Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Not so many outside adventures any more.  The weather has turned, and mum is busy trying to find her gloves.  How come she can find them in summer, but the minute she needs them in winter they seem hidden away.  A merino cardi was pulled out tonight, and mum has left her scarf on.  The heat pump is on now, and mum has turned the electric blanket on the bed so we will be all nice and cosy soon.  Mum is busy putting the summer clothes away and digging out all the winter layers.  She does quite enjoy her woolly jumpers and tights and boots.  She has been brave and bought a knee length skirt to wear with her short boots this winter - woo hoo.  She knows her friends will laugh, as she is always in pants and seldom shows off the pins.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Tonight we are getting signs of winter.  Lots of snow in the south island, and a coolish night with lots of intense rain.  Mum was glad that it was only just starting as she left work, so she got the groceries home nice and dry.  She was feeling our small pantry was a bit depleted, but now feels better as she has lots of nice things to take for lunch this week, and most of the weeks dinners planned.  Tonight she had leftover sausages, peas and mash from last night with some kiwifruit for her supper.  Tomorrow night she has pork chops and will roast up some sweet potato + potatoes and cook up a big lot of broccoli and carrots that will last most of the week.

Eggs were boiled tonight to make sandwiches tomorrow for lunch and a quick eggs on toast for breakfast, and the rest of the week there is soup to take to work with a toasted cheese sandwich - good cold weather food.

We were looking at those destructive tornadoes in the US on the news.  Scary stuff, we are so lucky that we only have a few little ones in NZ.  Amazing that anyone survives.

Oh and another sign of winter is that every night I climb onto mums lap for a little snooze.  No longer than five minutes.  She sits quietly and lets me snuggle, but I never stay long.

Have a great night.  Keep warm or cool depending on where you live!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lazy Sunday

We had a lazy Caturday, followed by an equally lazy Sunday.  Brunch was leftover pumpkin soup and garlic bread for mum, and crunchies for me.  Mum did go out for a walk today though, to make the most of the mild grey morning, before more anticipated bad weather came in this afternoon.  I have taken to claiming the couch, and mum likes that I have one end, and she has the other.  Nice of us to share.

Mum was glad to return home to spend the afternoon with me.  She watched a couple of programmes on the box, read a little of her book and took an hours nap.  She then made some sausages for her dinner, with a brown onion sauce, peas and mashed potatoes - good winters fare.  For me I had a feast and was quite happy.  Mum then did the dishes, and tidied up, before straightening the bed and heading for bed after watching Masterchef (kiwi version) and Offspring (an Aussie drama - the final - so sweet and sad at the same time).   Imbetween, she had the weekly chat to Gdad which always makes her smile.   A good start to another working week.

We hope you had a nice lazy Sunday too.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lazy Caturday

Hi Everybuddy, hope you are all having a lovely lazy Caturday.  I convinced the muster that the best policy was to begin the day with a leisurely start.  She then got up and got the washing machine spinning, before heading out for a wander and a bit of fresh air and leaving me at home to get my beauty sleep.  The mumster picked up some essentials, she needed some new lady bras, as a couple of work ones were getting past it.  Luckily she got a couple of good ones that were half price - bargin!!  She has to have neutral ones to wear at work, as coloured ones show up under her white tunic, and she doesn't want anybuddy getting a fright.  It's not her favourite thing to shop for though, a bit like buying jeans or swimwear.

It has been such fun having the royals around, but we are glad that they are getting to head home to their own beds.  We miss seeing their smiley faces on the news websites already.  What a great time they seemed to have!!

So an exciting Saturday night here.  We had a leisurely dinner - feast for me, and salmon, potatoes and broccoli and carrots for her.  Then an earliesh night for more book reading and hopefully get some chores done tomorrow.

Smooches and enjoy your Caturday!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dear Granny - Final Postcard

Dear Granny,

We are coming home.  Brush the corgis, polish up the carriages and wake old Phillip up - the tour is over and we are heading home.

Today we started off with an early start, even earlier than little G wakes us up by getting up at early o'clock and heading off to the Dawn Parade for ANZAC day.  ANZAC day is a day of rememberence for our Kiwis and Aussie friends to remember all those who have served in the armed forces.  

We hope we have done you proud!!  See you at the airport!

Kate, Wills and Baby G

Today is a day off from work for the muster due to ANZAC day.  We were listening to the stats on a TV show today.  In 1914, when the first world war started the population of NZ was only just over 1 million people (it is 4 million now).  Over the period of 1914-1918 over 100,000 troops and nurses left our shores to travel half way round the world to serve and fight.  Of those 58,000 were either injured or killed, some of the highest death and injuries rates per capita.  10,000 of our horses were also sent over for the war effort with only 4 returning to the home of their birth.  Next year, we will remember 100 years of the ANZACS serving together.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

Time to polish off the rolls to send to the airport to pick us up, we might need a truck for all the presents  we are bringing back with us.  Today was our final full day here in Australia.  We have had a grand time, met so many people, especially lots of children, and it has been a pleasure to spend time with them and their families.

Baby G though will be glad to be back in his own bed, and will be keen to chase those corgis around the palace.

Sorry to hear about Camillas brother - a sad tragedy to die so suddenly, our thoughts are with the family tonight.

Should we pop around for dinner on Sunday - a bit of roast and pudding with the family?  Please send us a text.

Wills, Kate and Baby G

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

Lots more waving was done in the Australian sunshine this week.  We got to visit Uluru - the big rock in the desert in our safari outfits.  Today we got dressed up and went and hung out with the teenagers in Adelaide.  No need to book a DJ for your next knees up - me and the misses can now spin some discs like the cool kids.

Hope you had a lovely birthday Granny - hope the you liked the slippers we sent?   Tell the corgis not to chew them up.  We will pick you some gin up on the way through duty free.

Off to pick up baby G and relax a bit for our last few days down under.


Wills and Kate and Baby G

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Indoor Camping

My mumster procured me a new tent this weekend.  It is my favourite kind - a la shopping bag.  Nice and dark it is the perfect place to take a nap and I am buy applying the interior layer of fur, so that she can never use it for anything again.  I did not approve though, when she dragged it around by the handles thinking she was giving me a ride.  I like to stay in one spot - thank you very muchly.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Monday

Today was an almost perfect Easter Monday day here.  The weather cleared and gave us a most beautiful warm and sunny day.  Mum got a good sleep in and then walked into town to meet some lovely friends.  They got the best sushi in town, and went and ate by the harbour, people watching and checking out the sparkling water.  It was nice to be warm outside and not have wind blowing her about, and for this late in the autumn, it felt like a treat.

Mum then went for a longer walk, taking in the sights and coming home to sit with me for the mid afternoon.  She stopped in at the supermarket and got lots of vegetables and some beef mince to make some mexican tortillas for dinner - yumm.  I enjoyed my feast - it was tasty.

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter Monday.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Granny

Dear Granny,

Happy Easter to you all.  Hope you found all the eggs we hid around the palace.  We had a lovely day.  Off to church in the morning, and then into more casual clothes to take the boy to the zoo for the afternoon, just us and a few hundred paparazzi and a few thousand visitors watching us.

We get a rest day tomorrow, so shorts and flip flops on, sunglasses and a beer in the backyard.

Wills and Kate and baby G

Meanwhile - back at our palace, the mumster and I have been just chilling.  Mum was hanging out til she got some days off, and the weather has been lovely.  A bit of sunshine, a bit of wind but not too cool for mid autumn.  So she has had a chance to meet her friends, watch some shows and do some reading.

Mum gave up eating chocolate for the week before Easter.  She found it hard the first night,, as she was used to going and eating a biscuit or two every evening.  She was good and resisted for 7 days, and although she has nibbled on her Easter bunny today, she doesn't really want to eat it all, and could happily put it away for a while.  How about that?

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  We are lucky, as it is a four day weekend for us!!  A real long break!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

It was another fabulous day here in Australia.  We got up early, fed the boy and then headed out to visit the Royal Australian Air Force in Amberly, close to  Brisbane and meet many of the serving members and their families.  It was a bit hot, sitting around 29 deg C, perfect autumn weather.  Maybe we should move the palace to Australia?

Am looking forward to sharing  Easter buns and eggs tomorrow with baby G for his first Easter weekend. Left you all a chocolate egg hidden in the palace - happy hunting!!!  Hope the corgis didn't get there first.

Big bunny kisses

Wills and Kate and Baby G

Friday, April 18, 2014

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

Had a jam packed day today.  Me and and the misses visited a local Sydney hospice to visit with sick children and their families.  Heartbreaking and we hope that we gave them a few smiles.

Then it was off to the Easter show.  A hotdog and some candy floss for the good lady and won a few cuddly toys for baby G.    Got to admire a few sheep, we could use some on the grass outside Kensington Palace.

Then off to the beach.  Unable to take a surf as too many paparazzi around, didn't want to see a snap of me in my thong on every news channel tomorrow.

Kiss the corgis and Grandpa P for us.

Wills and Kate and Baby G

P.S our kiwi friends said after a stormy Thursday, they got a nice Friday with some sunshine after a good 10 days of rain.  Enough to get the washing on the line and soak in a little vitamin D.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

We left one NZ, a country suffering from too much rain at the moment, to head to Australia that could use a little more rain, although it is nice to be out in the sun.  Had to head for the hills today to see some  more rocks - nice.  Looked  over the edge - tis a long way down, would prefer more solid ground thank you very much.

Took the missus out to the country, and met a lot of lovely folks who lost their homes to bushfires.  Just like what happened at Windsor Castle, minus the castle, and the rugs, and flash paintings, and all those antiques, and corgis.

Did a lot more smiling and waving.  Will need arm transplants soon.

Kiss the corgis.

Wills and Kate and Baby G

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

G'day Granny

G'day Granny,

Looks like it does get some sunshine down under, as the sun was shining when we arrived in Sydney this afternoon.  After settling down baby G, we will be off to get some prawns on the barbie and have a beer or two.

Left Wellington after another day of rain.  Got to meet hundreds more children and trainee police dogs at the police college.  Now in Aussie shaking more hands and admiring babies.  Will need to sell some jewels and a carraige so you can afford to  book the Duchess and myself in for a lot of massages and physiotherapy for our waving hands, as we have waved so much we have frozen shoulders.  Old Charlie boy might have to have a stall outside the palace to earn some pennies.

So looking forward to getting a tan and relaxing here in Australia.  Hope our Easter eggs don't melt.

Kate and Wills and Baby G

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dear Granny

Kia Ora Granny,

Finally got another day off today to spend with bubba G.  Saw an hour or two of sunshine before Wellingtons rain returned.  Have sold a few of your diamonds to buy some cases of wine!!  Hope you don't mind?

Last day in NZ, so relaxing in our sweats and slippers.  Making room in the suitcases for a few of little Gs presents.  He scored an all black jumper, a new bike and a tonne of books.  Will need you to build a new castle for him to store all of his presents.

Sent the assistants on a tiki tour  to pick up some presents.  Got Harry and Charlie a swandri each, thought that Camilla would like a Trelise Cooper Coat.   A weekend away at Kauri Cliffs for the Middletons, a new purse for Pippa and for you Grannie - a pallet of plonk.

So off to Oz tomorrow for a quick visit, a few prawns and no doubt a bar-b-que or two.

See you soon!!

Wills and Kate and Bubba G

Monday, April 14, 2014

Royal Tourists

Our favourite royal tourists have had a busy day.  They went to Christchurch, which is rebuilding after devastating earthquakes of a couple of years ago.   That is why the Duchess wore this red and black suit, as they are Canterbury colours.  They were good sorts, taking part in a kids cricket match in their suits (and her high heels), and still smiling greatly.  We hope they have enjoyed themselves, we have had a great time having them here, and if the British don't want them, they could move down here!!

There is a dinner tonight with our prime minister and his family, a rest day tomorrow, then Wednesday they will go to the police college before heading over to Australia.

In the meantime back at Chez Q business as usual.  Mum is on her 4th night of call although she was lucky and got some sleep the past two nights.  She might be lucky tonight.   She has also decided that she will not be eating any chocolate between now and Easter Sunday, just in case the Easter bunny leaves her a treat.  She is  not a big chocolate eater, but does usually nibble on a little bit each evening.  So she is going to leave it alone for 6 days!!!  Anyone keen to join her?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Today mum stayed in her slippers all day.  She was lucky and didn't have to go into work tonight, all was quiet.  Two more nights to go, so fingers and toes crossed that she gets her beauty sleep.  It was cloudy all day so we camped inside all day watching shows on the box.

Our royal visitors headed off to the south of the south island today and visited Dunedin where they met with lots of junior rugby players and went jetboating.  The Duchess looked pretty in a teal blue dress and hat, although we do prefer her in her casual jeans and top.  We think that her formal wear seems a bit old fashioned and ages her somewhat.  Tonight it is only bubba G and his nanny sleeping across the road from us, as the young couple get a night away at a Queenstown resort.  Good on them - we think they deserve a wee break.

Hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday too.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Queenie Caturday

Dear Queenie,

Up early to breakfast with baby G, tea and toast in front of the heater.  Then wisked to the airport and off to Hamilton.  The misses, dressed in a pretty green dress went to the childrens Hospice where she charmed hundreds of future princesses and boys who turned out for the event.

Then we went off to the new Valodrome where we were given a new bike for the boy.  Move the rolls and a carraige or two, to make room in the garage.

Home by 4.30pm to take care of the boy.  Slippers and sweats on and a night in front of the box is in order.

Send Cash.

Kate and Wills and Baby G

Oh the mumster was walking home tonight and she got to see the motorcade arrive back from the airport with the Duke and Duchess inside.  She wasn't close enough to see them in person, but she knew they were in there.   Mum was quite tired as she went to work at 4am again this morning.  Fingers crossed she stays in her bed tonight to get some rest.  Otherwise we had a great Caturday.  I rested, she went to visit with a friend and have a tasty lunch out and did lots of window shopping, which was good for a rainy afternoon.  Then a nice evening at home together relaxing.  Perfect!!

 Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dear Queenie Postcard Part 2

Dear Queenie,
Hope you got yesterdays postcard.  Went from damp and cloudy Wellington, to rainy grey Auckland.  No wonder they do call NZ the land of the long white cloud.  Dressed casual today - posh frocks have gone to the cleaners.
Went to the harbour to go sailing with some kiwi boys.  It may be chilly out, but they all turned up in their shorts.  Had a race, got beaten by the misses.
Then took her out for afternoon tea and scones.  Dropped by the air force base to meet lots of good hard working folks and their lovely families.

Graham Norton is on the box, watching it in our slippers eating fish and chips for supper.  Just like home.

Love to Gramps, Harry, Charlie and Camilla.

Kiss a corgi for us.

Wills, Kate and Baby G

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Royal Fever

So our little country is enjoying our lovely little visitors.  Yesterday was playgroup with 10 local babies and their parents.  Little George is quite the sweetie,and good to see him having some fun.   Today baby George and nanny got to stay home, while mum and dad went and saw some airplanes, laid wreaths and did lots of hand shaking with locals in Blenheim.  Little girls lined the streets in their tiaras, and school kids waved flags.  All very sweet.

Tonight is a function across the road from us.  All fancy wine, frocks and I am sure many a boring speech. Kates dress was a nice homage to NZ, a few diamonds at her wrist and her hair looked lovely.   There was a portrait of the queen, all formal and stuff that looked a bit paint by numbers and we think they got the lipstick wrong.  Too dark - not queenie looking at all.

Funny to think that all this is happening three minutes from our house, and you all are watching it on the news at your houses, all round the world.  Did you know there are 450 press following them around on their Kiwi/Aussie adventure?  Crazy huh?  Wonder if they get to go upstairs after and put their sweatpants on, check on George and stream some Game of Thrones?  Do you think they Skype Harry, Charles and Camilla?

  Maybe they send the Queen a postcard?  Came to Wellington, quite windy,  wet and cool (you promised nice weather - we got here a week too late), no need for sunscreen.  Got a case of wine for the castle. Borrowed some of your diamonds.  Send cash.  Love Wills, Kate and Baby G.

It's almost the weekend!!!  Hope you all have some fun planned!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Royal Tourists

So last week we were sweltering and sweating in the heat, but today is windy and wet and feels like winter.  We have heard that the royal tourists, after a welcoming down the road last night, snuck away to a lovely lodge for a bit of R and R.  We think they deserve a little break and a play with their young man.  Mum could tell they weren't there when she came home last night, as the police car was no longer at the end of the driveway.

Didn't Kate look nice in her outfit so like Lady Dis one?  Little George is quite the charmer, and seems such a happy wee baby.  We do hope they enjoy their break and get lots of family time.  We believe tomorrow they are going to meet with other babies and their mums when they return to town.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Guess Who is Staying Close by Our House?

Mum had another busyish night last night and finally got home around 6am.  She had a touch of breakfast and then managed about 3 hours sleep, making a grand total of 5 hours sleep in the past two nights.  She did arise in time to watch on the tele of the royal little family arriving in Wellington.  They were lucky as it was cloudy and misty, weather that often closes our little airport.

They are staying at Government house, which mum lives just across the road from (a 2 minute walk away).  So as she had her shower she could hear the band playing, then the haka and while I was having a snuggle there was a cannon going off!!! Such excitement!!  I was good and didn't run and hide.  Mum was enjoying my first snuggle of the winter, the first time I have sat on her knee for about 8 months.

We are not sure that we will be catching up with the family, they need their privacy after all, but we will keep you up to date on their visit.

Mum has to go into work for about 2.5 hours, then she will be home again and things will be back into a normal routine again.

Enjoy your Monday everybuddy!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sleepy Sunday

Getting the spare bed put together last week was quite the ordeal.  Mum had a footstool, the washing basket and some spare bags holding bits of the frame up while she screwed it together.  Luckily the whole thing stayed together.  As you can see I am very helpful at snoopervising and making sure she did an ok job.

Mum had an uber busy night last night, and had to do four call ins to work overnight, so she is a bit exhausted today.   Especially as it was daylight savings here, and mum had to do an extra hour of call overnight.   One more night of call to get through and then she will almost back to a normal sleeping week, although she is on call next weekend as well.  So for us an afternoon nap was in order.

She did try something new today.  She read this article about using conditioner before shampooing her hair, and thought she would give it a go.  She was pleasantly surprised, as her dry difficult to manage hair feels soft and fuller than normal.  We know it isn't rocket science, but it is nice to do something that actually works.  Never too old to learn new tricks.

So we better go, mum has to switch the on-call phone back on and get ready for another busy night.

Hope you have all had a relaxing Sunday and got your snooze on.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Camping Caturday

Last night Big Uncle and his best friend came for a flying visit.  Mum dispatched her brother to sleep in her bed, and his bestie to sleep in the spare room (my bed).  She offered to sleep on the couch because she thought it would entice me to come inside and as she is the shortest by far it is a good fit for her.  She has also been known to nod off on the couch anyways.

The boys brought their own mattress to camp on, so mum put it in the corner of the room, as it was not needed.  Not needed by anybuddy but ME!!!  So everybuddy got a good nights sleep.  They were up early and showered, and the boys took off as they had jobs to do.  Mum was glad that I wasn't too scared and we all had our own beds to sleep on!!

Enjoy your Caturday!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Favourites

So it is a quiet morning here at home with me and mum.  She works this afternoon, so is pottering around getting the housekeeping done.  She thought she would share a few things that have been making her smile lately.

While wondering out for a walk she listens to her ipod.  Lately it is not music playing but podcasts.  Desert Island Discs and The Infinite Monkey Cage are her podcasts of choice.  Do you listen to podcasts?

While we enjoy catching up with all our friends, she also loves visiting The Frugal QueenVintage Vixen, the very deliscious Helga,  Hostessfaux, and when a quick visit to the farm at Our New Life and a kiwi girl at the Kitchensgarden on her small farm in the Midwest.

We hope you get a chance to check out our links over the weekend.  Hope you are all ready for Caturday and some fun things planned.

Quick Post

Quick post - home late - working late - late stop at the supermarket - fancy feast very late - snuggle very late - posting very late - bed time very late.

Nite nite!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome April

Welcome April - we are glad that you are still sharing some sunbeams with us.  Today was beautiful, and mum stepped out in the afternoon to enjoy it.  She was on the nightshift last night, and got to bed around 7.30am this morning til midday.  The builders did not come round, but the gardener did, so mum took off for a walk in the sunshine to avoid the noise around the place.  When she got home we had some time together before she took a small nap.  Night shift again tonight, but it will be over in the morning.

I had a tasty feast for dinner and mum got some steak on special and had broccoli and carrots with it.  Some fresh watermelon for supper will keep her going.  Some people take tonnes of food for the night shift and nibble away, but mum is happy to take something simple as she doesn't have much appetite when she is there.

Hope you are all having a good start to your April too.