Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

Lots more waving was done in the Australian sunshine this week.  We got to visit Uluru - the big rock in the desert in our safari outfits.  Today we got dressed up and went and hung out with the teenagers in Adelaide.  No need to book a DJ for your next knees up - me and the misses can now spin some discs like the cool kids.

Hope you had a lovely birthday Granny - hope the you liked the slippers we sent?   Tell the corgis not to chew them up.  We will pick you some gin up on the way through duty free.

Off to pick up baby G and relax a bit for our last few days down under.


Wills and Kate and Baby G


  1. HeHe! Yeah! Saw Kate do'in a bit of scratching in public this morn'in on the telly Poppy!x
    Then William had a go!
    We also saw them at Ayers Rock/Uluru. Looks a lovely place, and very hot to!

  2. we are in adelaide, but didn't see them. Cats weren't allowed and Lynettea went to one of her classes.

  3. Too funny! I wonder what "Granny" would think of your posts? Hope she gets her gin!

  4. poppy q...we haz said it bee for...we R gonna miss them when they leeves ..... yur postz have been hilarious....

    mum missed her calling....forget de hospital...her kneads ta work for comedy !!

  5. HahahaMeow! Great update!

    Mommy says Kate looks lovely. (as always)

    Hope you're having a great day!

  6. Wow, Kate is a beautiful woman! I'm hoping they and baby George will be back in England when I arrive there in early May. Do you suppose they'll meet my ship? Kate did christen it last year!

  7. I always forget that I share a birthday with the Queen!