Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Today mum stayed in her slippers all day.  She was lucky and didn't have to go into work tonight, all was quiet.  Two more nights to go, so fingers and toes crossed that she gets her beauty sleep.  It was cloudy all day so we camped inside all day watching shows on the box.

Our royal visitors headed off to the south of the south island today and visited Dunedin where they met with lots of junior rugby players and went jetboating.  The Duchess looked pretty in a teal blue dress and hat, although we do prefer her in her casual jeans and top.  We think that her formal wear seems a bit old fashioned and ages her somewhat.  Tonight it is only bubba G and his nanny sleeping across the road from us, as the young couple get a night away at a Queenstown resort.  Good on them - we think they deserve a wee break.

Hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday too.


  1. I wonder how much time they really do spend with "bubba G," with the nanny there to do all the "dirty" work, as it were. LOL.

    Lots of coverage in our news of their tour, of course.

    They're a good couple, definitely "show well" to the public.

  2. Don't think that outfit's to good for jet boating Poppy!x Her hat would blow off...HeHe!
    It's lovely over here to..Weather man says it's gonna stay fine in the week as well...Whey~Hey! No more brolly's..!
    Have Fun....

  3. I think Kate looks great in anything she wears! Glitzy, classic, glam or casual! I wish I could wear hats as well as she does. I love them but looks utterly rediculous in them.

    Have a lovely, relaxificating kind of day, ladies!

  4. We're glad your Mum is getting some rest.

    Thanks for the update on the royals.

    Have a great week, Poppy.

  5. My human is busy working a book festival today! So no peace for her.

  6. We purr your Mom gets to stay with you and relax more :)
    Kate is pretty, but you are prettier !
    Thank you for your kind thoughts on the passing of our Grammie on the House Panther site.
    She was a great lady and had a love of woofies and mostly kitties :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  7. I hope your mum can get plenty of rest and you can spend lots of TV time together.

  8. Glad to hear you and mum got some good rest today, crossing paws the next two nights are quiet too.

    We is surprised the royals didn't ask you to look in on baby George. We is sure you'd make a great babysitter Poppy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Mommy says she'd rather wear slippers than hats!

  10. We did have a relaxing Sunday, well at least some of it. Mum was a bit bizzy for a while, but then calmed down. Then we watched the cold rain come down.

  11. On the contrary, I think the Duchess of Cambridge can pull off any look, and formal wear makes a woman look good, no matter her age.