Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dear Granny

Dear Granny,

Time to polish off the rolls to send to the airport to pick us up, we might need a truck for all the presents  we are bringing back with us.  Today was our final full day here in Australia.  We have had a grand time, met so many people, especially lots of children, and it has been a pleasure to spend time with them and their families.

Baby G though will be glad to be back in his own bed, and will be keen to chase those corgis around the palace.

Sorry to hear about Camillas brother - a sad tragedy to die so suddenly, our thoughts are with the family tonight.

Should we pop around for dinner on Sunday - a bit of roast and pudding with the family?  Please send us a text.

Wills, Kate and Baby G


  1. William said on early telly Poppy!x
    ..That Georgie was enjoying his cuddly wallaby..And, had eaten nearly half of it...! HeHe! :0).
    Still! I think they had a good time over there...Perhaps they'll write a book or make a film...Who knows!

    But, it's been lovely, hearing it all from you poppy!x
    Think you should creep into your shopping bag and have a 'Big Sleep'....! Bless!x

  2. I wouldn't mind a bit of pudding...

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. A very sad thing about Mr Shand. One of those accidents that under other circumstances would have been silly, and laughed off. It shows, unfortunately, that we can be taken at any time, at any place.

  4. poppy q....yur "postcards home" haz been de best...we loved em !!

    N it wuz veree sad bout Mr Shand :(

    hope yur mum gives ewe sum extree canz oh feast for all de grate werk ewe haz done on de post cards in de past few...ore at leest bring ewe home sum fresh flounder

  5. I had not heard about Mr. Shand. So sorry,.

  6. What will you do for entertainment now that W, K and G are going back home?