Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Mum got home latish tonight, and boy was it dark and beginning to cool down.  So dark, that mum is having to drag a few old photos out of the files, as it is too dark to take photos.  Luckily she cooked a big dinner on Sunday night, and only had to reheat her leftovers for dinner, which is handy after a big day at work.

A few hours of average television watching, and then she will see if she can get some sleep, as she is oncall again tonight.   She is wondering why some work days go sooo slow, and the weekend days pass by so quickly.

Me, I stayed on mums bed all day, and then went outside for my half hour of daily fresh air, and am now relaxing on my towels. 


  1. Leftovers are marvelous! I can't imagine why some people do not care for leftovers. To me, cooking once and eating twice (or even thrice) is pure genius!

    PS. I love the woodwork in your house!

  2. Hi Poppy! I haven't been posing much for my Mom either, so she is also forced to dig into the archives.

    I promise to take good care of the hots when they get here. Stay warm.

  3. Your mum's really busy, Poppy. Our human also wonders why the work weeks often drag and the weekends pass so quickly. Our mom says she needs more vacation time. :-)

  4. We think it is perfectly OK to use pictures from the files. Now if Mom could find where she filed them!

  5. Stay warm and snuggly, sweet Poppy...Have a fun week, precious friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Yep, it does sound like winter has hit NZ, Poppy! Time to get cozy.