Monday, March 31, 2014

March End

We can't believe it is the last day of March already.  Some of the days have been slow, but the month has marched on by.  Mum did intend to have a quiet day at home with me today, but the builders came round for a bit of tending to the front of the house, so there was lots of bangs and saws and all kinds of noise that fellows make when they are trying to be busy.  They either haven't been round for a while, or mum has worked during the day and missed them.  She did have to tell them that she is on night shift for the next couple of days and would appreciate some sleep.  They don't seem to have a set plan for when they are coming round, and do not give mum any notice.  So far it hasn't been too annoying, and mum knows that they are just trying to make the most of the mild weather.

Anyways, she thinks they must have disturbed some mousies under the house, as I have had my butt under the deck for most of the evening.  Mum had to go outside and call and call for me to come in.  So I popped in, and ate some biscuits and rushed outside.  Some hot date with my mousie nest mum thinks, or the skinny neighbour cat - who knows!!

Hope you have all had a good start to your week too!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sleepy Sunday

Hope you caught up on your ZZZZs this sleepy Sunday.  Mum and I had a lovely sleep in.  She got up and had eggs on toast, and then met a bestie.  They ventured out to the suburbs to have a wander around a large mall, which mum usually only does once a year.  Lots and lots of sameness there, same funny coloured clothes which seemed pricey for what they were, and lots of shops selling the same junky stuff, none of which enticed mum to part with any dollars.  She said though that it was great people watching, and a good stretch of the legs.

So we are spending our evening relaxing and taking it easy here.  Hope you are all doing the same and recharging for the week ahead.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Garden Growing Caturday!!!

Look at how our little garden is growing!!  Lots of vegetables.  Technically it is the landlords garden, but we are keeping an eye on it for them.  Not so much sunshine for the greens today, it was cloudy and mum pulled out the winter clothes to wear as the wind kept it quite cool.

 She had an early start, as there were lectures from 9am-1pm. She said it was nice to see some familiar faces that she had worked with years ago, lots of the girls still work locally, but they don't get a chance to see each other often.    Then she was free to wander into town and do some window shopping, and walk home to get some exercise into her day.  It is always good people watching, and mum likes to see what people are wearing and where they are eating.   Then it was a pleasant afternoon and evening of relaxing at home.  She made home made burgers for dinner, but was a bit disappointed as the buns were a bit stale, so they will go out into the garden to feed the birds, and the lettuce she bought a couple of days ago was beyond rescuing.  I however was very happy with my fancy feast - it hit the right spot indeed.

We hope you all had a great Caturday too.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hip Hip

Hip Hip hooray it's finally Friday!!!  The mumster was on call last night and had a late night and a morning visit to the hospital, so she got to spend most of the day with me.  She had lots of good intentions, and then did next to nothing.  Oh well - it saves money that way.  The day was nice, so the sheets at least got washed and hung out to dry.  (I can watch the back yard from my little garden seat).

We hope you all have lots of fabulous plans for your weekend, and if you have lots of chores, make sure you plan something fun to do as well.  Mum has to get up early on Caturday to go and do some study all morning long, but she is going to make sure she has some fun the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blue skies

We are enjoying our blue skies while they last.  This is the view from our kitchen/back deck.  We look across some rooftops to what is called the town belt, an area of protected bush and trees that is a nice green hilly area, where they won't ever build buildings.  If we could climb way upstairs, on top of the upstairs flat we might even be able to view the harbour.  Luckily both of us hate heights, so that won't be happening.

It is almost the weekend - mum is well pleased.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back Door

This is an older photo of before the backgarden was groomed a bit, but it shows you the steps I go up to get onto the little deck.  I then have my cat door directly into the living room.  Our house is very little, so mum hears me come in and out.  As well as giving me some freedom, she feels at least is there were a fire or something happen at home, I could run out.  As I am scared of strangers, I usually run out the door, and under the stairs, under the house.

Hope you all have a hidey hole to feel safe in too.

Mum worked late tonight, so I only got my feast at late o'clock.  It was windy and wet as she came home, so she says it feels homely to come inside and find me napping on her bed.  So after a chat and a snuggle it is off to bed for us.

Night night.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Back to Business

So it was back to business this morning.  The alarm was a buzzing at around 5.30am and the mum was off for an early start which was good.  Early starts mean early finishes, and as the day was sunny mum went off for a wee walk after work, and got some tasty groceries on the way home.  So I was outside waiting for her which made her smile when she arrived home.

She made a tasty dinner for me (some fancy feast), and a big bowl of butter chicken and rice and broccoli for her dinner.  She has lots of leftovers too, which is good as she has some for her next shift at work and lunch another day.  She likes the plan of only having to cook a few times a week, that means less dishes and more time for relaxing.

She still has a cough and a big headache but is glad that she is feeling much better.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chilled Out Sunday

The mumster and I chilled out today.  She moved from her  bed to the couch and not much imbetween, as her germs were still stuck.  She had some laryngitis this morning and a tickle in her throat this afternoon.  Lots of vitamin c and drinking of water was taken.  A book was read and tv watched.  I lay out in the sun, and inside on the carpet, keeping up my nursing duties.  Now - well I am lying on the bed.  Like a good cat.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Caturday Casual

Hi Caturday lovers, we hope the day has been good to you all.  We loved having a sleep in this morning, and the mum dosed herself up with some coldral flu medication, so that she could get some jobs done.  It was all local stuff, but a visit to the post office, the tailors to pick up some jeans she needed hemming, a quick library stop, a visit to the market and then the supermarket for meat and bread meant she had to sleep off the afternoon on the couch.  It really took it out of her, but she was glad to get out and about and get some fresh air.

This evening has been leisurely also.  Mum gave me some feast and even though she had stocked up on lots of fruit and veg, she just cooked herself some sweet corn for dinner, as her taste buds have still disappeared.  
She has so many good books to read that an early night will be in order again.  Such a tough life we know.

Enjoy your Caturday everybody.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Garden Helper

Mum spent the day at home again today.  She felt full of flu and spent the morning in bed til lunchtime.  This afternoon she got up to shower and I helped her quickly in the garden, inspecting the garden beds to tell her which ones to water.  Her headache and stuffiness forced her onto the couch and she put her feet up and watched some television.  She made avocado and tomatoes on toast for her lunch and put some fish in the oven for her dinner, with a tasty parmesan and bread crumb crust on top.  The pity was that she was unable to taste much of it.  She is trying to make an effort to decrease her sugar intake/processed food and increase her vegetable intake.  Hopefully there will be lots to get at the local food market tomorrow.

She had been looking forward to going and see some friends this evening, but she didn't want to give anybody else these germs.  She does have a couple of jobs to get done on Caturday so will try and get an early night tonight and not sleep in too long tomorrow.

Hope you all have had a lovely Friday too.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Take a Peek

So the mumster knows that it must be nearly flu jab season, as she has got her first bug of the year.  She came home last night and felt all stuffed up and with lots of aches including a large headache.  A lem sip and an early night were in order last night, but she still felt under the weather today so spent the day at home.  She is very aware of not passing on any bugs to others at the hospital.   It has been a good five months since the last bug, but the past couple of years she seems to have picked up lots of them.

While at home she was reading retro mummy blog who was talking about doing a peek test.  It is free and you go on and send them your blog address and email, and they send back a 5minute or so video review of what they think of your blog.  Interesting stuff.  Mum was amused by hers, as the man who did it was a dog lover, but will be sure to pass Poppy Q onto his sister who loves cats.  It made her smile.

We hope they have found that plane, give those poor families a chance to grieve and finally find out what happened to those poor people.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Another day at work for mum and another day of patrols and snoozing for me.  A feast for tea and an evening in the garden, as it was warm and cloudy tonight.  Mum watered all the little plants, took a nap,  and cooked some lamb chops + sweet potatoes + peas for her dinner.  I didn't share as I don't do the people food.

So we are off for a night of snoozing - hope you have a relaxing Tuesday too.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patricks Day/ Happy Birthday Bud

Happy St Patricks Day to you all!!  I hope you all had some green treats today.  Happy Birthday to our handsome nephew Bud - who is a grown up 16 years old today!!  Me I got to sit outside on the green grass as the weather was nice and warm.

We can't believe it is the start of another week already!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sleepy Sunday

A lot of Sunday was spent like this.  The tail end of the downgraded cyclone hit us this afternoon, with steady rain since 4pm and the wind is picking up now.  A lot of it missed our city, but other towns are being pummelled tonight.  Mum managed to clear a lot of space on the DVR and had a lovely sleep in.  I got my feast at 6pm and was in bed by half past ready for my post digestion snooze.

We have enjoyed having a quiet weekend, a time to relax and catch up on some rest.  Hope your Sunday is just as restful.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello Caturday

Hello my Caturday buddies.  Can you see what we  mean about the gravel being the giantist dirt box in the world?  We think the landlords might have to put some pavers down before all the neighbourhood kitties find out.

The rain has started tonight, but it is still quite warm.  Mum and I had a quiet day at home, although mum did pop out for a few hours to visit with a bestie, most of the time was spend pottering.  Tomorrow we have plans to just sit on the couch and relax - perfect Sunday things.

Hope you are all relaxing and enjoying your Catuday.  Wishing you sunshine wherever you are.

Friday, March 14, 2014

New Garden

These are the new garden beds in our back garden.   The landlady has filled them with lettuce and broccoli and all things green.  They have pulled up the scrabbly grass, and put some gravel down.  The only thing is mum thinks that I am now using that as a mega dirtbox, and it is enticing neighbour cats over too.  So she may have to suggest to the landlords that they put some sort of pavers down on top, otherwise it is going to get super stinky fast.

Picture from NZ Herald.  NZ is made up of two main islands, and we live at the bottom of the North Island.

We are still on cyclone watch.  Mum has charged all the batteries, checked the torch and candles are ready.  The fridge is full, so she doesn't have to go out all weekend.  We will keep  you posted.

Hope you are all ready for your Caturday and another fabulous weekend.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


On all of our news reports, we are told that bad weather will be here for the weekend.  A rather large cyclone is going to head down to NZ from Fiji.  There will be lots of wind and rain, which I guess it much better than snow and freezing like many of our Northern Hemisphere friends.

Mum has been to the supermarket and got some nice soups and things for dinner, and treats and feast for me.  She made a nice chicken salad for her dinner tonight and has some for lunch tomorrow.  She got a pile of library books and has some programmes to watch on the DVR, so will be ready for keeping the pyjamas on at the weekend.

Hope you are all preparing for your weekends too - getting your snooze on!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ok Now

Thank you for all of your concern about last nights lost in the duvet experience.  I am not scarred by getting stuck - I am totally back in business now.  Smooches.

Monday, March 10, 2014


The mumster worked late tonight.  When she got home she heard me crying in the bedroom.  Crying you ask?  What was wrong?  Well you see - when I get stressed I jump up and usually hide under the quilts.  Somehow tonight I got up under the duvet cover and got stuck at the top of the bed, unable to get out.  Mum does wonder how many hours I had been stuck there.  I was glad to get out and get my feast eaten.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Psychic Sausages

This morning the sun looked promising, so I soaked up some rays and had a little roll around on the seats outside.  In fact the whole day turned out pretty nice.  Mum spent the morning pottering, but the builders turned up just before midday so she took off for a bit of a walk around, and I took off under my deck again.

A lovely evening spent at home.  Mum gave me a feast and made some sweet potatoes, peas and sausages for her dinner.  She did laugh when she rang her dad tonight, he had sausages too.  They often end up synchronised with their meals, she thinks that her mum must whisper in their ears when they are sleeping.  Gdad doesn't believe in being psychic, but mum is beginning to think that they are getting food messages from above.

Enjoy your Sunday everybuddy.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Caturday Kitties

Hi there Caturday Kitties, hope you are all having fun just hanging out.  The mumster didn't move too far from home today, as she didn't feel too good this morning, a wee tummy upset is all and she feels good now.  She did some dishes, and hoovered the rugs, and I did some Caturday hiding as the builder was round here and the neighbours were doing lots of hammering too.  So I was all discombobulated and hid under the house, til the saws stopped and then I came in and hid under the quilts.

The mum went out and got some groceries and cooked herself a Thai green curry for dinner and opened a feast for me.  There was watermelon and a movie on the DVR, and soon it will be time for book reading and snuggling on the bed.  All is good.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Mum was on a mission today.  You see she is down to her final few pairs of pants, and they are all short and not ideal  for the chilly weather coming.  Boy, it is quite the mission to find pants here.   You see everyman and his shop has fully embraced the skinny trend and apparently they only make pants for folks who are over 6 foot tall - not many for curvy shorties like mum.  So she frequented many a shop and dangled many of the pants in front of her, and even tried a few on.

Eventually she settled on a pair to bring home and try with her tops to see if they went well.  She did see a couple of pairs on Thursday, so might go back and give those a try too.  That way she will be keeping her ankles warmer as the weather cools.

We guess the NZ market is pretty small, so most ranges only sell long pants, that mum always has to take up  and never look quite right, as they don't go in at the right places.   Still luckily mum can make do with just a couple of pairs, and mix them up with a variety of tops.

So I am snoozing on the quilt now, and mum thinks she will hit the pillows soon.  She has a good book to start, The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths .    Mum says there is something special about curling up in a warm bed with a good book - with a fat pussy cat (chubby mum not fat) between her knees.  Another busy Friday night at our house.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Mum has lots to be thankful today:

  • Thankful that she had enough spare change in her wallet to treat her colleagues to cream buns for afternoon tea, on a busy long day.
  • Thankful for the nice bus driver who said that everyone on the bus got their short ride for free this afternoon.
  • Thankful to the nice man at the supermarket who gave mum a good pen after mum let him go ahead of her in the line (he was only buying three lightbulbs).  Mum loves a good pen.
  • Thankful that the sun was shining finally after a long week of rainy/cloudy weather.
  • Thankful that I was still at home as the builders were around doing things at the front and back of the new place.  That meant I was under the deck the whole day waiting for them to go.
  • Thankful that tomorrow is Friday and mum gets three days off to go and do some good stuff.
Hope you all find some things to be thankful for today.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Due to the winter snap starting as soon as our summer was officially over, we have had to layer up the bed and put some feathery quilty things back on the bed.  Of course my job was as snoopervisor and to check out each part of the quilt is up to my standards.

Last night, mum made a roasty chicken with sweet potatoes and peas for dinner, a good hearty feed.  Soup and toast has been organised for the following week day lunches - yummy.  A big pile of fancy feast has been brought in to keep me satisfied.  In fact mum says with a supermarket two minutes walk away, it is hard to avoid being there every day.

Mum doesn't feel so exhausted today as she got a good nights sleep last night.  I did still wake her up this morning at birdy o'clock.  Birdy o'clock is about 5am when the neighbourhood birds wake up chirping and are frisky around the place.  It wakes me up for an hour or two, before I fall back into bed all tired from having my eyes open too long.

Hope you are all having a rocking Tuesday.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Mum has been feeling very tired the past couple of days, but she does know it is due to a couple of factors. She would love to say it is from lovely nights out, but she is putting it down to doing night shift last week, working the weekend and a couple of birdy o'clocks.  You see it seems to her that she leaves some biscuits in my bowl when she heads to bed.  She thinks I get up for a midnightish snack, and then I wake up with the birdies around 5am.  Then I come to her room and cry and cry til she gets up and feeds me.  Then, like this morning, I run back to bed, climb all over her and try to sleep a deep sleep, and get annoyed when she gets up to go to the shower.  That's her theory anyways.

Mum does try to maintain a bit of a routine, but every work day she is up at a different time depending on what shift she is working.  For example this week her start times are 08:30, 09:00. 07:45 and 08:00.  Next week there will be a couple of afternoon shifts and some of the nights she will be on call, so each day she gets up at a different time, and that seems to upset the body clock a bit, especially as she has got older.

Anyway it is getting late here, so time for us girls to get some more snoozing done.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Chillin

So the mumster went to work again today.  She said it was awfully tempting to roll over and forget about the alarm going off at 6am, as it was warm and cosy in our bed.  However mum has to pay the bills, so off she went.  It was ok, it had busy patches but went fast.  Sometimes if she works Sat/Sun she will get some days off, and it is always nice to have the Monday/Tuesday off after working, but this time she had the Thursday/Friday off before.  Mum knows then, that this will be a long week, so she has made plans for her dinners to be quick and easy this week, she has a pile of good books and some good shows to watch and will try and take it easy.

Me - well I take it easy every day.   It is 10:30pm and I have already been in bed since 7pm.  Only another 9 hours napping til breakfast.

Happy snoozing everybuddy.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello March Caturday

Hello March.  It was a cold night here in the capital city.  Luckily I got to pin mum to the bed by planting myself between her knees all night.  She had a busy day at work, and was glad to come home to some relaxing.  A nice home made Pizza was dinner and a bit of chilling on the couch.  She had a few recorded movies to watch, and decided on Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which she hasn't watched in years.

So now the evening is drawing to  a close and mum is determined to get an early night, as she has to work again tomorrow.  She senses it will be a busy one tomorrow, but that's ok the day goes faster that way.

I showed my mum that I was finding my way around the front garden by walking her out on her way to work.  She was pleased to see that I did not wander far away, and found somewhere safe to sit and watch the neighbourhood.  I often like to walk her out, and have done it at the other two places we have lived at.  Mum flatted with a girl years ago, and her kitty would walk with her to the hospital and sit across the road in a garden, and wait for her to finish work and then walk her mum home.  So cute.

So enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.