Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quiet Corner

This is a little quiet corner of our house, the mantlepiece collections change on a regular basis, but this one might stay a little while, at least til Christmas.  Mum loves her little white china houses, she has a couple of them and is always on the lookout for more.  When they have candles in them, they look like a little village and make mum smile.

Mum went for a short walk, the day was not as nice as the weather man promised.  There was a big disc of grey cold cloud over her part of the city.  Groceries were bought.  A big couscous salad will be made tonight, with some roast lamb.  Strawberries and yoghurt will follow, and I will be content with a feast as usual.

We wanted to say Happy Birthday to big uncle.  We hope you had a nice day, and we hear Miss Belle is baking you a fancy cake.  She made a bright rainbow cake for mum with tasty buttercream icing - what a treat.

Enjoy your Sunday !!!


  1. It looks really quiet. San says she can imagine the little village. We don't have such nice things in our house as we broke most if them. Now we just have run of the mill things.

  2. What a lovely little collection Poppy!x
    Sometimes the smallest things look the best! :).
    Oh! And Happy Burfday to BIG Uncle...Have a fun day!x

  3. I love the mantle vignette... lovely layers of whites and grays with a pop of turquoise!

    Have a lovely day ladies!

  4. Happy birthday to your uncle!

  5. Happy restful Sunday. Mum miss having a mantle to put stuff on.

  6. It looks like a nice peaceful collection. Happy Birthday to big uncle.

  7. We love your little houses. Little green snow laden trees would be so pretty as accents for the Chhristmas season. Our mum says she could easily be entranced by the tiny village. Kisses and hugs, Poppy girl.