Monday, April 14, 2014

Royal Tourists

Our favourite royal tourists have had a busy day.  They went to Christchurch, which is rebuilding after devastating earthquakes of a couple of years ago.   That is why the Duchess wore this red and black suit, as they are Canterbury colours.  They were good sorts, taking part in a kids cricket match in their suits (and her high heels), and still smiling greatly.  We hope they have enjoyed themselves, we have had a great time having them here, and if the British don't want them, they could move down here!!

There is a dinner tonight with our prime minister and his family, a rest day tomorrow, then Wednesday they will go to the police college before heading over to Australia.

In the meantime back at Chez Q business as usual.  Mum is on her 4th night of call although she was lucky and got some sleep the past two nights.  She might be lucky tonight.   She has also decided that she will not be eating any chocolate between now and Easter Sunday, just in case the Easter bunny leaves her a treat.  She is  not a big chocolate eater, but does usually nibble on a little bit each evening.  So she is going to leave it alone for 6 days!!!  Anyone keen to join her?


  1. My human says no way is she giving up chocolate until Easter! She has a little bit of dark chocolate every day and she usually gets truffles on Easter too.

  2. We saw the royal couple playing cricket Poppy!x
    Kate waved her finger at William...
    He bowled her a full toss! Very naughty...! HeHe! :).
    If Mum does'nt want her chocolate...
    Send it on over....! It won't go to waste..! mmmM!

  3. I saw the cricket photos of Kate in her suit and heels. Good sport!

    I hope your luck hlds for another good nights sleep!

    Give up chocolate?!! Oh, I don't know about that one now...

  4. Six days without chocolate? Our human? Not a chance! :-D

  5. Mum's up for the chocolate challenge! She's been dieting and eating all this icky healthy food. Oh, and she says it's so cool that you're that close to the royal couple!

  6. Good pic! We enjoy these updates, as we don't get many news on the royals in Oklahoma. MOL!

    Our Mommy gave up coffee for Lent. She definitely needs her chocolate for her sanity. MOL!

    Have a great day, Poppy and Mum!

  7. How neat to be so near visiting royalty, even if you haven't seen them. Hope your mom gets another night's sleep.

  8. poppy Q.....yur nayborhood will knead ta invite sum mor famouz peepulz once they leeve...N ya dunno how happee we iz ta heer yur mum say... chocolate ..... N knot like burd peepz !!! hope her doez knot hafta go two werk while on call any mor....

  9. I have just this minute watched thee footage about the visit on TV. We are so proud of our young royals. I have also been on call the last few days and the last two was lucky enough to not get one which does not happen often. I hope your luck holds.

  10. Playing sport in heels? Miss Kate is pretty handy.

    Mum says a day without chocolate is not a good day.

  11. What is it with Kate and those high heels? Goodness! She'd better save her feet for when she reigns.
    Glad your mum got lucky with her call schedule.

  12. We saw the Royal couple batting the ball with those funny paddles on the news. Furry funny! But where was George? We bet he'd like to play with a ball!

    Mom says no chocolate here as her temptation is salty treats. She should switch to dark chocolate because it's better for her than the salt!

    Have a great week, hope mum gets her rest tonight.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku