Tuesday, May 29, 2012


That's right my little northern hemisphere friends.  While you are sweltering away and complaining about the HOTS, we are about to start our winter season.  So while you have a Summer solstice and dance barefoot on the beach, we celebrate our winter solstice and are snuggled up in our woolly jumpers with the heaters on. 

We are lucky, our autumn has been pretty  mild, and even though there was rain and hail today, with a heater and a few extra layers we have been enjoying snuggling up together.  Our winter is meant to be over June, July and August but usally the weather only begins to settle in October. 

So keep warm or cool depending on where you live.


  1. The funny thing is, so often while we are going through one type of weather, we are wishing for just the opposite!

  2. We have it hot here in sunny England, Poppy. It makes a nice change. My three furry friends are all panting though and seeking out the cool spots and their fur is falling out pretty rapidly! Stay cosy.

    Hen x (and Charlie-Boy, Jacky-Ginge and Vorey-Puss)

  3. I do wish I could live somewhere where the median temperature never wandered beyond 5°-70°C. Ahhhh... that would be Heavenly to me!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  4. um... that should say 55°-70°C. Dur.

  5. It seems that the weather is never just right! Either too cold or hot,too wet or too dry, too windy or too still. That is why we are glad we are cats!