Sunday, March 9, 2014

Psychic Sausages

This morning the sun looked promising, so I soaked up some rays and had a little roll around on the seats outside.  In fact the whole day turned out pretty nice.  Mum spent the morning pottering, but the builders turned up just before midday so she took off for a bit of a walk around, and I took off under my deck again.

A lovely evening spent at home.  Mum gave me a feast and made some sweet potatoes, peas and sausages for her dinner.  She did laugh when she rang her dad tonight, he had sausages too.  They often end up synchronised with their meals, she thinks that her mum must whisper in their ears when they are sleeping.  Gdad doesn't believe in being psychic, but mum is beginning to think that they are getting food messages from above.

Enjoy your Sunday everybuddy.


  1. I've just got back from the Supermarket Poppy!x
    I'm having coffee and dough~nuts....
    ooooops! there goes some more sugar in the keyboard...Still! Keeps my messages 'sweet'. HeHe!

    And...The sun's out in all it's glory...Had breakfast out on the patio at seven...Really nice..!
    Settle down later for a bit of footy...! :>).

  2. We laughed at the psychic sausages. :-D

    BTW, our human does love sausage! She doesn't eat them often, but oh, yum! (Her dad is German and she grew up eating all these yummy, unhealthy foods. Ha.)

    Oh, and we do want to know what the builders are doing, what the plan for the back space is! We hope to see photos when the work is all done!

  3. I don't know about phychic but my sisters and I quite often align... be it choosing the exact same gift wrap, cards, colors, food, books, movies, music... it's definitely something, yes?

    Have another lovely day, ladies!

  4. Hee hee hee psychic sausages. That's cute. I hope your builders get finished soon so you can have some peace and quiet.

  5. Just WHAT are they building in your back yard? Raised beds I hope.

  6. That's so funny. Our Mommy and her MIL say the same thing!

    Looks wonderful there Poppy. We hope you had a great Sunday.

  7. I read my human's mind all the time... but I don't let her know that.

  8. Did you get a taste of the psychic sausages Poppy? Mom says probably not cuz they is not so good for kitties.

    Enjoy your sunshine!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. We HAD to see right away what in the world "psychic sausages" were! Poppy, you are a HOOT.

  10. Ha, ha, psychic sausages! Hope you got to taste.


  11. They have a lot of building stuff in your back garden! I hope they plant some gress!