Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sleepy Sunday

Getting the spare bed put together last week was quite the ordeal.  Mum had a footstool, the washing basket and some spare bags holding bits of the frame up while she screwed it together.  Luckily the whole thing stayed together.  As you can see I am very helpful at snoopervising and making sure she did an ok job.

Mum had an uber busy night last night, and had to do four call ins to work overnight, so she is a bit exhausted today.   Especially as it was daylight savings here, and mum had to do an extra hour of call overnight.   One more night of call to get through and then she will almost back to a normal sleeping week, although she is on call next weekend as well.  So for us an afternoon nap was in order.

She did try something new today.  She read this article about using conditioner before shampooing her hair, and thought she would give it a go.  She was pleasantly surprised, as her dry difficult to manage hair feels soft and fuller than normal.  We know it isn't rocket science, but it is nice to do something that actually works.  Never too old to learn new tricks.

So we better go, mum has to switch the on-call phone back on and get ready for another busy night.

Hope you have all had a relaxing Sunday and got your snooze on.


  1. My momma better not try dat - she has super voluminous hair as it is - it don't need to get no bigger!

  2. Looks like your snoopervising has paid off Poppy!x

    Oh! Tell Mum, that beer and tea are good for hair as well..So they say!
    But, don't you try it, not good for pussy~cats...And, besides, your fur looks lovely anyway...! HeHe! :).

  3. My hair is already thick so I don't know if I would want more volume but anything is worth a go. I'll try it next time if I remember lol

  4. It's such a good thing you were there to supervising putting the spare bed together, Poppy!

  5. My hair is so short and grows out so fast that I only use shampoo, and the least expensive one at that, because it just doesn't matter. For 2 of my sisters however, it is a bog deal. One has long flowing tresses and another has naturally curly hair that reacts wuite badly to humidity. They spend a bunch of time on hair care, styling and a bunch of money on styling products. I guess we all have our little crosses to bear and small things to be grateful for.

    I hope your on-call is unevenful so you can rest.

    Have a lovely day, ladies~

  6. Busy girls putting the bed together! Hopefully no call outs tonight, fingers are all crossed for you.

  7. Glad your mum got the bed put together with your snoopervision. That is funny about the conditioner first because my mum tried it this morning too. She said it has made her hair feel much softer doing it that way. She has quite thick hair anyway, but no matter what conditioner she tries, it always seems to hold it down by the next day. She is waiting to see how it looks and feels tomorrow.

  8. All that calling in sounds furry tiring to us. We hopes you and mum gets good naps today!

    Mom says she has heard of the conditioner before shampoo before but hasn't tried it. Thanks for the tip.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Well done to your Mumster for getting the bed assembled - our bed is pretty much the same. And super thanks for the hair washing tip.

    Hope you both have a lovely week, Michelle (xxx) and Megs (head butt/purrrrr/head butt)

  10. Poppy we're sure your Mum would get nothing done without you!

  11. We're keeping everything that can be crossed crossed in hopes your mum has a q---t night. (Soon as the "q" word is said out loud all hell breaks loose.).

  12. Does that shampoo trick work when one has no hair? I could use the fuller feeling...