Monday, March 31, 2014

March End

We can't believe it is the last day of March already.  Some of the days have been slow, but the month has marched on by.  Mum did intend to have a quiet day at home with me today, but the builders came round for a bit of tending to the front of the house, so there was lots of bangs and saws and all kinds of noise that fellows make when they are trying to be busy.  They either haven't been round for a while, or mum has worked during the day and missed them.  She did have to tell them that she is on night shift for the next couple of days and would appreciate some sleep.  They don't seem to have a set plan for when they are coming round, and do not give mum any notice.  So far it hasn't been too annoying, and mum knows that they are just trying to make the most of the mild weather.

Anyways, she thinks they must have disturbed some mousies under the house, as I have had my butt under the deck for most of the evening.  Mum had to go outside and call and call for me to come in.  So I popped in, and ate some biscuits and rushed outside.  Some hot date with my mousie nest mum thinks, or the skinny neighbour cat - who knows!!

Hope you have all had a good start to your week too!!


  1. My human is bummed that she spent the last week of the month with a horrid stomach bug. She got so far behind on her work.

  2. Sounds as though the builders over there are much the same as over here Poppy!x
    Turn up when they feel like like it.
    Usually work from 12-1:00, with an hour for lunch...! HeHe!

    ooooO! What luck...Mousies!
    Have fun.......!x

  3. Poppy, sounds like you have some serious work ahead of you to rid the place of mousies! srsly.

  4. That's funny, it's the end of March in the northern hemisphere, too... But here, in southern Alberta, winter is hanging on. It's cold and blustery, with snow. What happened to spring?

  5. Oh, possible mousies, how exciting! We wish you luck catching one.

    We also wish your mum quiet days for sleeping!

  6. We hope your mum gets some peace and quiet. We hope you get a mousie!

  7. Workmen can be good except when you need to sleep! Hope you got a mousie

  8. poppy Q....time ta take a feast brake N seer up sum mouz fill ayes....fry em up long witha side oh sum greenz...N yur all set....purrhaps ewe could even leeve yur mum one ore two for all her hard werk


  9. Such a lovely spring day here too. Mum started off working at home. Which I find a little fun and a little upsetting to my sleep routines. With the windows open we heard the...... You guessed it. The builders working on the house next door and the apartment. Utilizing across the street. Meow, Jessica

  10. Oooh Poppy...if you catches a mousie will you share it with mum?

    We hope the builders let mum get some sleep.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku