Saturday, May 19, 2012


 Mum said today was a good relaxaday Saturday.  We had a little sleep in, an mum went to the market to buy some sweet potatoes, chillies, leeks, kiwifruit, pumpkin and cabbage.  All ready for a weeks good eating for her. 
 Then mum went and met her friends in town for a little sushi train lunch.  Her sweet friends and their two young boys, are off on a big adventure to Singapore, London, Holland and Switzerland.  What a great adventure.
So mum has fed me my fancy feast, and she thinks she will make some lemon chicken rissotto for her dinner.  The night is chilly, so the heater is on and we are ready for a quiet night at home.   Just what we feel like, a gentle Saturday night on the couch.


  1. Between you and me, Poppy, sometimes your posts make my human really hungry!

  2. mmmm... leeks. That reminds me that I have not made my chicken and leek pie in some time!

    Enjoy your Relaxaday, ladies!

  3. Have a restful day and cuddle together!

  4. brrr wasn't it cold yesterday.
    Love the photo of Poppy in the flax/grass yesterday.
    We have been watching midwives - on Sunday nights - on demand as on late for us guys. It's a quite good watch.
    Love Leanne

  5. Sounds yummy. We are using our air conditioner now and have the hots already! We do miss our heater, though. Enjoy and thank you fur the beautiful pink flower. xoxo