clues on our website.

    After folks figure out what was in the package, we'll post pictures of our group enjoying our surprise.

    You and your mom are so sweet, Poppy Q. Millie and her mom too. We can't believe anyone can keep a secret THAT long!

    Jan's Funny Farm residents

  3. Hi Poppy Q! I "popped" over to see what was going on at Jan's, but then I got shy (yes, me, shy ...) :)

  4. Your friends has lots of kittiens and doggies at home~!
    That's amazing~!

  5. Hey Poppy! It's nice to come and visit you again. Last week was hard having to take a break and all. I'm so happy to be back!