Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Monday

Today was an almost perfect Easter Monday day here.  The weather cleared and gave us a most beautiful warm and sunny day.  Mum got a good sleep in and then walked into town to meet some lovely friends.  They got the best sushi in town, and went and ate by the harbour, people watching and checking out the sparkling water.  It was nice to be warm outside and not have wind blowing her about, and for this late in the autumn, it felt like a treat.

Mum then went for a longer walk, taking in the sights and coming home to sit with me for the mid afternoon.  She stopped in at the supermarket and got lots of vegetables and some beef mince to make some mexican tortillas for dinner - yumm.  I enjoyed my feast - it was tasty.

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter Monday.


  1. ooooO! What a lovely looking stretch Poppy!x You deserve it...After all the work you've done..HeHe!

    Hope you sent Granny a Birthday card Poppy!x
    She's 88 to~day..Actual birthday...
    She has two every year...And..SO! do l..! :).
    So! No wonder Wills etc..Are out your way..So, they don't have buy cards and a prezzie...! Naughty! :>).

  2. It sounds like good weather there, Poppy. How is your mum doing with not eating chocolate?

  3. Happy Easter Miss Poppy! I'm glad your Mum had a nice relaxing day and it looks like you did too.

  4. Sounds like it was a great day for both of you, Poppy. :-)

  5. What a lovely day you and your mum had! So happy to hear the weather was so pleasant. We had a lovely sunny spring day for Easter too. Meow, Jessica

  6. It sounds like you both had a lovely day, Poppy!

  7. happee bee lated easturr poppy Q anda happee easturr monday two ewe & mum....

    we will toss in a slite hint heer N say we trust her bringed ewe home sum sushi... ???? !!!!

    if knot her best go bak N get an order or 15 for ewe...enjoy yur day !!!♥

  8. Sounds like a purrfect day! We is glad the weather is staying warm for you, and glad we're getting some warms too!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Love that picture of you stretchin out!

  10. Wow - that stretch photo is totally fantastic!

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog for archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

  11. Hope you and your mum had a happy Easter, sweetheart. Sounds like you both have had a lovely fall day and got to spend some time together. Does your new house feel like home yet?
    We love your sweet feeties!