Friday, March 7, 2014


Mum was on a mission today.  You see she is down to her final few pairs of pants, and they are all short and not ideal  for the chilly weather coming.  Boy, it is quite the mission to find pants here.   You see everyman and his shop has fully embraced the skinny trend and apparently they only make pants for folks who are over 6 foot tall - not many for curvy shorties like mum.  So she frequented many a shop and dangled many of the pants in front of her, and even tried a few on.

Eventually she settled on a pair to bring home and try with her tops to see if they went well.  She did see a couple of pairs on Thursday, so might go back and give those a try too.  That way she will be keeping her ankles warmer as the weather cools.

We guess the NZ market is pretty small, so most ranges only sell long pants, that mum always has to take up  and never look quite right, as they don't go in at the right places.   Still luckily mum can make do with just a couple of pairs, and mix them up with a variety of tops.

So I am snoozing on the quilt now, and mum thinks she will hit the pillows soon.  She has a good book to start, The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths .    Mum says there is something special about curling up in a warm bed with a good book - with a fat pussy cat (chubby mum not fat) between her knees.  Another busy Friday night at our house.


  1. Poppy!x I have just spilt some tea down my lap....HeHe!
    My mind is running riot....Well! Well!
    So! To~days topic is Mum's under...under...under...mmmmM! :>).

    So! When you wake up..Tell buy small size 'Passion~Killers' and stitch them together..two small large...! :>).

    At least you don't have bother with such things...

  2. I feel your frustration with pants but my issues are at the opposite end of the issue. I can never find them long enough. I actually only have one pair of jeans that fit properly but they are of the baggy legs variety and not my favorite. Still, they do fit at the waist, hips and length and that is usually more than I ever get so I'll live eith a cut I'm nor fond of.

    Enjoy curling up with your book, ladies!

  3. That's typical of me Poppy!x
    One tract mind...Of course! Of course! When you said 'pants'..I thought...'pants'...Not pants as in trousers...! :).
    Please apologise to Mum...Silly Willie! HeHe! :>)

  4. Oh, Ms. Julie I feel your pain. At only 5'2", everything is too long. Do you have QVC network in Oz? I now buy all my clothing online . The have their own brand Denim & Co., that fits perfectly and has all sizes in petite length. Jeans, black twill, and khakis and more!

    Oh and I LOVE Ruth Galloway mysteries and didn't know she had a new one. It won't be released until March 11 here in the States but I already pre ordered it--thanks!!

    Christine and herd

  5. Oh oh, did I use the wrong term? Is Oz New Zealand or Australia? So sorry if I got it wrong!!

  6. Poppy, aren't you glad we kittehz don't have to bother with such things as pants? We are too!

    We hope you and Mom have a great weekend!

  7. We're glad we don't have to worry about pants that fit...or not.

    Our human has great difficulty because she's very short, heavy through the thighs, and it's hard to get the right fit, even in petite sizes. We have a chain store here called Northern Reflections and they carry ONE style of pant that fits our human well. :-p

    So good luck to your own mum!

  8. argh. I hate pants shopping! They are expensive, but I like the "outdoorsy" type cargo pants from Columbia catalogue...or equal stores. They last forever, and fit a curvy shorty, too.

  9. we loves this pick sure oh ewe poppy Q !!! N bee glad itz yur mum lookin for pants N knot ewe....we ree fuze ta wear em frank lee....


    heerz two a fun filled flounder week oh end

  10. Have you tried L.L. Bean catalogue? They tend to made well and lots of selection. Return policy is good too. But I guess that would be an international sale so maybe too expensive once shipping is added.

    I am a big e-bay shopper but you kinda haf-ta know a particular brand will fit you.

  11. We hope your Mommy finds a good deal on pants that she likes soon...We think you are purrfect, gorgeous Poppy!...Have a fun weekend, sweet friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  12. Does ordering by mail help? Find a catalog with good selections and sizes?

  13. I just shake my head when mum gets in a tizzy about clothes. Just so thankful I'm a kitty and always have my perfect fluffy coat. Mum hates having to buy trousers. Why won't stores make a decent range of styles instead of the silly skinny things? And mum agrees. Nothing better than a cozy bed, good book and a cat for company. Meow, Jessica

  14. I am very thankful for elastic waists and elastic at the ankles! You know I dress 'funny' right?!
    I hope you find a perfect pair.
    Have you tried Ezibuy? I bought a pair of pants there recently - they were so good I ordered another pair XO

  15. Those skinny jeans - our typist has very muscular thighs and can't wear them - if they fit her legs, they bag in the waist. :( She likes yoga pants a lot.