Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Royal Tourists

So last week we were sweltering and sweating in the heat, but today is windy and wet and feels like winter.  We have heard that the royal tourists, after a welcoming down the road last night, snuck away to a lovely lodge for a bit of R and R.  We think they deserve a little break and a play with their young man.  Mum could tell they weren't there when she came home last night, as the police car was no longer at the end of the driveway.

Didn't Kate look nice in her outfit so like Lady Dis one?  Little George is quite the charmer, and seems such a happy wee baby.  We do hope they enjoy their break and get lots of family time.  We believe tomorrow they are going to meet with other babies and their mums when they return to town.


  1. They do deserve time away from the media!

  2. Yes, she did look quite lovely.
    It's fun to get these updates!

    Have a great day.

  3. I think they look lovely Poppy!x
    And, there very popular everywhere they go...! Bless!
    HeHe! Say 'Hello' from me if they pop round for a cuppa! :>).

  4. So how come you didn't wander over the road for a cuppa and a catch up?? The young royals are so lovely, so down to earth from being raised well with open eyes, hearts and minds I think.

  5. Yes, Kate is lovely and reminds me of Di, too. I do hope they have some private family time. Living the life of a royal must be more demanding and intrusive than any of us might ever imagine.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  6. As I suppose what people would call a 'republican' - doesn't stop me from loving the royals ridiculously - that little george is so delicious - those gorgeous chubby cheeks!!!

    Yes, the seasons are definitely changing, daylight saving over (so chuck scratches at my door and cries at 5:12am rather than 6:12am....) - i'm off travelling again for work and so my parents have the 'fur child' - so weird to be able to do things tonight without having to 'chuck proof' everything... please tell me this crazy two year old will settle down eventually!!! ha ha

    loves to you both xxxx

  7. Goodness! The little prince looks like a Middleton in that photo!

  8. poppy q...may bee purr haps after a bit oh R & R they will ree tern two yur neighborhood N ewe will haz one mor chance oh invitin them over for sum lunch !!!

  9. He so looks like his dad at that age when he first come out to Australia with his mum and dad.
    The weather here has turn wet but still waiting for the cold. Not quite cold enough to light the fire yet. But I'm waiting lol