Monday, November 25, 2013

Plans for Monday

It is Monday evening here, and I am taking it real easy.  The fine weather is having a break while we get some days of rain which is good for the garden.  Mum was just out in the garden feeding the resident hedgehog - she gave him some leftover strawberries, cucumber and some cat biscuits.  We hadn't heard him in a while and wasn't sure if he still lived at Chez Q, but tonight mum saw him shuffling around in the shrubs.

So keep warm and cosy wherever you are and snuggle up get some more zzzzzzs.  Remember 22 hours a day rest is what makes a happy cat.


  1. You have a hedgehog?! How cool! We just have a few lizards living around here.

  2. Hedgehogs are lovely Poppy!x
    I have a couple in the garden...You can here them of a night time! There quite friendly to!

    Tell us about your dreams tomorrow!!!!x

  3. Our plans look much the same as yours, Millie!

  4. We, too, think it's cool that you have a hedgehog. We'd love to have one to "play" with, we think. LOL.

    Have a great day snoozing!

  5. What sound does a Hedgehog make? We do not have those here, just squirrels!

  6. Hedgehogs 'GRUNT' like pigs....
    Not as loud, and during the matting season, they make a lot of noise. Two males, fighting over a female is something to look out for...The noise is amazing...! :).

    So there you are Angel and Kirby...Now you know! :>).

  7. poppy Q...theeze bee de best plans fora monday we haz seen sinz we saw monday...tho we due gotta ask why yur mum iz given de hedge hog YUR biscuitz.....

  8. Poppy you look very content and happy. I wonder if your mummy will be able to get a photo of the hedgehog to post.

  9. You look very content, Poppy!


  10. We all need our naps to keep healthy.