Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 We are thankful for all of our sweet friends, who are worried about me when I play outside.  Sorry to frighten you with yesterdays photo, but that is me just playing on the footpath outside our house, not on the road.  Our street is usually quite quiet, and I  know to stay away from cars.
 We hope you are all having a lovely Thursday.  Mum finished work early, and went for a lovely walk, and stopped into a shop where her favorite bras were half price - bargin!!  Then she got some tasty groceries.
Best of all - she has tomorrow off to spend with me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


That's right my little northern hemisphere friends.  While you are sweltering away and complaining about the HOTS, we are about to start our winter season.  So while you have a Summer solstice and dance barefoot on the beach, we celebrate our winter solstice and are snuggled up in our woolly jumpers with the heaters on. 

We are lucky, our autumn has been pretty  mild, and even though there was rain and hail today, with a heater and a few extra layers we have been enjoying snuggling up together.  Our winter is meant to be over June, July and August but usally the weather only begins to settle in October. 

So keep warm or cool depending on where you live.

Monday, May 28, 2012

After Work

After work I helped mum in the garden, but it got dark real early.  Only four more weeks til our longest day!!  We can smell the neighbours dinner and it smells real tasty.  Mum is going to make a Thai chicken curry for herself for dinner and I got a feast of the fancy kind.  Have a good Monday everybuddy.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Inside Day

Today was the perfect day for staying inside and dreaming the day away.  Mum got invited to an early morning tea at a friends place on the other side of town.  She popped into another friends as well.  They had thought of going to the zoo, but the weather turned windy, rainy and cold.   So instead like a couple of teenagers they went to see The Avengers at the movies, and then had KFC afterwards.  Me - I stayed on the couch snuggled into a blankie.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Relaxaday

Today me and my mum planned to take it easy.  After we got up, mum got the washing machine spinning, and the dryer machine drying.  She made a caramel slice and went to the market to buy carrots, onions, lemons, mandarins, feijoas and lots of apples.  She read her book, did a sudoku or two, folded the clean laundry, put away more summer clothes, cleaned out the fridge, did some dishes, cooked some tea and sat down on the couch.  We put some bread out in the garden for the birdies, trimmed some trees, picked up some weeds and tidied up some other plants.

This evening, the heater is on, the candles are flickering, I am snoozing on the winter rug on the other couch,  mum is watching the end of Michael Clayton on the DVR, and has the Iron Lady to watch for movie night.  The bed will be made with fresh sheets, the quilts layered on the bed, cushions will be piled up,  mums book will be placed beside her pillow, and the heater will be turned on in an hour to heat the room.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Miss Parker Pie was a good friend to so many of us in the cat blogosphere, and her loss leaves all with tears in our eyes and a little bit of a broken heart.  It feels like she left us all to soon, but we know it was her time and that she had a good long life full of lots and lots, and lots of love.

So make sure your house is full of love this weekend, do something nice, something kind and have some fun.  Mum and I have a nice vanilla candle going, and she has made a nice dinner of Pork steak with baked potato and  glazed carrots, then some vanilla icecream with crushed maltesers.  A cold bottle of coke is a treat, as mum hasn't had any soft drinks for about a month now.  We have a weekend full of friends, fun and fancy feast.  Life is good.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Mum says there have been tears this week.  This was our online friend Wilf, and we very much enjoyed reading his blog from France, where he lived with his folks, and showed us around his village every day.  We loved the banter last year, during the Rugby world cup, but mostly we loved seeing his beautiful face.  After a long struggle Mr Wilfie was helped to the bridge this week, and we will miss him.
This is our sweet sweet friend, beautiful Miss Parker Pie, and she has whispered in her moms ear that she is ready for the bridge.  We know that her family will be sad, but understand that she need to go on her new journey.  Sending big hugs to OHIO and the whole Parker family.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Journey Continues - Part II

 Now I have pushed past mum, I'm free - free to roam.
 Always stop and pause at the gate, listen for danger, introoders or cars coming too close.
 The street is quiet today, no noisy neighbours and everybody is out and about in town doing stuff.
 So I can do a little wander and sniff the street, lampost and gutters!!!
Mmmmmm, this smells nice!!!  Thanks for joining me on my little adventure.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Another nice day outside today, but boy was it frosty last night.  Mum snuggled under all of her quilts and I went and slept on the bedroom floor on her dressing gown, not quite where she expected me to sleep.

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heading Out

 When I am on a mission, I hurry out.........
 this is the side of our house, and mum was outside pulling weeds.
 Today was lovely and calm and sunny, and mum spent it at home with me, so that she didn't go out and spend any money.
 Me - I did spend a couple of hours out in the garden, sniffing out introoders who may have visited overnight.
Excuse me mum, I gotta get through and out to the front of the house.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


 Mum said today was a good relaxaday Saturday.  We had a little sleep in, an mum went to the market to buy some sweet potatoes, chillies, leeks, kiwifruit, pumpkin and cabbage.  All ready for a weeks good eating for her. 
 Then mum went and met her friends in town for a little sushi train lunch.  Her sweet friends and their two young boys, are off on a big adventure to Singapore, London, Holland and Switzerland.  What a great adventure.
So mum has fed me my fancy feast, and she thinks she will make some lemon chicken rissotto for her dinner.  The night is chilly, so the heater is on and we are ready for a quiet night at home.   Just what we feel like, a gentle Saturday night on the couch.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Me - in one of my garden spots.

Mum was watching a bit of Rachel Ray on tv today, and she was making some nice meatballs with EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil), boy they looked tasty, but mum has leftover noodles to eat, so no meatballs for us.  It reminded her of a local consumer show earlier in the week, where they blind tested olive oils sold to us in the supermarkets.  Of the twenty they tested, the testers marked them in the rancid range, of tasting off.  You see, cheap Italian and Spanish companies dump cheap oil into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Locally produced oils are usually boutique bottles and very expensive.  Mum had seen a similar show several years ago, and had stopped buying olive oil, as the ones she tried tasted awful, and she was quite often gotten sick stomachs.  She switched to Canola oil, and now her tasty cooking, tastes tastier!!

She is not sure how much cooking will be done over the weekend.  She does have some bananas to use up.  Maybe a banana loaf or banana cake?   Hope you all have some nice weekend plans.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Last night was the first night we have encountered  where the temperature fell from double figures to single ones.  Lucky the winter blankets are on the bed, and I have moved from my towel in the living room, to the blanket at mums feet.  It was a frosty night, and a sunny but chilly day so I got a little outside time. 

Tonights dinner was stir fry pork + veg with noodles eaten on the couch watching Real Wifes of New York.  They are old, old  episodes, but cos free tv is so far behind we have weeks and weeks of shows that mum records and watches later.  It's alright - you can judge.

Hope you all have a good night, and have your own little treats to enjoy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Mum got home latish tonight, and boy was it dark and beginning to cool down.  So dark, that mum is having to drag a few old photos out of the files, as it is too dark to take photos.  Luckily she cooked a big dinner on Sunday night, and only had to reheat her leftovers for dinner, which is handy after a big day at work.

A few hours of average television watching, and then she will see if she can get some sleep, as she is oncall again tonight.   She is wondering why some work days go sooo slow, and the weekend days pass by so quickly.

Me, I stayed on mums bed all day, and then went outside for my half hour of daily fresh air, and am now relaxing on my towels. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Heater Weather

Today the real grey weather arrived, with lots and lots of rain.  Mum thinks that the heater weather has arrived, and that's alright with us.  Mum has enjoyed her roast dinners and good excuses for heading to bed early with a book, and best of all, I have been snuggling with her more.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Real Mothers Day

 Today is the real mothers day - mum got a bit confused and thought it was last sunday.  Inbetween bouts of rain, we got outside and played with the bits of flax, that mum was trying to tidy up. 
We hope you are all have a nice Mothers Day and get some treats.  I'm sending mum off to the supermarket to stock up on something tasty for our dinner.  We're going to spend the afternoon and evening relaxing, mum will be reading, and I will be sleeping.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is mums weekend stash of goodies.  This morning, she juiced up all of last weeks fruit and had a tangelo+apple+feijoa juice with her lunch.  This is todays collection of new fruit, as well as a big pile of vegetables.  Our local growers market has lots of lovely seasonal fruit+ veg at reasonable prices.  Even the NZ grown strawberries were quite reasonable at this time of the year, although we reckon there won't be many more punnets til the end of our year.
In the past few months mum has been eating a lot more fruit + veg because of the market.  Oh and the juicer.  She isn't fed up with it yet, but finds it best to use at the weekend, when she has time to clean it.

  Me - I'm not a big fan, I like the feast best.  Although I was brave and had a couple of pieces of ham - yumm.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dinner Time

It was dinner time, and mum got home late tonight.  She didn't finish til late.  Then she dropped a DVD back to the library, went and bought me some fancy feasts at the supermarket, then pick herself up some dinner before I heard her come up and path, and I called out to her.

Boy - Friday night is hopping at our house.  Still, we have a nice vanilla candle burning, and glee is playing in the background as mum does some chores.  She has a good book to read, and will try and hit the sack earliesh, as she got home from shift late last night.  Best of all - no on-call this weekend!  Yippee!

Did you notice my stack of dinner plates!!  Don't worry they are all in the wash tonight.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


It has been a quiet couple of days, as mum has been on shift and the autumn weather has kept me on my towels.  We are glad it is Thursday and the weekend is not too far away.  We don't have much planned, as the weather is is going to be grey and there are a few chores to be done.  Mum might walk into town though and go to the library.  A new DVD or CD to borrow might provide some entertainment.  Mum also likes the look of Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows - it looks like fun.  What about you guys?  Any plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Living Bedroom

This is my bedroom - it happens to be in the middle of the lounge, and I guess I have to share it with my mum.  She can come in and visit every once in a while.

Can you see that mum has padded my towel up.  It now has another towel and a fluffly blanket underneath and is super cosy.  Hope you all have a nice bed to camp on.

Monday, May 7, 2012


 This is the spare room, with the bed all made up and ready to go.  I haven't slept in here in a long, long time.
I prefer to sleep in the living room on my towel.  Mum is missing me on her bed, and hopes I will come and join her sometime soon.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mothers Day Sunday

 This is the bag mum let me have for mothers day.  It is extra large, and a good retreat in the living room.
                                 I wish the paparazzi would stay away though - can't you tell?
 I let mum buy herself this cushion to have on her bed for mothers day - as she's a good mum for me.
It's the nice velvet one at the front, and goes with our other cushions on the bed.  Our winter bed is all made up now.  A big feather duvet, a blanket and quilt on top, and a nice soft blanket at the foot end.  Mum has  a big pile of books, and likes to snuggle in and read on these cold autumn evenings.

Happy mothers day to all the mums out there.

NEWS FLASH UPDATE - We have been told that mums day is not til next week!!  On the 13th.  Hahahahahahaha  mum got it real wrong.  She says I don't have to go and get her another present.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


 Today turned into a sunny afternoon, but boy was it getting chilly in the shadows.  Mum spent the day out with one of her besties, and they had a great day at a fair, buying all sorts of stuff a cat doesn't need, like tea towels, a cushion and a sweatshirt.
My best part of the day was when mum got back and turned the heating on.  She also bought me a huge paper bag to play in.  Not near the heater of course - that would be crazypants.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fabulous Friday

It is indeed a fabulous Friday - as mum doesn't have to work, and she says that makes the weekend something to look forward to.  She found these photos from this time last year, and hopes we get some sunshines this weekend too.  Hope you all have some nice plans for the weekend ahead.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Organised Thursday

Mum was very organised today - she went to the library after work and collected a large collection of books, magazines and a DVD for the weekend.  Last night she had cooked enough dinner to have left overs tonight.  A balsamic and onion loaf to start, butter chicken with rice and vegetables and last night she made an easy batch of brownies.

So dinner is eaten, mum has let me have my feast, and the washing machine is humming.  Mum is back on call again tonight, so might try to fit in a nap just in case it is as busy as last weekend.  A little bit of organisation hopefully gives us a bit of chill out time.