Saturday, November 30, 2013

This is me looking out the window on Friday night.  No doors or window are open today, as it is a bit stormy in the windy city.  Mum did have some plans to head into town but the weather has put a damper on that.   Still mum got up early this morning, had a leisurely shower and then headed off for Saturday morning chores.  Coriander, potatoes, broccoli,  pumpkin, strawberries, carrots and tomatoes at the market.  Mum didn't buy as much as she hoped for the week, as it was pretty wet and she thought the produce would go off.  A visit to the library to stock up on more reading material and she dropped in to the French bakery.  A fancy almond croissant for Sunday breakfast and a loaf for some soup mum is making for Sunday supper.

Mum then came home to watch a bit of Project Runway.   Some of those home made burgers for lunch, while the dishes soak and the washing is done.  Then mum is going to get stuck into the rest of the housework.  She wants it all done by 3pm then she can sit with me and read her book or watch some tv.

She's not going out tonight either - it's a night in for the ladies of Chez Q.  On the menu will be pork chops with mustard potatoes and broccoli for dinner for mum, and a fancy feast for me.  Sunday has lots of plans, so mum is happy to have a home day.  Enjoy your Caturday!!

PS The storm was over by about 4pm, and it is calm although a touch cool.  So I have popped outside for to do my sniffing around the property and mum has the door open while the dinner cooks and the washing dries.  We know we shouldn't moan about our piddly storm as so many of our friends have lots of snow at the moment in the Northern hemisphere.  Roll on the first day of our summer season tomorrow!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Poppy on Poppies

Today mum found me resting on my amazing Poppy quilt that the lovely ladies Leanne and Abbey at Cottage Tails made me.  It is very comfy and cosy to snuggle on and a good place to nap.  Mum rushed home after a busy old day at work.  She was going to have her usual Friday night treat of a burger and fries with a vanilla milkshake, instead she got some salad and meat and buns and made her own burger, which was full of nice fresh crunchy lettuce and beetroot.  Then the washing machine has been buzzing away, a few leaves were picked up, but as it was a windy old evening, there will only be more in the morning.

Mum is excited for the weekend as she has some fun things planned.  She has worked the past two weekends, so she appreciates the time she gets off.  We hope you all have fun plans too.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


It is getting close to being the season of pulling out the decorations  ready for Christmas.  Mum bought these little string of lights last week, and loves how they sparkle on the mantelpiece.  She doesn't need any more, as we have plenty of other little bits and pieces from years gone by.  Mum likes her decorations on the simple side, and her and her friends chuckle each year as they search for the ugliest decorations they can find.  This year they found a garish monkey on a unicycle, but nothing beats the neon blowfish from ten years ago.  The girls wonder who bought them, and if they still hang them up on their tree.  Mum doesn't have much storage or room for a big tree, so she usually just have a miniature tree and lots of sparkly lights.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Still raining outside?  I think I'll stay inside where it is dry and warm.
There's the door - you better head out to work while I catch up on my sleeps.

Mum says she wishes she was a cat.  Anyways she is home and ready for her evening.  A cold wet evening means she gets a night off from pulling weeds in the garden.  She has some salmon with lemon in the oven, and spicy mustard potatoes with some broccoli cooking for her dinner.  I have had my feast and made it back to the bed for more snoozing.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Plans for Monday

It is Monday evening here, and I am taking it real easy.  The fine weather is having a break while we get some days of rain which is good for the garden.  Mum was just out in the garden feeding the resident hedgehog - she gave him some leftover strawberries, cucumber and some cat biscuits.  We hadn't heard him in a while and wasn't sure if he still lived at Chez Q, but tonight mum saw him shuffling around in the shrubs.

So keep warm and cosy wherever you are and snuggle up get some more zzzzzzs.  Remember 22 hours a day rest is what makes a happy cat.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I love me some grass, and it is even better when your staff pick it for you, so that you don't even have to bend over to chew on some.

Hope your Sunday is good.  Mum had to go into work twice last night and got about  3 hours sleep.  She has already been in once tonight, and hopefully will get a bit more time snoozing.

Enjoy and put your feet up.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cruisy Caturday

We had a cruisy Caturday - cruisy means taking it easy, which I am very good at.  The mumster woke up earliesh and read her book and relaxed before taking off to the market.  Lots of fresh fruit and veg ready for the week ahead.  The weather was fantastic a real practice day of summer.  Mum then thought after a cuddle with me outside, that she would go for a walk and do a bit of window shopping.

Dinner had to wait til the evening had cooled down.  Fresh broccoli with lemon, potatoes with mustard and a sirloin steak, then fresh spring strawberries.  Me I am going to have a feast, although it is after 8pm and I haven't told mum that I am ready for dinner yet.

Chores were done around the house, and mum says she loves these days when the doors to the house are open all day and light breeze blows through.  Where we live is relatively safe, so mum can have the doors on the deck open til she heads to bed about 11pm.  She is on call tonight, so hopefully will get a bit of sleep tonight.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy - do something fun.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I sent the mumster out to work today, she said it was a good day, nice people but busy busy.  She went for a walk after work to enjoy the fresh air.  I got lots of fresh air today too, and am enjoying being out in the garden as the weather gets nicer.  We are ready or the weekend with plans for an earliesh Friday night and a little old lie in if we can.  A big old burger for the mum for dinner and a fancy feast for me, loads of washing and a few other chores to do. Woop woop it sure is crazy here at Chez Q.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


The past couple of days have been glorious here at chez Q.  It has felt like summer with little wind, sunny warmth and mums shoes to roll around on on the grass.  Mum got a some call ins last night and went to work at early o'clock, so we got to have an easy home day today.  She ventured out to the post office and library, but it was nice to be at home with the windows and door open and enjoy the fresh air.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Al Fresco 22

Today was quite warm and sunny, and as mum was outside mowing and weeding, I joined her for a bit of rest al fresco.  She managed quite a few photo sessions with me which made her happy, but she had to take off and go to the hairdresser.  After a relaxing visit there, mum headed home.  She cooked some leftovers for dinner and made a ginormous lasagne for meals the rest of the week.  She has stuff for salad, and lots of fruit so lunch and dinners are sorted for the rest of the week.  She loves a bit of organisation and not have to pop off to the supermarket every evening.  She does have lots of housework and gardening to do, and a few episodes of Downton Abbey and the Walking Dead to watch, and some books to read.

Hope you are all organised for the end of the week.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Taylor Swift sings a popular song about being 22,  mum likes Taylor Swift - she enjoys her CDs and often puts them on and sings along while she does the housework.  22 at Chez Q refers to the amount of hours that mum thinks I slept yesterday and today.   Yes folks that is a whole two hours of activity.   I get up in the morning and do my private business, and then usually sit out here and check on the property.  I come back in the early evening after dinner.  Imbetween guard duty, I find a cosy spot and I nap.  Life is good!!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Evening - Actually All Day

This is where I am on Sunday night, snoozing on the spare bed.  When it was cool last week, I'd been snuggling under the cover between the pillows.  This week is a bit warmer, so I am snuggled up on top by the pillows.  I was there at 7.30 am when mum went to work.  I was there when she got home at 5pm.  I  had my dinner, and was back on my spot at 7pm again, and will be there all night.

Hope your Sunday is just as relaxing.

Update:  Movement at 11:30pm.  Gone to visit mum and begged for a couple of temptation treats and then outside for a sniff and probably toilet stop.  Big news though - I forgotted I didn't even ask for a fancy feast dinner tonight.  I must need double the amount tomorrow night.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Caturday Chuckle

The mumster would like to tell you, that if your washing machine is making rattling noises, don't be too worried.  Check it first, and make sure the fly spray can hasn't fallen in.  The good thing is that the fly spray is now clean and has a lemon fresh scent.

Enjoy your Caturday!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Night Fun

Friday Night Fun at Chez Q - it's all on we tell you.  A visit to the supermarket, then a burger for her and a feast for me, washing whizzing in the washing machine, groceries put away,  a bit of bad tv for the mumster, a nap in the spare bedroom for me, a good book to read and then an earlish bed time for me and mum.

Hope you are all having fun on your Friday.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Me and the mumster were thankful this Thursday.  Thankful for a good sleep in our comfy bed, a tasty dinner and a relaxed evening.  We even had a touch of the sunshines today, and mum went for a walk in the afternoon which she enjoyed greatly.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Awww Come On

Aww come on, we are sick of the cloudy cool days.  We want some nice spring weather so we can enjoy the sunshine.  Mum and I want to eat dinner out on the deck and enjoy our garden.  Instead, mum has found me tonight snuggled between the quilts on the spare room bed.

Hope you are all keeping warm and cosy tonight too.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Meow Monday

 Hahaha - mum loves this expression on my face.  I sent the muster off to work at midday.  12-8pm is a good shift, but it mucks you around at meal time.  Not to worry, she got home and still got me my feast before she raided the fridge.  She even got motivated in the morning and went to the library, she's reading Sharon Osbornes latest autobiography - you have to admire the lady, the career she made for herself, making her family rich and famous.  She loves her family children and grand daughter Pearl so much, even with all their faults, the drug abuse and drama. Mum's not up to the part where Sharon moves out/kicks Ozzy out of the house.  She can't wait to read more - she likes it when she is enjoying a book, especially as the last two books were not mums cup of tea.  Better not watch too many tv shows tonight - mum's got to get reading.

Hope you are having a good Monday!!

We are sure many of our friends have watched the news tonight.  We hope everyone can help with a few dollars to aid the international red cross or other organisations to help out.  What a terrible tragedy, and we feel for all the people affected by the typhoon that struck over the weekend in the Philippines and Vietnam.  We have donated some money - instead of mum going out for brunch/lunch over the weekend, she donated her money to relief efforts.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sleepy Sunday

Ohhhhhh today it is a good day to take it easy.  The mumster went out for a walk today.  She'd run low on olive oil, so made a trip to the market to get some.  She looked at a few shops but tried to resist, but came home with a couple of wee treats.  It is blustery and blowy here, so it was a good day to spend the afternoon inside.  Pork chop with roasty potatoes and carrots were a nice dinner for her - feast filled the gap for me.

Hope you all get to take it easy today as well.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Boom Boom Shake our Room Caturday

Tonight is the city fireworks display.  Even though it is some distance away over the harbour, we will still hear it at our house.  I think I'll be hiding here under the covers.  I have only just come inside (it's 9pm), cos lots of the neighbours are having guests, and I can hear lots of chitchat in the gardens on the hill above us.  So I've been eavesdropping on their fun times.

We had a good day on Caturday.  The mumster and I slept in, and had a leisurely breakfast.  There was washing done, the floors were swept, the carpets were cleaned, laundry folded, weeds were pulled, grass was mowed and raked, and groceries were brought.  Mum resisted going to the shops and enjoyed her home day with me today - such fun!

Enjoy your Caturday - do something fun!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Furminator

Friday has rolled around again, thank goodness says the mumster.  She is ready for the weekend, and best of all she doesn't really have much of a plan for this weekend, except for lots of relaxing between doing some chores.

She didn't sleep too well last night, so is hoping for not so much tossing and turning tonight.  Although her body is telling her to go and nap (it's 6.40pm) she is going to resist, go and pull some weeds out of the garden and start the clothes washing.  All of this should make her tired for tonight.  I am glad that pussy cats have no trouble sleeping.

She has chased me round this evening with the furminator, so I am out hiding under the deck.  I might come in later and forgive her.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sweet Dreams Ginger Jasper

Our sweet friend Ginger Jasper had been sick for a long time, but he held on to stay with Carol and Barry as long as he could.  We will miss him, and his days of sitting in the sun in the backgarden or snuggling with his mum and dad.  Sweet dreams GJ.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guy Fawkes Night

As you may be able to tell - I do not approve of Guy Fawkes night.  Lots and lots of fireworks have been going off every evening of the week, but we are sure there will be more tonight, and a big public display on Saturday night in town.  Last night, some idiots were letting them go off around 1am, waking up the whole neighbourhood.  Thankfully some other neighbour went out to tell them off.

We know that in many states in Australia the public cannot buy any fireworks, there are only organised public displays.   Lots of people are trying to get that to happen here.  Thankfully there are not the bangers that were around years ago, as they were only ever used to frighten people and animals.

Hope your night is more peaceful than ours.

Monday, November 4, 2013


How can it be Monday already?  Mum got a bit more fur off me with some brushing, but she needs to still chase me to get the pantaloons thinned out.  She does feel she got some jobs done, she went for a brisk walk beside the beach.  It was windy and she got sand blown in her face, but the sky was bright blue and the sea was a pretty turquoise colour, it almost looked like an exotic location.  Birthday presents were purchased, doesn't it get harder as you get older?  Everybody has everything they need, but little treats are always nice.

Feast was put out for me, and spicy chicken was made by mum which she added to some lettuce and tomatoes, and put in a wrap for her dinner.  There are still some strawberries left over, so there will be supper, but only after the dishes are done.

Hope your week starts well too!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quiet Corner

This is a little quiet corner of our house, the mantlepiece collections change on a regular basis, but this one might stay a little while, at least til Christmas.  Mum loves her little white china houses, she has a couple of them and is always on the lookout for more.  When they have candles in them, they look like a little village and make mum smile.

Mum went for a short walk, the day was not as nice as the weather man promised.  There was a big disc of grey cold cloud over her part of the city.  Groceries were bought.  A big couscous salad will be made tonight, with some roast lamb.  Strawberries and yoghurt will follow, and I will be content with a feast as usual.

We wanted to say Happy Birthday to big uncle.  We hope you had a nice day, and we hear Miss Belle is baking you a fancy cake.  She made a bright rainbow cake for mum with tasty buttercream icing - what a treat.

Enjoy your Sunday !!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Shhhhhh Caturday

Today there was a bit of napping going on in Chez Q this Caturday.  I have the pip (it means I'm annoyed) cos mum has been chasing me around with the grooming comb.  She says that I am moulting, and she is trying to tidy up my tufty bits, especially round my trouser pants area, but I don't like being brushed there, especially with the furminator or comb.

Mum was very pleased to see the sun was shining and for the first time in weeks she got to go to the market.  She picked up onions, potatoes, tomatoes, corriander, bananas, zucchini, carrots, lettuce and a pomegranate.  So lots of tasty meals are planned for the week ahead.

She then went and joined a friend for a big burger and to see the movie  About Time,  well worth a ticket price, mum even got tears in her eyes and she did enjoy it lots.  Mum is quite happy to eat at 5.30pm, to the 6.15pm showing and be home by 8.30pm, suits her fine.  Time to watch a show on the box and still head to bed for a spot of reading.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello November!!

Hello November, we can't believe that October has passed by again, and we are heading towards the end of the year.  The mumster caught me napping, not long after she got home the other day.  I was nice and cosy, and happy to smell the holiday smells.

Boy we are having more November rain, tis pouring again.  No need to water the garden for a few weeks me thinks.  Inbetween the showers, mum got out and picked up some leaves that had fallen in the garden and did a touch of weeding.

Luckily mum has a supply of tv programmes to catch up on.  She has been watching Scandal, and Lost Routes with Griff Rhys Jones.  Reading is underway too, and maybe a few chores will get snuck in to the evenings plans.  A Friday night at home is a nice thing after a busy old week.  Enjoy your first November Friday!!