Thursday, April 10, 2014

Royal Fever

So our little country is enjoying our lovely little visitors.  Yesterday was playgroup with 10 local babies and their parents.  Little George is quite the sweetie,and good to see him having some fun.   Today baby George and nanny got to stay home, while mum and dad went and saw some airplanes, laid wreaths and did lots of hand shaking with locals in Blenheim.  Little girls lined the streets in their tiaras, and school kids waved flags.  All very sweet.

Tonight is a function across the road from us.  All fancy wine, frocks and I am sure many a boring speech. Kates dress was a nice homage to NZ, a few diamonds at her wrist and her hair looked lovely.   There was a portrait of the queen, all formal and stuff that looked a bit paint by numbers and we think they got the lipstick wrong.  Too dark - not queenie looking at all.

Funny to think that all this is happening three minutes from our house, and you all are watching it on the news at your houses, all round the world.  Did you know there are 450 press following them around on their Kiwi/Aussie adventure?  Crazy huh?  Wonder if they get to go upstairs after and put their sweatpants on, check on George and stream some Game of Thrones?  Do you think they Skype Harry, Charles and Camilla?

  Maybe they send the Queen a postcard?  Came to Wellington, quite windy,  wet and cool (you promised nice weather - we got here a week too late), no need for sunscreen.  Got a case of wine for the castle. Borrowed some of your diamonds.  Send cash.  Love Wills, Kate and Baby G.

It's almost the weekend!!!  Hope you all have some fun planned!


  1. Ah! What a lovely post Poppy!x
    Your so clever....HeHe! :).
    You did'nt tell us what colour dress your wearing to the function...!
    Pink would be nice...
    And, Georgie is such a poser..If he wore a crown..It what keep falling off...He seemed to like meeting the other babies...Though one little girl did cry...After he hit her on the head with his fist....HeHe! :>).

  2. Love your postcard quips. I'm sure that's just how it went, too. hahahaha!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. We are loving your awesome reporting of the royal couple. So exciting!

  4. Lovely and all full of grace! When Princess Margaret came to the US (a thousand years ago) she brought her cat with her and boarded it at our next door neighbor's cat boarding kennel. It was called The Meow Motel :).


  5. That's so exciting! And I'm SURE they escape upstairs to put their sweatpants on after these functions...yup, they do. *giggle*

  6. We did get to see the little prince playing with the babies. He seemed to play well and share.

  7. poppy Q !!! we cracked up at yur postcard home :) N yur rite...that shade oh lipstick iz knot good for de Queen....dai$y toll uz ta say that bye de way !!! happee veree earl lee fryday morn two ewe ♥

  8. Love this post! Prince George is so darned adorable. And Kate looks gorgeous as always. William's taste in women is much better than his father's. :)

  9. That is pretty amazing that all this is happening so near to your house, Poppy! Wouldn't it be awesome if a royal saw you and gave you a pet?

  10. Oh Poppy, how very exciting and how very, well,...normal. It's probably the warm Kiwi hospitality that has put everyone at ease.
    Kate's dress selection was very
    thoughtful and she looks very
    formal yet relaxed.. We think
    something is just a bit off about the Queen's mouth. A bit too long in the
    upper lip maybe but still lovely.
    We can't believe you are so close to
    all of the action!

  11. You are lucky. We can just imagine the excitement with everyone in NZ following the lovely royal couple! Your reporting is much appreciated. Meow, from Jessica

  12. Heehee! I always wonder about the life of royals ;)

  13. Wow Poppy Q, you have a lot of excitement in your neighborhood these days!
    Love reading the posts and quips about the royal visit