Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Relaxaday

Today me and my mum planned to take it easy.  After we got up, mum got the washing machine spinning, and the dryer machine drying.  She made a caramel slice and went to the market to buy carrots, onions, lemons, mandarins, feijoas and lots of apples.  She read her book, did a sudoku or two, folded the clean laundry, put away more summer clothes, cleaned out the fridge, did some dishes, cooked some tea and sat down on the couch.  We put some bread out in the garden for the birdies, trimmed some trees, picked up some weeds and tidied up some other plants.

This evening, the heater is on, the candles are flickering, I am snoozing on the winter rug on the other couch,  mum is watching the end of Michael Clayton on the DVR, and has the Iron Lady to watch for movie night.  The bed will be made with fresh sheets, the quilts layered on the bed, cushions will be piled up,  mums book will be placed beside her pillow, and the heater will be turned on in an hour to heat the room.


  1. Your day sounds anything but relaxing, Poppy - your human was busy doing lots of stuff! My human considers relaxing spending a whole day with a good book and doing nothing else.

  2. The beginning of the day was not so relaxaday! But the evening sounds just lovely! Enjoy, ladies!

  3. Poppy, what your mom is up to is not that different from Mom Julie's plans for today..She saves the mewdoku for me, though, even if I have a short attention span :) and we don't need the heater (it's supposed to get very hot)


  4. Sweetie, if that is a relaxing day, we need a new dictionary!

  5. Wow! We're impressed with all you've done today!

  6. Fresh sheets, a lovely warm doona , a good read and a cozy heater. We'll be right over! ( Mum included. She says she'll bring the tea.)